G2 vs TL – Day 3 | Rift Rivals | G2 Esports vs. Team Liquid (2019)

I think out of there all ni teams I studies respect liquid the most especially that we even though we didn't have like a super strong drive against them I still think they played really well so I feel like Team Liquid can actually take games of European teams welcome back to rift rivals powered by Alienware for Team Liquid going up against g2 eSports I'm Clayton captain flowers reigns joined here now by Kristy ander Frierson and we are of course still accompanied by birthday boy himself Sam Coby Hartman Kinsler to bring you this next game liquid versus g2 the rematch of the MSI fine thank you for joining me my friends it is gonna be that rematch and we have seen Team Liquid as yang Coast was talking about get the win yesterday they did play the SONA Taric multiple times i know for a fact that SS does not want to play it though so hopefully we will get some you know changes in the champions select down that line and we can see some more iterations yeah hopefully we just see grabs come in and ban that we don't want any of that here today but as you always expect with a g2 game you expect to see them attack you in the early stage as we saw it so many times before this is definitely something that has to be on the mind of TL yeah TL this is North America's last chance here it's do or die considering they're already down 0-2 in the relay race so far Team Liquid has to pick up this win in order to keep those hopes and dreams alive y'all can't see it right now but the players are having a little bit of discussion in the pregame lobby about shouldn't team liquids best player be on an ad carry to which all the different team liquid players are now volunteering to play ad carries and their respective roles so we'll see how this plays out we'll see how the drafts look wondering what we're gonna see from g2 compared to their unconventional picks yesterday yeah we saw a lot of the craziness a lot of the assassins over for them but the assassin always on my mind is going to be the pike for them so often we see that band against them and now that we know all five players on this team can pick it up expect C Team Liquid take care of that one early and as we start off g2 is immediately saying nope doublelift is not allowed to play some so no we are not going to see those sort of pairings with something like a tarik or a tahm Kench in the bottom lane they want to see him on some 80 carries this time around I'm with him on that boat sona banned away Jarvan also taken out as karma and said jawani will join them on the banned list yeah some more jungle focus here as well trying to whittle down on that fool Jarvan is one of the junglers that can get out to some early action sejuani definitely one of the highest priority picks for most North American teams and most teams across the world at the moment yeah seeing those bans obviously raises priority on things like the Olaf or the rek sai those very strong early game ganking junglers try and get these two teams ahead and we have said often in the past the best way to attack g2 is by getting a very strong early game jungler for a player like like it's me trying get Team Liquid through those early games I'm also gonna be looking to see how Team Liquid utilizes the fact that they're on red side see if maybe they can get some clutch valuable counter picks over the course of this draft final ban has gone through for each side you me and aatrox band out it's up to g2 to decide what they want to go with here first hovering over the Shyvana the gnar a few of these picks that we don't see too often aurelion sol also a pretty rare choice unless you're playing teamfight tactics what's it gonna be g2 what will we see here I think it's gonna be that Aurelio's 5 seconds left that is still up and available not too often we see that left open but wonder of course once pick that up available shout out the Shyvana here that we saw from Wonder yesterday getting that's AP as well as the spear of Sojin is gonna be the Gragas this is a north american fans will be very well acquainted with a cloud 9 using it in academy in the LCS and then we even saw it on stage used against them so gragas and yah so very potent could technically be a bottom lane but for to a liquid we for sure 99% things that it is going to be a jungle and solo lane combination yeah exactly especially if we are assuming y also going in towards the mid lane you expect to see irelia try to avoid that matchup and go topside but already with these eirick on lock in on the side of g2 so powerful in that to be two down bottom side love to see that fruit mickey and perks yeah you talked about the possibility of a Yasuo Gragas bottom lane or something off meta like that going up against something like the lovers duo that has so much power and that to b2 can make it a little bit more risky again we don't know exactly where pixal be going liquid still thinking about what they want to go with next and the lux very popular recently going to be locked in here for the NA representative yeah I really like the lux here as an answer into the Recon specifically going through the aftershock whenever he tries to jump forward and get that knock up on to you it means you land a free q it means you get all those bonus stats so very good in this matchup especially for defusing the engages and then also with your range pushing in that way and then we've seen later in the game as well you get some extra safety trying to light up the brush and look for picks with the champion it's also one of the few supports that can add to a Yasuo Gragas if you pick somebody off in a side lane super long-range damage can be added we just need that little bit of extra to secure the kill all right let's see where the bans are going here now that we're in the second half of the draft Olaf and away ender I'm sure you're happy to see that I know about your disdain for this champion so we will see this this early game attempt at a champion here early on this time around Sivir also banned out g2 wants to keep that one away from double lift at least the final ban of the draft here by Team Liquid they don't want yankles on that early powerful ganking junk the problem is that there's too many junglers left open so yes you can ban these two and that's all fine and good but reksai is still up and ready and I fully expect the anchors to try and pick that up see if Team Liquid want to pick that up for themselves remember the Gragas could not be the jungler could still see that somewhere else maybe they still want to go for something themselves now the Ezreal off in with a pad on his shoulder as well we gonna play some poker in here don't worry about range long range for Team Liquid down there in the bottom side of the map which means that Krakus is very much most likely going into the jungle so we'll see what team lick would want to do with that last pick looking towards solo lanes and there it is the Rex I as expected locked in for GT yeah Team Liquid gonna be after you very careful about this wreck site in the early game especially alongside the LeBlanc g2 have so many good lanes they can try to player on every single one top mid bot all have CC try and lock down some of these high-priority members and champions like Lux with no innate escape are going to be very worried about early in games and already I'm looking at where are they going to send this yah so I know that both impact and and can use also super effectively so it's gonna be about early scouting to see where the irelia does go because Leblanc very easy time setting up ganks on yah so if you have a rec side coming from the jungle they're gonna have to be worried about that all right well if it's a gameplay blocked in we know 100% that in fact yeah most played champion super super comfortable on it and that is gonna give them some possibilities of top side adding to bottom side plays this is also a very ad heavy draft from the side of Team Liquid there is of course AP threat still from the Gragas and the lux but when you're looking at those big damage sources its Ezreal its Yasuo its gangplank armors gonna be pretty effective and I think that an AP jungler and an AP support in Lux is enough of diversifying your damage when there's no pure tank on the enemy team I mean g2 maybe get some sort of defense in their boots but they're not gonna be stacking a lot of defensive stats so I think this is completely fine yeah even for a champion like the rally that you assume maybe can itemize a little bit efficiently there for W no longer blocks magic damage to so there's a lot of value going for those two picks here but as we've mentioned it is a very strong early game composition here from the side of g2 that I really have to be watching Excel can you stop yang Coast fault from finding early gameplays and sort of get this TL comp into the mid game which with the pro which where is the time they would prefer to play yeah g2 is not playing a type of compositions we saw from them yesterday gentleman we're not seeing those wacky left field type picks coming out this time this very much looks like a comp that was drafted to win and win hard early if they can do it here they're gonna walk away securing the win at rift rivals for Europe but Team Liquid will do everything in their power to stop it as we get onto the rim I think everyone will be expecting some early attention around mid lane as well so we'll keep track of the trinket Ward's from both junglers and mid laners as to the early paths that go around there yah so and gragas classic combination but we're starting off with an early invade from Team Liquid on the bottom side all five members are here and this gives room for yank us to actually walk into the topside jungle because you saw so many members and that's a peculiar strategy core JJ going for the early turret plate damage okay so yeah let me check it's not just for damage you get spelled thief's money oh I learned this on a double if stream that he was encouraging core JJ to go for it multiple Tyler t3 goal this time around since a five-person invaded on bottom side you legit get enough gold for your control ward and we'll see if that your vision game does snowball from there yeah cuz I think he also only started with the one potion as well so he had that extra money so uh I guess you know you can't do that every game cuz eventually you play getting so many people doing this in soloqueue this is a public service announcement do not run it down that's why they five-member invaded on bottom side every member of this team supporting core JJ in his attempts to die to the turn well he made it successfully happened scoreboard says zero to zero at the top no harm no foul for JJ managed to get that ward and you can see a place in the pixel brush in the bottom side River there so Team Liquid will have some extra control over this area make sure that yankles tries to cross that halfway point in the map they'll have Isaac so interesting path II pathing here from exceiient amp and getting up towards this top side of the map maybe looking for an earlier gank window where he didn't expect you to to know when he would be coming but because of that g4 gank was did place in the top side this will give denko's time to clear out his own Krug z– path up towards the top side of this map on his own and then potentially look for a counter play and since he's got the control word on the bottom half of the mid lane when we talked about mid lane vision really early on now with expense on top side this will allow Jensen a lot more information here to know that the reksai is not going to come from this angle caps right now forcing him off the minion wave though trying to deny that CS yeah the ward also protects against any sort of vertical jungling here because it's myth he did not take his own blue buff at level one so it does protect him moving up towards this top side we may just see him recall early on to go ahead and get his boots because he does have that predator and then maybe find a gank on the bottom side for the plain but with the scuttle crab spawning relatively soon you should see junglers contesting over them and as you mentioned the predator Onix Smith you also want to point out because sometimes we do see some key stone differences from game to game Johnson going with a Fleetfoot work on Yasuo this time around oftentimes these days you see conker on Yasuo for the extra damage the extra ability to punch through defenses as the game goes on fleet footwork the name of the game here in order to have a better landing phase against caps keep his health topped off Yankel also with the hail of blades on the REC side to get off those auto attacks very quickly early on makes him an incredible duelist clever thing from a smoothie at the start he was standing still wondering is yang Coast Cummings that he wouldn't reveal himself dude those tremors that Yenko spent a little bit extra time firing away the blue buff going double it's gonna be taken rather low here perks also having some damage onto his health bar but nobody's dropping over just yet yeah and yang Coase since he did go for the crush Rex I actually will take a lot of damage if you do that both clear on the bottom half the map he saw the ping from x50 with his passive on the top subtle though so he knows bottom scuttle is clear and yang COEs can head down there and finish up the bottom side scuttle so they don't get a double scuttle situation and it provides more vision for the saya rock on to play that matchup offensively you could see under the tower already or going for harassment yeah yankles already socks smithy earlier does have the level lead but not itemization of course six men people think the red buff as well smithy getting a little bit of damage on to yang Coast there but considering caps currently has the health lead seems like he can rotate over faster just by the nature of being on the block explicitly not wanting to bite off more than he can shoot there in that one be wanna also a level down he did go back to base as we already mentioned because he wanted to acquire the boots make sure he had a keystone considering you don't until you have that item and that means he's just now making his way towards the mid lane here to be – gonna be breaking out Jensen rooted up in some trouble knocked up into the air yang goes we're gonna make this one happen at first but for G – yeah x50 not gonna be able to land that body slam also no flash there to insure it so Team Liquid punished around mid lane in the – B – which we expected to be so pivotal here exactly and even though it Smith he did go back to base he has itemization lead but it's not gonna help him at all in the – V – just picking up the extra machete and the blue so definitely going in favor there of g2 and they can look to extend more pressure because yankles is level 5 yeah level 5 to 3 is not any sort of a contest you want to deal with here expensive hitting level 4 now just needed that little bit of extra exp from that chicken camp still down about 7 CS compared to his opponent as janko's has been ahead of the curve on farming here working his way up towards the top sighs you know maybe they can make the dive happen onto impact but expect he has showed up yeah just prime it up some crux now but GT has to know if they try to do something yang Coast will have to deal with his opposing jungler being right here yeah I mean he knows that it's myth he has no business messing with them you know he's got the level advantage all he is the REC side thanks with the RT using stuff on the Krug here's another look at it though it's busy goes in you know the only possibility there would have been if he flashed to try and get that body slam to interrupt and save Jensen but once there was that full commitment very easy for yankles to step in yeah was also that really nice sidestep there from yang Coast to avoid the body slam and then following up with the flash after that luckily for Jensen he still has his own flash and the level even mid so he still has pressure in this matchup yeah and even though g2 got themselves the first blood it's still Team Liquid with a very slight gold lead as Jensen sense of trouble here yet again throws out the win while having a flash away but the flash will not do much the damage comes through and calf picks up another one for his team very easy for a wreck site to repeat gang again the melee matchup into the LeBlanc that's we're thinking maybe they will have the ah so chaser rally around not the case here and it is a big advantage for g2 now because the minion wave you mentioned still in caps his favor he could just hold it here well can hold that big of a media wave of Freddie or turret but it is gonna be a big minion wave experience swing and it is gonna go heavily in his favor Team Liquid still getting themselves a decent enough early game though by the nature of having kleptomania Israel along with the gangplank they're champions are making sure they have plenty of gold but impacts have to be more worried about his health bar right now looking to turn this one back around with the ulti a turret shot – gonna be making things go his way one they should take them down it's gonna be another to be – this time – oh the other way next 50 tries to get himself out caps makes it a return kill a one-for-one in the middle of the math Jensen's not done sliding forward firing off the tornadoes but he will not get the mark oh dude trying to charge his shield back up by walking around does have another charge of the cue Katz goes for it caps looking to make this play happen but Jensen does use the flash they get on to yank OHS first because they know there's no flash left on the wreck site and it is a complete turnaround in this game tl win all across mapping that starts in the top lane with wonder diving too far for tanking up some turret shots there and at this point impact he knows he has the flash you can go forward and finish off this hill but it was actually the mid lane where it got craziest because they go double knock up there on T anchors West uses ultimate just try and stay alive that means none of that execute damage coming through from the reksai and it's just caps trying to trade back here if he gets a little too over ambitious going on Jeff yeah I mean caps has gotten the better of Jensen before he thinks that he can outplay him here Jensen side steps as cap goes in here he knows that the knock-up has already been used so he goes in for it side steps behind that minion so the chain can't hit him and then there are plenty of minions left for Jensen to follow that backup yeah Jensen also charged up full flow right there so got that shield I made it for an easy duel Jensen getting 464 gold as you also saw a pretty nice payday for shutting down caps there after his early success thanks to his junglers intervention as topside we'll see if yang Coast can set something up here help wonder a little bit against impact as he now is a little bit behind 10 CS down compared to his opponent also have to include the natural gold lead from being gangplank in that one team which would currently with a very slight gold lead hanging on pretty nicely against this early game composition from GTOs yeah big big props to impact on the top side of the map he saved his orange for so long Beatty wonder under the turret and it's able to get that out play that completely changes how this map is gonna go smithy does get chased off the scuttle though caps going in a lot of damage coming out there and as your final spark and yang Coast will now find himself in the middle of four members of Team Liquid the world from wonder could stop that one and tal gets to TL our first to respond on the crime scene as yang Kosan caps both tried to go way too far huge rotation coming out of them to punish the over aggression now core JJ just run and after Miki acts getting him out of the way to Jensen is able to move up he has the minion wave underneath the enemy turret to grab himself a plate makes a couple of shots for his trouble but now doublelift has to make sure he doesn't fall victim to the kick for two the g2 power that game plan here with the lovers duo its perks going up into the ultimate trying to keep himself alive side stepping away from the binding flash still available there to teamliquid go for the play but they will not find anything of course they also don't lose double it yeah exchange of Ultimates there let's take another look at caps going in now once again this is why North America prizes the Gragas got so combinations so heavily it's an insane mid lane duo they could combine to get you root therefore for JJ very easily lands in for the ball up on the caps what's caps us down then there's nowhere for yank us to go so they get to for lunch now is also super clutch there from for JJ matching the roam of Mickey's repond because I don't think g2 actually knew he was in the area they went in thinking they had a numbers advantage put the lux is right there nice infernal Drake pickup comes out for g2 there Yanko seeing the opportunity to take that one with Team Liquid not being in the right spot on the map we already mentioned earlier how g2 doesn't really have a true tank on this composition but of course when you don't have a tank that means you have more damage that infernal Drake will feel real nice for your Ziya LeBlanc everybody pretty much except for McConnell get some solid value at that one as Jensen pushes up the mid lane here CS leads in both solo lanes for the side of Team Liquid expenses caught up in the jungle there you can see the gold almost even between those two couple hundreds favoring yang Coast but nothing to really write home about sighs though is not even Mikan starred as Jensen goes on a killing spree XP is investing in this mid lane and it is paying off exactly they know their wind conditions very very good execution once again of the double ultimate and again another turret plate for Jensen here yang goes tries to pick up this fast wanders on the way new and they forced the flash now g2 need to do something with this timer because APS's flashed is coming back up and he's been getting punished three deaths in the last couple of minutes right here they need to be able to turn the tides of this mid lane matchup because the way it is going currently the DL with exceiient Jensen conditional will have complete terror over the river buying these rooms and find these gills after the initial 2v to kill mid lane for g2 it's been team liquid out playing and back to back plays their top side the map has been in fact two so that is a rift railed on him let's take another look at the replay round two here except the over the wall right into caps as he went to flip the ward he knew that there was probably gonna be a repeat visit but a little bit too slow could not – out of that one in time you saw him in the distortion animation and now wonder may be in trouble next impact laying down the barrels putting the shots into him finding the damage one more is not quite enough the corrupting potion won't do it and wonder stays alive smithy is knowing how to play the map so well right here getting the herald going top lane after camping down in that middle side and you see the respect from double if n4 JJ clearing out the minion waves knowing if they can blow those up they can't be dope all the rest their team is getting a lead talk I mean this is why they picked him Ezreal you saw in champ select everyone giving him the pat on the back like alright you just have to play safe down there it's like gracefully because you know when you pick aggressive Gragas yeah so I guess we'll call it brass to low now okay and go with that the Bacchus will be laying on the midst top side of the map it has been payment for g2 though perks and Miki mine almost all of the turret plates off of the bottom half that is their hope at the moment but of course because it's klepto mansi Ezreal despite the fact that things look bad with the plates and with the xx siesta that the goal is only 200 apart between these 280 cherries at this point in time just because of the nature of Ezreal makes teamliquid not feel too bad about the state of things a 3,000 gold lead 14 minutes into the game is really good oh yeah it looks fantastic for TL and we said in the early game are in draft we said 'ok smithy must track Kinko's he must be able to shut him down well it's myth he has done that absolutely fantastically so far just owning the map entirely and now for them it is about transitioning that lead can you now put this yah so into a side Lane where you can get even more pressure on towards towers start to knock those down and really start pushing your vision inside the Jeju jungle well with his static shift completed he will have that much more waveclear that much more burst potential when he goes into these trays these fights impact also not really afraid of wonder here in the topside confident in where he's at in this game on the gangplank Trinity force completed ninja tabbies in inventory means it's pretty much gonna need to be cat wool to put some significant damage onto him but caps is once again in some shell here having to flash away from Team Liquid trying to start off the fight but TL now falling back recognizing muffled members of cheats who are also here can see the comparison on your screen coming up now plates went down 45 seconds ago Team Liquid ended up getting the better of that trade with two more plates in Pocket it's about the equivalent of one extra Champion kill compared to their opponents yeah it's a little bit off screen there but it's MIT these forced caps to take his distortion back with that barrel and that in the end does get the flash off of the leblanc allowing teamliquid to continue to invade they still away the blue here and retain control of the map all the while double lifts on your screen playing the Ezreal this is why they have him on the safe ad carry so he can hold the weak side of the map zero zero zero he's doing exactly what his team needs and where to be right now the important thing isn't the zeros on the side of that score my friend it's the zero in the middle he's not dead he's not a detriment to the team all you've got to do is hold the line in the bottom lane and doublelift will do just that mid lane it is a 1400 gold lead for the Yasuo over the leblanc we all know the two versions of leblanc that you see in your game your team's leblanc which kind of is a caster minion the enemy team's leblanc which pops everybody in the blink of an eye if leblanc falls too far behind the curve of the game she quickly switches to that second kind where it's like we'll see if cabs can find his way back into the game with a couple good picks he does have the setup tools on his team with Mickey X and yankles being able to engage but we'll see if they can find those angles of avenues those opportunities here as GL groups up in mid yeah I really liked Els move here coming off of the reset because g2 split up and sent members to all three lanes whereas teal didn't put anyone bottom Lane their block born to mid so they could get priority that means they can then move down in towards this cloud rake and have control over this bottom side of the map while this Lane bauxite is pushed up means caps can't get any CS double lift will continue farming up against parks and Mickey X here in the mid lane expect you trying to hang around off the side but he exploded by Jensen annex mithy those wards for Team Liquid payoff and it's an instant flash from XP no response possible they are from caps they flew the flash earlier and that is a kill into an objective caps keeps trying to go for these plays Ruiz on the flank or inside the TL jungle he should know better than this Thiele just walked down in that River there's gotta be wards there I mean this would be fine if you're an 8 and Ola block your team's really far ahead you're the one who's pressing forward sitting in patches of darkness but when your opponents are in control of the game overall you've gotta be that much more careful about at impact now setting up for what could be a dive topside we'll see if g2 want to execute on this yeah that controlled I think might stop the four member dive ginkgos is still up here but impact very very accustomed to trying to outplay two person dives with the gangplank especially and the controller behind red buff means that the Recon won't come up that probably puts a stop to the play Jensen not afraid of caps in this 1v1 level 12 to level 10 you can see Jensen was not able to find any damage in that fight but thanks to his shield walked away practically taking none either fleet footwork I'll also make sure he stays topped off once he gets exposed to the minion wave here yet again in a moment back in mid lanes still nothing too extreme going down here worth pointing out Jensen also now has the infinity edge done on this Yasuo so 100% crit means this guy is deadlier than ever Jensen is absolutely a beast right now but for TL their next main objective is to knock this midlane tower which is difficult now because perks is in mid lane and with that saya can clear away these minion waves relatively easily so that's where I want to see them actually move down into the spot side jungle where they already have very deep vision set up if you can use this Gragas you also have to get a pick on to a priority member on g2 it opens up the tower and then the map belongs to you and g2 are on the back foot right now we need to talk about from their perspective it's very difficult but they have to get their defensive wards up you see what this vision toggle right now they are playing completely in the fog of war no advance warning as to where teamliquid are going so how do they keep track of the garages Yas oh you can't well Jensen's going to take cap down to the killing spree with the cross battles but still looking to help his team out Jensen unstoppable finally gonna be shut down Warner makes his way into the fight space is gonna be keeping it Smithee alive back to the main pages torx finds his way to the middle of multiple members Mickey acts barely walking himself out as double it fires off the trueshot barrage not gonna find the mark on that one but Team Liquid will take the fight thanks myth thee is playing like you once revenge here for MSI absolutely beasting on g2 as CL take yet another killing yet another tower teamliquid grabbing that tier 2 they have yet to take down all that's here 1 they've already broken into the tier 2 line big pick up they're making sure they get more than just the fight but let's take another look at it yeah speak of the devil we mentioned trying to keep track of them cats goes face first into the odds oh and then X mithi allows Jensen away out of with the ultimate combination that being said though the reaction from g2 is good everyone commits to it they teleport down Wonder gets the answer kill and then perks here bolting into the Auto Attack and flashing away immediately does get some trade back kills that being said though Team Liquid still get the objectives on the end and this game is an inspiring game for North American fans Europe has been just whoa all right Nikki X took its himself away I'm gonna be caught out there just yeah rock on so slippery when psy is nearby but it feels so good for NA fans to because it's not said you me bottom lane it's not Evelyn in the jungle this is full power G 2 and so feel Co are smacking them around in the first 20 minutes I mean let's not forget cuz everybody remembers the the finals of MSI which was a clean sweep for g2 but when the teams played each other in the group stage they were 1 and 1 it's not like g2 isn't a completely hurry liquid and once again GG we're gonna find themselves caught out here Jensen and smithy moving forward trying to find a pic of the yankles this cap tries to engage and he is just not doing it alright that's gonna give complete control to Team Liquid in the mid lane fibers before they're gonna send Jensen to the top side and retain their pressure here g2 also have yang Coast farm in the jungles so they might have to give up this outer turret teamliquid continuing to press forward they know the enemy midlaner is down they know they have control over this area a nice binding coming out there from core JJ gotta stop wandering in his tracks as he moves forward impact will continue remaining on the frontline eating the oranges topping off the health and Jensen will continue this split push they've got two waves pushing in for Team Liquid by sending Jensen top secondary turret there you can see almost about to fall down that forces g2 to reallocate their resources they're trying to get to turrets at once here for Team Liquid and they might have to back off bottom and just get them in it's also so hard for g2 to defend side lane solo when you don't have control over your jungle because a Gragas cast can come over that wall even if your and here could be a problem for Team Liquid Jensen gets himself caught out finally the hubris is punished he's too far deep into enemy territory and cheat to pick it up as a big pickup for g2 taking the yaso off of the map allows them to push out some of these minion waves and we're approaching a dragon spawn goes right into the wreck side there it's a little bit of a bounce house wanted to go over the wall of course and leave but not exactly the blast cone that he was looking for that is the blast cone G – we're looking for because it allows Hertz to push up the minion wave as we said and also get the objective impact going up here 1 b2 against perks and Mickey X and also let's talk perks here for a minute cuz early on we talked in this game wind conditions 40 L expected camping for Jensen getting the osawa ahead Marx is looking an awful lot like the wind condition here for g2 with caps so far behind he's relegated to mostly uselessness for the time being wonder hasn't exactly found a smashing success in the top side either perks is the one who was able to find the one kill to salvage the bottom side fight he's the one who's thirty CS ahead of his opponent and this is guy I'm looking at if he's gonna come back and carry g2 through ya perks absolutely must pop off because right now between the two so laners the difference between Wonder and caps to impact and Jensen is almost 5 K bold combined it is not even close so perks is the only one that can carry he needs to get to 3 items so he can do just that and right there on your screen that play cancelled because perks moves in he defends wonder goes to Auto attacking sniffing down dissuading him from flashing in for that kill regardless it will be the mountain Drake started up here for deep liquid and I expect him to finish it off there's no possible response from t2 as everyone is spread out across the map again coasters on the other set the jungle he was backing to get back to the base there's no real reason for g2 to try to fight this it's just too risky at this point in the game Team Liquid acquiring another objective gear for themselves – Drake's to one critically the one for g2 is still that infernal jig that will provide some extra damage scaling as we move forward but 24 minutes into the game gentlemen Baron is becoming more and more of an issue here for both sides to be concerned with exactly I think to drop the ball a little bit there too because they knew TL was going down towards the dragon that was their chance to get river control to put some wards down around the Baron they put one deep control inside the TL jungle but apart from that it's completely dark around this river now it makes it very simple for TL to play around this Baron and because they have deluxe she is so good at controlling the tight corridors to enter the river from blue side so you can just pick you off snap you up and then you get the baron alright next steps for Team Liquid you try and move up your minion waves on the side lanes so that you can get that vision that you're talking about around Baron currently do you have established control in the river so teamliquid trying to move in and push them out smithy moving forward yet again looking for the opportunity to get that initial body slam or explosive cast either one sets up Jensen to go in with the last breath which sets up for JJ to go in with the finding which sets up the rest of the team to immediately find their damage follow up the CC chain here from liquid we've seen it pump off plenty of times so far this game truly deadly and honestly pretty easy to start off with that garage yeah it becomes very easy especially with this gangplank coming in with that AOE slow from anywhere else on the map you can be playing side late and still slow you down trap you up to set up for those very easy broadcasts and because it's Gragas ya'll so it doesn't even have to be an old that knocks you back in towards the TL team or I can just drop that you also snap alts and then they're locked in place yeah right it paralyzes you mid knock back but g2 now have to contest the fact that Team Liquid has moved into the top side of the river maintaining control over this vision trying to drive g2 away or at least make them force check this baron there's the altie be enforce that hurts here immediately impact they just disparate the bottom lane of g2 impact goes unstoppable and I think that smells like a baron yeah perks is to close the team liquid it was a hope for g2 and now it is going to be team and liquid wearing purple heading down the mid lane they are looking for some exit courage five men strong team liquid are ready to make a play happen they'll send Jensen into the side lane he is not threat in this 1v1 whatsoever by the presence of caps caps immediately going in the brush to get back to base does not want to deal with this fight Team Liquid will now send to everybody back shop up and get ready here's another look at the fit yeah Team Liquid not wasting any time here either impact had already grouped up with the rest the team and he noticed it's double if two starts it off aggressive arcane shipboard to apply the slow on towards perks and then they just run him down beautiful binding coming through from core as well to get that huge AoE damage and not give any time to react yeah core JJ has been insane with the defensive bindings as well as that one right there all that's needed from doublelift is to land that slow that allows impact to take the charge and cordage a landing goes off from off-screen now as we said Team Liquid right back down the map they're headed towards mid lane bumping up the cannon minion looking for the seeds but g2 looking for the flame can they get Mickey's work on into the backline yeah there's a flash up for Mickey a flash up for yankles they want to catch them while there's only three members here there's so many will go G to competition isn't Mickey gonna be knocking Jason up into the air at 6:50 goes into stasis Jensen's gonna be taken down and g2 found the initiation they need fix maybe we'll find the killer yankles but cats assassinates him right there after it is 1 for 2 and G to take the fight g2 with the perfect flank right they're picking up the 2 for 1 still so hard to get anything off the back of it they're just trying to delay the rest of this Baron Bob that was such a huge fight for g2 they if that tower goes down they don't have a lot of extra options because there's not many more pockets of fog of war when you're pinned inside your base you don't get any of those options Team Liquid though with Baron buff can continue right through the front door look at this works is teleporting behind they're looking for the ad carry flank g2 wants to try to collapse on these remaining three members of Team Liquid but tal has no fear they say you can't come at us from this angle if we run straight through your front gate inhibitor now destroyed Team Liquid take the objective team liquid saw perks going toppling and just pushing that weight and they said hey wait a second even though we lost the fight the strongest member on g2 is not anywhere close they just run straight down the mid lane hit the freest inhibitor of their lives I don't know what perch was thinking alright that is gonna be full map control left to teamliquid mid inhibitor down dragon spawning here and still 50 seconds left on the Baron buff for those empowered recalls after they take it up the other important thing to notice here that play was able to go so well for g2 because of the resources they can invest when we look at flashes they're just not there anymore for anybody except for perks Team Liquid still has them up and ready for impact core JJ and double lift so g2 will have to respect that going forward in these engagements another cloud Drake to the side of TL more move speed more control just a few seconds shy of the next Drake being the elders and we'll still see another elemental before that big buff comes online but TL still has 15 more seconds of Baron and they will use it to push under the tier 3 thanks Smithy's predator forcing caps out of the side brush they're trying to find more of those little pockets of fog of war but again the map is not that big and teamliquid now boarding the science because they expect g2 to try make another one of those initiations still doublelift is on the way so it's four members and this would be the small window for g2 to go after but now SS has arrived look how far yankles has gone for this wrap around no flash on him though so he must back away there's also a very good ward from Team Liquid in the mid lane to spot out his rotation now that TL can group bottom lane there's only one side they can be flanked from so it becomes impossible for g2 and look at the control ward in the brush that impact is in it doesn't actually so impact realize he's able to be seen there was an issue with the control word not being at the right angle to see the normal ward and that is huge for letting g2 find a pig's because there's an angle on that rock there the Ward can only see in straight line EU rock will take it in this one yeah the terrain to there yeah exactly they placed it down in the right spot and teamliquid didn't see it and it cost some pretty big here alright here's another look at it except the actually started in that spot he trades places with impact he's gonna be the one on the receiving end of that initiation and once again it's a recon out of fog of war boom no reaction right well because reksai comes into the knock-up afterwards so not going to be able to get out of that one and that puts a stop to the put yeah it's so huge now for g2 as they try to wait out two more minutes before that inhibitor responds there will be a one minute window where TL will still have permanent priority in that middle lane due to those super minions that means still control for them in the river should be very very good and g2 must come up with another clever way to initiate a fight for them to have an advantage there and in 45 seconds as well means teamliquid doesn't have to go to g2 for the time being they can force the issue in this neutral territory we'll see if that's the play they want to go for here as you can see core JJ using those lucid singularities to check the brushes clear out the vision from g2 and make this entire top side of the jungle blind it is so concerning to have to try to move through all of this unscaled territory to go towards that Baron pit and the biggest difference here is that Team Liquid have to teleport advantage so they have full control with all these wards leading up to baron if they just send impact down to the bottom side of the map on gangplank he's so safe he has flash he also has the ultimate in teleport to try to affect a cross matt baron play and they can play both sides teamliquid still controlling the area three seconds left to go until baron spawns Uzi pings coming out from tal towards the pit Ozzy with the strength of Jensen at this point it's pretty easy to to man it between Jensen annex emit D as long as you just have somebody to tank the damage debuff for Jensen we'll see if they decide to go with that or with the full five man all in as everybody from Team Liquid is walking over and considering there's no wards being picked off by those sweepers they're saying let's get it started now all for JJ has to do is get ready to throw down a binding if the ankus was to approach the G to recognize there's no way for them to get into this pit now it is tiel's turn once again they have three minutes and 20 seconds try and destroy the base all right g2 they've got the guardian angel now on yankles this is gonna be the last ditch effort inside their own face can they make the surprise play once again Jenko looking for the flash Mikki also has flash on recon they need to layer those cc's well on the backline guardian angel ready to go for Jensen no such thing available for anyone but yankles on the side of g2 but the rek sai's just will not have the same impact in these fights as a fed Yasuo will stop watch ready for caps if he dives in the middle of these fights but all too often so far he's just been killed in a CC chain immediately we'll see if g2 can hold here Team Liquid is pushing up now the mid lane inhibitor has responses is another pressure point for Team Liquid to attack this mention makes it much more difficult to defend away from this especially of TL he could ring too waves into mid and top simultaneous whoa lot of damage there on two expects getting some good damage on that health bar in with the auto attacks I want to find a knock of perks in some trouble kitchen the ultimate guardian angel will bring him back to life only to die a second dad Mickey runs off beside G to go to the spaces now they're gonna be cut down even further ladies and gentlemen teamliquid will not be brought down today the tornado that's one of the pieces and TL his on the Nexus turrets teamliquid with back-to-back victories over g2 they will not go down without a fight and this relay race will continue we have our sounds of series teamliquid wins Game three Yasu Gragas is the name of this game first attempt at mid does not work out but they do not use the flash in that effort and then they return and continue to use that combination effectively cats got caught over and over and over again in those garagas barrels allowing those combinations yeah it was expensive completely out jungling yang Coast in this game not giving up and then using the pressure he generated through mid lane to then go top lane where me apply though meanwhile you know you have impact was just so low killing one directly on the turret no problem yeah everything just seemed to fall into place in this game for Team Liquid and the parts of their team that they left to fend for themselves doublelift in core JJ in that bottom lane 1 1 and 7 on the Ezreal 1 1 and 10 on the locks final scores exactly the kind of score lines you want to see out of your weak side of the map that you left to fend for themselves good stuff from Team Liquid yeah I mean we saw it in the player cams at the beginning of the game game plan all along stay safe and he did stay safe impact I like to bring impact up again because we need to continue to throw accolades at this guy he has been an absolute monster for Team Liquid on the international stage in the LCS he is an absolute top tier player yeah and he got no help for so much of that game and then after he gets that lead it's him with the ultimate trying to find the initiation setting up for these mid-late game fights the TL just rolled over g2 and I like seeing na teams on stuff that's not Sona so bottom lane doesn't run it over with a bulldozer in the game babe and Sona yeah that was all teal needed to start waiting game 200 i cued themselves yeah actually trolled yeah what two games yesterday hey are we in a row for game but this is one the matter that's the only one to map right yeah this is relay race everything before that is just like yeah the windows where it goes Team Liquid make North America proud and to hear how they took Game three let's go ahead and send things back over to dash and the analysts thank you very much gentlemen Team Liquid has given us a fourth game and given North America hope here in this best-of-five pushing it to two and one with another victory over g2 now to 0 over them in the event all together yeah no excuses for this one this was you know a straight win over g2 I think team liquid should be very proud of that win and it was really exciting to see them do it you know in a little bit of a different style right bringing out the AH so that had been such a good pick for the LSE teams and dancing being able to showcase it here for North America I think was super exciting I like the adaptation I feel like going to day one that would have been 0% chance of an NH team taking yeah so in the first phase then took it right here sorry not in first place but actually in the first rotation in your draft taking with the Gragas are already showing this is most likely the mid mid jungle duo will have it obviously you can move it around the map and flex it but I like that adaptation for everything we need to do this like if we want to be g2 this is what we want to go with put on the side of g2 like there's comfort everywhere Miki is an amazing Recon play so many Sai Recon games one that's irelia top side Capps has always been a huge LeBlanc player like there is really nothing on the on the g2 draft we can say wow that was weird why did you do it it was just straight up focus from TL around getting his jaws were fed in the early game there was so so well done right they still had some weak lane you know in the GP and even arguably the Ezreal and the balling but as you mentioned that duo in the mid jungle that they picked up very early on Gragas Yasuo was on display yeah it certainly was and and this is a good example of TL you know matching the rooms you already have core JJ coming up you have impact coming down knowing they are looking to rinse and repeat time and time again trying to put caps down trying to put him back on this house overhead and you do expect this to happen which right they pick the REC side to try and challenge the to be to admit they also got the early kill put after that that's when we got all these kills from ixnay and Jensen always them together and it was just like a constant attack on two caps which is a style that is very effective because he will keep playing aggressive in the laning phase no matter if he's head of behind and I really think that was a good read from teal and then also just shout out to impact in the early game for sitting when we won against earlier there's a Rex on the enemy team as well your junglers going mid all the time and he gets a solar kill when one is under the turret or on the his turret and then he starts winning the lane from there and we know he will just keep scaling yeah I mean as aurelion to GP and really every million matched up in a GP if you are if you are not able to threaten an all-in you are going to get slammed because he's gonna keep pressing Q on you every time grass is up and you're gonna get whittled down so yeah you know wonder looks for this all in when that fails GPS then in a situation to always run that Lane from from now until infinity pretty much so you know impact certainly getting one of his comfort pics and while it's it's not like a super mind-blowing counter pick on red side they played towards comfort and I think that they also looked to have safety for the gangplank they have the lux Ezreal the two lanes that they're not looking to focus on so these guys can kind of sit back even if you fall a little bit behind you can look to farm and focus on that mid lane may not have been the flashiest game for impact but it was effective Nunda nonetheless and as we talked about yes the early game being focused around the mid jungle duo I think as the game rolled on your eyes are gonna gravitate towards that Lux and core JJ who's at the helm their landing binding after binding this being perhaps the most pivotal one yeah I mean he clearly learned from Steve with the honour of bindings and alters his landing like this one he waits for perks bolted to wear off then he correctly predicts where they're gonna be lands to to my binding he did this multiple times by the way yeah and he was making it look so easy hit those bindings you know utilizing fog of war really well but even just straight up his timing on them was really impressive and this is another example of why core JJ is so damn good oh yeah definitely one of the best players in North America you know as well as the world to some degree and it is on display here at least in this game so here we find ourselves right in a position where you know TL has has given us hope for North America and pushed us to a game for remember at this point in the best-of-five both regions now submit blind so II you no longer has the advantage of counter picking teams and it will be fnatic vs. TSM stepping up oh I am yes TSM is coming in Game four for North I just want to talk through some of the strategy logic how you guys feel about these moves I'm actually so surprised yeah I think that you know has been our best performer by far yeah they're three and one now you know TSM sitting at one in three I do believe they defeat fnatic they obviously yes but they didn't know it would be fnatic yeah and and it was you know against Dan I do believe me if I'm wrong so I am honestly really really surprised you know the idea certainly here is that if you're if you're expecting the only way to beat g2 is 40l to beat them I think you're swinging for the fences here you're predicting that g2 would be saved for Game five yeah and if you're saying well TSM could never beat them this is inside the hangar two wins you're trying to play for this series when you're swinging for the fences and through that light I respect it but I do think that certainly tal would have a better chance of picking up the second win here against fnatic you know they've just played better than TSM right if you're arguing strict percentages tal probably has a better opportunity to win against both fnatic ng – so yes you could say hey let's at least extend to Game five by keeping tal on the stage get the win over fnatic and then we'll see what TSM can do against g2 but as you're mentioning Israel this feels like that we're going to go for the win let's go for the win yes it's a lower percentage opportunity to even go to game five here so we could look like fools in doing this and lose 3-1 but at least this way if we do go to that game five we're confident to you I'll sitting with 200 Virgie two can do it again and doesn't matter if you lose three 103 – right like you still lose so in this situation I think they were maybe gambling on fnatic coming in and then saying hey it isn't beat them yesterday that was what they were hoping for sadly for Europe is not Origen come right in – I think do you think for EU this makes sense right you pull out the team that just lost as well as teach you to be able to bounce back in a fifth game if they absolutely need to but bring fnatic in after some rest they get to play again okay rank one team in your right now I think they are the rank 1 team in Europe right now we'll see if they can keep Europe the number 1 ranked in the Western Hemisphere Team Liquid have kept the faith alive see if the TF TSM can maintain the momentum vs fnatic after this or will did you see as Jensen said some trouble here yet again throws out the wind wall having a flash away but the flash will not do much caps going in a lot of damage coming out there and trying to drive g2 away or at least make them force check this baron there's the LGB and force of the first here immediately impacted some tall G to go to the spaces now they're gonna be cut down even further ladies and gentlemen teamliquid will not be brought down today