Funny, Savage and Serious Pro Voice Comms: Best of CS:GO Team Chat

CS:GO is a game played in split second bursts. Rounds often come down to the final bullet, (Casting) Or a last second defuse, and when you find yourself in that situation, and your team comes out on top. Well sometimes there’s only one thing left to say, Nice! Now guys it isn’t all about the hardcore intense situations either. There is humour that comes with the inevitable downtime between rounds, during pauses, or even during warmup. That’s right, this week on best of we’re listening in on the very best of CS:GO Pro Player Comms. “NIIIIIIIIICE!” “LET’S GO!” “Not from beginning but like,” “They have smoke.” “I’m on it I’m on it.” “Come on let’s f*cking do this.” “Do you guys remember Rickeh’s call when the guy was boosted in Z on Train? Against Kinguin?” “He’s behind you guys!” “Behind us!” “I was surprised that wasn’t in the video.” “I told them not to put it in the video.” (Squeels) “Boosted behind you.” Hearing the crowd roar after an incredible play is like icing on a clutch cake. Now hearing player comms after an incredible play, is like sweeter icing on a bigger cake. “NIIIIICE!” “Look at Cromen! Whooooo!” “What the f*ck man.” “This is our f*cking game!” (Casting) (Screeching) “One spawn spawn” “One more spawn.” “You f*cking nerd.” “Let’s f*cking go this is your final this is our final let’s go boys.” “Nice!” “Skadaddy!” (Casting) You know guys the English language is one of the most complex and nuanced in the world. We’ve got about half a dozen different words for any situation you may find yourself in in life But after a particularly dominant duel or a nasty flick. There’s really just one world you want to say. Nice! “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Whooooo!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Whoo hoo!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” “Nice!” Well guys that’s all we got for you this week on Best of. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button, and if you already did, well I got one world for you, nice! Nice!