Full press conference with Team Liquid after 2019 MSI finals

everyone what music but personally I wasn't ever able to play against pot lanes that was cybot lanes and I think everyone Sinclair in every role so we learned a lot of to place that we hadn't done before so I think learning a lot more about life and yeah we're gonna sing about love nothing in the streaming for July I'm really proud of everyone and it's in that about you so what do you think what do you want like right that's nice the MVP of this 100 within for you presently what in the world is plain sight one car ran into this problem I think you give me about counsel she has a really really big he's well I love this II think podraces just teachers of all it's demon nicest agronomists and they always there to talk with each other we can't explain cleavers everything good mechanically and then they'd written signify something you off when and actually fun I mean I think house is really good with medically I believe in delaying but yeah it wasn't really like anything I was like no like I think they really well made very few mistakes and teacher as a bonus like that well it's really cool the way you're able to be tidy and Slavic step make it outta grease and then make the finals but my teammates it's probably just a normal thing so I'm really excited with myself but I think the team Australia was later and it was very smooth also place but since joining the really cheap so much what from even that we made it here and yes it's my first easy there Big Brother my things to help me be a part but I mean I still want more and I think we just saw miss Ackerman especially from teacher who makes its way it later I resident ovulating to you know just go for risky plays as well and it's the same with the IT service I think we also spent a lot and the less moral practicing team fighting to maintain fidelity is recorded a few things Bowl champion and the recent past and I'm just wondering what does seem it would need to do in terms of just building one interview or everything on that result to reach something similar so each other will have long experience and this