Friends In Need | Bottle Squad Cartoons for Children by Kids Tv

Bottle Squad on a mission to save the day Pint sized super heroes who love to play Being a friend to everyone! Bottle Squad!With a Boom We’re ready to Zoom Bottle Squad Friends in need Hey What’s that? Looks like a squirrel in trouble Ba Ba Boom, I am ready to zoom. Where did Becca go? I can’t see her. The trees are so thick. She said something about a squirrel. Let’s wait for her. I am getting worried. I hope she is ok. Let’s all go down and find her. Ba Ba Boom, I am ready to zoom. We will be back soon Becca! Where are you? Becca! Where are you? Becca! Becca! Becca! Becca! Becca! Becca! Becca! Becca! Up here! Don’t worry Becca, we will get you down. Oh noo.. What do we do now? Leave it to me. The three of us can hold Becca and fly home Wow! That was quite an adventure. Weren’t you scared Becca? No. I knew my friends would come to my rescue. Did you manage to help Mr. Squirrel? Yes…the poor thing was cold and hungry. I have promised him to get him some nuts tomorrow. Oh does that mean I have to share mine? It’s a good thing Mr. Squirrel doesn’t like milk But I can’t get to Mr. Squirrel till I get my new blanket You know we have all been promised new, soft, fluffy blankets by next week. That means, I can’t fly for five days. Its ok…I am sure, you all can get the nuts to Mr. Squirrel. It’s time to take a nap. I am tired. Bozzie why don’t you hug Becca to sleep. That way she will be warm without her blanket. Hey, I am also going to keep Becca warm So am I. C’mon Babels. You can lie at her feet and she will be cosy. Its so sweet of our pets to look after Becca. But it will be such a shame, if Becca can’t fly with us. I have an idea. Sharing is caring. Our blankets are quite big. If we cut a strip from each of them and sew them together, We will have another blanket. That is an awesomely smart idea, Bethany. Let’s get started. Thank you pets for keeping me warm and cosy. Wake up sleepy head. We have to get Mr. Squirrel his breakfast You guys carry on. I can’t fly, remember… Yes you can. With your new blanket. Oh thank you….this is just amazing. You are the most awesomest friends. Aaaaw! This is so touching Stop it Bozzie, I am getting sentimental Now lets not keep Mr. Squirrel waiting!