Free Pick Seattle Mariners Oakland Athletics 7-6-19 MLB Major League Baseball July 6th 2019 Preview

Dave Lee fan scandal ya know and since 1988 I've been a very foul odor pop baby potatoes dot-com and I'm here right now to do the Saturday July the 6th 2019 Major League Baseball against the spread pick up fill this gonna tackle one game or a program game 923 924 got the Oakland Athletics they getting Oran wrote a plate of Seattle Mariners I'm leaving my again to spread wagering selection and smashing blow about three or four minutes or so program but first off you want to get the meat man's number one play for Saturday's Major League Baseball against the spread wagering action it's $12 you got attached the word one Oh Andy two nine four two five three the meat man went 14 and one with the number one play recently there are lost six straight ah that's a good then I want to neuro then I lost two in a row not won three in a row 19 and 9 my last 28 number one plays you want to get to beam as number one plane for Saturday's Major League Baseball against the spread way to reaction $12 and it's guaranteed to win well I'm gonna give you Sony's number one plate absolutely free takes the word one Oh Andy the 9 4 2 5 bring up well in order to beat there's number one plate but Saturday's Major League Baseball again to spread waiter that's an over-the-phone 12 bucks guarantee the winner maybe Sunday's other one play absolutely free no problem cap I got my own personal toll free number then I'm literally gonna handle a day I die 183 three meet me tell you talk directly with me Los Vegas Facebook session a decapitation skin I'll had a 183 three meet man get my number one plate for Saturday's Major League Baseball against the spread way to reaction 14 and one then I went over six and I went do it oh and we're going through now I'm going through you know if my number one flight for Saturday's Major League Baseball again spread wagering action 12 hours guarantee the win rumba divas sundays everyone played absolutely great touch the word 100 and E 2 9 4 2 5 3 or to meet men's number one play but Saturday's major league baseball against the spread waiter idea 12 bucks right over the phone directly for me Las Vegas Facebook that's a decapitation out of 183 3 meet bang I took my finger face make sure you subscribe if they be scared all that was YouTube channel that way you never miss any of the meat bands YouTube videos make sure you subscribe to Dave scandal Adams YouTube channel not you don't want to subscribe to dead skin ladders YouTube channel or you know you just want to find a place where you can always watch them meatbags YouTube videos you can do that on the home page of my website meat and potatoes calm that is the Internet home of Dave the meat man scanned Ollie out of dubby dubby dubby dot me-80 ad peel Det Oh PS dodge CEO of meat and potatoes Dodd come on Saturday night Major League Baseball's gonna be to meet Mitch xx Major League Baseball YouTube video order 2019 season give the big man the light for salaries Major League Baseball YouTube video if you had to say there's no Padres on Friday night once around a half would anybody to stick it right a half you wanna game all right it beat the Dodgers all right champ how you like that take your cap really good pick this is a good pitch are you gonna meet my girl is your drink a good break of it I don't wanna know one I just say just say good pig beeping if you you head the sanding – on Friday night hey shorty advice you got were to meet me I want you to let me know you like the money brother ha ha ha all the big bands records are listed below all of these fans records on a 2019 Major League Baseball season elicits bull I'm the only handicap or the internet that lists all the righteous below yeah he can some little silly recap in the beginning of the YouTube video I keep all the records listed below s the handicap let's do a YouTube video to your watch and hey dude I'll come you know Pete you you're free pick records listen below they gonna take well such a freak thing that's one of my throw away place can you imagine if you do imagine to meet band doing a YouTube video and the game loses and I tell you it's a throwaway play get lost get lost it all in nonsense i huh we got Saturday night Major League Baseball you get done Oakland Athletics they're gonna go on a road to play the Seattle Mariners the ladders came in quiz bookmaker when the lion originates it's like a dollar 35 it's like a dollar 35 the Oakland Athletics – of a low 35 on a road against the Seattle Mariners and it's still a Donald 35 as far as a beat man concerned as I'm doing this YouTube video it's – a dollar 35 the Oakland Athletics or neurone or Saturday – an island 35 – carline and Chris book make them wait in the line origination I like it aside I like the other side I liked it I like to Seattle matters uh-huh let me tell you what the guys starting for the Oakland Athletics this Chris Bassitt guy at only 3 he's all three in his career against the Seattle Mariners he's made five starts only three in those five stars a total warning for one win one loss in the two games that he didn't get the decision not just this Marco Gonzalez guy the guy had started for the Seattle Mariners he's three and one in his career against the Oakland Athletics and in a one game that he started to get the decision there's a Seattle Mariners won that so so so so you got the guy started with a Seattle Mariners he's floor and one in the five games he started against the Oakland Athletics and the guys start with the Oakland Athletics he's warning for and the five career games that he started against the Seattle Mariners hollo is what the meat man ruling like he's – he's two guys got together last month these two guys got together last month is Marco Gonzalez and his this Chris Bassitt guy and and it was an absolute pound out the Seattle Mariners won a game nine to two was like prom night y'all are gonna plow night younger prom night of it never that I like the look Oh 92 92 cap you know what I'm talking about so I like this I like I like I get the home team I get the Seattle Mariners I give him at home closer dama 25 I get the picture for the Seattle Mariners in the five career starts he's made against the Oakland Athletics she's four and one and they gotta go but Oakland Athletics warning for in the five career starts he's made against the Seattle matters I like it's how I'm gonna go and take a shot I'm gonna going to take your shoddy I'm gonna go ahead and take the Seattle bears on Saturday night at home loss at our 25m listen bold pitches I've listened both pitches I want to listen Marco Gonzalez I want to listen Chris Bassitt I would unless both pitches both pitches have to make at least one pitch in order for the meet man to have a bet in my back it's gonna be Saturday night I'm gonna take the Seattle Mariners at home plus above 25 the car invited Chris bookmaker where the line originates I not how about another free thing for a meat man this one sent straight text message inbox on your phone this a complimentary service and offer everybody watched my YouTube videos but you have to opt-in by testing the word meet man Monica me-80 man2 nine four two five three after you touch the word meatman MEA t MA eight or nine four two five three to be automatically enrolled and a meet man's free premium page text message service you're also gonna get the 702 number that you're gonna get a phone call from the guy's name is rich that's gonna call you I've been on Richie for thirty years I used to wait tables waiting in the French Quarter what a me there was nineteen years old which is my sales guy and he's also going to be wearing a handicappers on her new meat potatoes downtown website a new path you win dot-com website if you want to see a picture of Richie just go to meet potatoes done we're just gonna call he's gonna confirm you're at least 21 years old he's gonna confirm it was you turn off dinner to meet men's free premium fish tanks mention list and yeah he might try to sell you something might kind of say that number one player today you were not obligated to buy anything for the meat man this is a complimentary service that all but everybody watches my youtube videos but you have to opt-in by testing the word meat man Madigan me-80 man2 nine four two five three