Free Pick Oakland Athletics v Minnesota Twins 7-2-19 MLB Major League Baseball Tuesday July 2nd 2019

Steve be fair scandal yato and since 1998 having a very proud owner power beated potatoes dot-com and I'm here right now to do the Tuesday July the 2nd 2019 Major League Baseball like cancer spread pick up show just gonna tackle one game for today's program game 923 924 at the Minnesota Twins they get a go on road to play the Oakland Athletics I'm an even my again to spread wagering selection in this matchup for about three or four minutes or so so grab it first off you want to get every premium pick that the meat man releases but are you tie them up to july 2019 including the number one plan a day it's 100 hours you got to change the word premium BR p.m. I um the 9 4 2 5 3 when I got to sports in the month of July we got Major League Baseball and we got W NBA basketball you want to get every WNBA basketball every major league baseball player to be been released including my number one that's better to date but the entire month of July even what did I play in Major League Baseball me fans gonna do WNBA exclusively during at four five six days when there's no major league baseball get the beat man's number one plan a day including every play at the meat man releases the entire month of july 2019 $100 all of my premium plays touch the word premium PR p.m. I um the nine four two five three nine in order to beat man's hundred I'm a premium pitch special month of July over the phone cap no problem I got my own personal toll-free number then I'm literally gonna end with dad died its 183 three meet man that's how you talk directly with me lost fingers bass book fascinating capitation scare not only had a 183 three meet man I only got one kind of play premium a rim premium plus bring him to lunch super premium I'm not a gas station okay I don't have private plays and personal plays and census blazed in this play and not played that's a scam that's a scam you understand that that's a scam it's a scam it's a scam it's to keep you saying what a zag and brother oh you bought the consensus plays you should've bought them the the private plane is all you bunch of private players you said about the personal place all your mother bring the applaud about freedom to lots of super brick it's a scam why do you think I ever ten you in play because the guy who had to five-unit play he was lost with the record so he said hey I'm losing with the five year to play let's go to ten side words it's one big scam don't get scam don't get scam get all the beat bands please $100 remember I used to be an original Vegas insider.com handicapper what is an original Vegas inside a guide time handicapper what does that mean I was able to CBS Sportsline on Vegas insider.com the NCAA got in touch with CBS Sportsline of CBS sports on they said you gotta get rid of Vegas insider because it's gambling so CBS sports they got rid of negus insider when they got rid of a get six out of some shady company bought it started bringing it all this junk all the good guys quick and now instead of having a who's who of handicappers on Vegas insider he ever who's that who's that who's that these are people you've never heard of Joey De Niro Billy Widow I get out of here cap get out of here and let me tell you another scam I did you see these guys that sell pics on multiple websites you don't even know you're getting they do not put the same pic but every website they put one big hair they put a pic over here they do this they do that don't get scammed don't get scammed don't get scammed okay if there's one thing the one thing can be planners try to accomplish here don't get scammed okay I couple of things real fast make sure you subscribe to David's can tell the auto his YouTube channel right well you never miss any of the meme as YouTube videos make sure you subscribe to Dave scared I'll arrows you too not if you do have a machete to beef as YouTube videos oh you want YouTube you'll watch it another video my video popped up in that split screen and I like it clicked it in George Lucas artists have a good fire ever YouTube video for me that ever again hide of the solution let's go to my website me the potatoes calm right on the homepage you'll be able to watch all of the beat mares YouTube videos meat potatoes downtown that is the internet hold of Dave scan dolly Otto I opened their website up over 20 years ago www.mit.edu dat oh beep s dot CEO of meat and potatoes da da ma Tuesday night Major League Baseball this is going to be le'me man 700 16 16 or 17 16 or 17 YouTube video on a 2019 Major League Baseball season I think right now it's gonna be 217 I'm pretty sure that's gonna be the 17th Major League Baseball YouTube video remember all the beanbags records are listed below I wanna meet fans records are listed below and I'm gonna tell you something else anybody got did if there's YouTube videos like the beat man does and you don't keep all your records listed below don't trust them these guys are taking a hidden 60% and then going back 10 12 years and all that just stop it you know how long it takes to update the records down below about five seconds a day to real easy I did it the whole NBA season I did it the whole college basketball season I'm gonna do it the whole WNBA season I only big one NHL hockey pick but I had to record something although I'm not a more know do the same thing of Major League Baseball do the same thing with pro football college football two big guys record but our youtube videos that you watch isn't listed below and he's trying to say he's winning I have 60 65 say be careful don't get scared man don't get scammed don't get scammed don't get scammed don't get skinned ah you got the Minnesota Twins they're gonna go on a road to play the Oakland Athletics ladders game and Chris bookbag away the line originated like 120 the Minnesota Twins opened up like a pump 20 down like a funk tents up like that High Line open I like Oakland Oakland Athletics Ella this Jake oh it Rose a guy you look at it you see he's got the big racket and the feet he already that's all the stuff it was a big party but look at his last three stars got a six-point 460 all right I don't any good hey right now I don't care what you did in April it made in June it's July now brother it's July Oliver at least as you throw a dice inside the window cap the day going to rosy guy his last three stops 6.46 he all right now there's Dan home engine guy but a guy going but Oakland Athletics his last three starts he's got a 1.06 he already got one guys gone in the right direction one guys are the wrong direction out this gate or the Rosi guy he he never wins when he goes up against the Oakland Athletics he just got one win in six career starts he's warning three when he gets the win at a loss and if the two games he made to start we didn't get the decision Owen – so you got take the state Oh – Rosie he's going on a mound for the Minnesota Twins he's won in three and his career against Oakland Athletics he's won in five in the six games that he's made to start and his last three starts he's got a six point four six tra and this is the favorite had a favorite subtitle a the Oakland Athletics have won five out of six so the Minnesota Twins have dropped three our last four sometimes I don't know what the odds negative thinking when they make these lines is you on doo-doo-doo-doo and it makes me wonder ooh it makes me wonder it makes me wonder I know public perception plays a huge part but making a point spread but the oddsmakers got this one wrong I like the Oakland Athletics it I like you're an athletic see you on Tuesday night I'm definitely gonna list all rosy for the Minnesota Twins I might as well list mentioned for the Oakland Athletics I like the fact he's only give it up a little bit over one run his last you know per game his last three games with that 1.06 eoeo and owner rosie with the 6.46 I just like this thing I like this big put the be fair down on Tuesday night take the Oakland Athletics pretty much even money I probably just say even money for the beat make it's just a solid gauntlet even money I don't know what the point spread is I don't know what it's gonna be by the time you watch the YouTube video it is sad a lot of things change but I can tell you right now all right over the Athletics Tuesday night I'm gonna let's go pictures and that's a cation I've already sent out the free play beaded text message for Tuesday what have you signed up and meet there's free printing pitch text message listen I'll send it to you like you know what it is you got an opt-in by texting the word meet man Monica me-80 and am to die for two five three this is a complimentary service and all of everybody watched my youtube videos but you have to opt-in by texting the word meatman money md80 ma n the ninety four two five three nine have you text to her feet man you're already gonna be on the beat there's free printed pitch tech specialist you're gonna get a autotext back with a 702 number then you're gonna get a call sometime in a twenty four hours for the 702 number that's my man rich I've been on Richie for 30 years of KZ good guy he's a little bit harder than me man I'm not gonna give him away but his his picture is on the new meat potatoes downtown website and I picture we just took okay this ain't some Pig there is he from 25 years ago okay there's a recent picture so rich he's gonna call you he's gonna confirm he or at least 21 years old I don't know why I'm doing that but just in case yes in case ok I don't want to be dealing with anybody on the 21 to be brutally honest with everybody anyway southern personal nothing personal but at Seaside close he's gonna confirm it was unit option here to me best free premium face tech specialists you didn't get somebody's phone and do it all it's nonsense and then anybody try to say something might try to say that hard on all the pigs to the end of the month all of july 2019 for the hard ollars you are not obligated to buy anything or the meat may answer the phone be nice to Richie confirm who is you adopted you're under 21 years old in a way though remember once you're on to me bitch free premium please text messages you will on them until you decide you don't want to be on air anymore with thousands of people thousands of people and decided that they want to stay out of the light you've all you got to do is opt out once you're on it and you want to get off of it or you as opt out it's really easy it's complimentary it costs you nothing this is service and all but everybody that watches my youtube videos but you have to opt-in by touching the word meat man money me-80 m.a the nine four two five three