welcome back to another FPL video and today we're talking about building your squad this is pretty much for anything from the drafts that you're making now and you will be through pre-season ripe until gaming one when you finally make the squad that you're gonna stick with to start the season off with there's five kind of areas that I want to talk about I'm going to give you my thoughts of things to consider when you're building your squad players to think about preseason all that kind of thing and then at the end I've got a sample squad which kind of incorporates everything into one so let's kick off with the first one so picking players is number one obviously this is a pretty big part of FPA you don't pick players every single week and especially for your game week one squad in your drafts that you're making preseason there's 15 players to pick altogether so gonna go for a few of these tips so first of all limit the number of punts and there's a caveat to that I will say fpi was supposed to be fun if you want to fill your team with punch you should absolutely do so I'm just trying to give my kind of opinions on how I build my squads obviously punts of fun the problem is they are much harder to predict so obviously if you've got players from last year like Silas Stirling agüero and Kane etc you know gonna score points you'd expect them to carry on and do that next year where is someone like Daniel James who I've got on the screen he might be someone I would consider as a Man United fan obviously is six million that's not too much money to spare me it's a bit of a punt there's no way of knowing how he's going to adapt to the Premier League you might do well he might not so I would limit pants to kind of one two maybe three players to start off the season maybe play it a little bit safer and then see after game he's one two and three who's doing really well but again fpou is about fun if for example you're in Norwich or Villa or Shepherd United Fanny you really want to have a bunch of your players in the team because you've not been in the Premier League for ages that we call to get them in there you should absolutely do that so don't go for no puns at all if that's not what your honor how you want to play put in as many as you like but for me I do one two maybe three at the most be careful of promotor teams although I've just mentioned three of them again you don't know how they're gonna adapt to the league yes Norwich scored a load of goals last year in Sheffield United did pretty well defensively chances are they won't continue that coming into the premier league they'll concede less I'll concede more even and score lesser be tougher for their players to get in the points and a lot of them actually Prost quite expensive Leeloo Pooky Norwich is 6.5 million so he's coming in against proven quality and the primarily at the same price so again I would stay clear of promoter teens for the most part again if you want one or two that's fair enough but I wouldn't go all out on them people watch this especially preseason you are going to go through so many different players there's going to be bandwagons through kind of preseason how much is it go in and you'll think of a player and you'll decide why that's a good pick and then a week later you'll forgotten you've even thinking about them so if there's a player you you look at and you see a really good style they've got really good fixtures and you want to remember that write that down somewhere keep it on your phone notepad on your computer or whatever it might be when it comes to actually building your game week 1 squad and finalizing everything you might remember a play you thought of way back when which hasn't been in your mind you want to put back in your team so definitely keep a watch list if you can and don't get bogged down by coverage no coverage is basically pick it like for example if you can't afford Salah maybe you pick like for Beno instead because he's cheaper for me I would ignore coverage especially for attackers I would weigh up what one attacker is like versus are nervous so for example a lot of people will look at Bernardo silver into Brina instead of sterling because they're cheaper because they're trying to cover Man City attack but if you think sterling is going to get all the points it doesn't matter which other attack you've got the only time I would say coverage is okay for me is in defense so if you've got a 6 million pound defender and a 5,000,000 pound defender they're both nailed in the same team yes the 6 million one is probably priced higher for attack and returns but when it comes to getting clean sheets they both get the same amount of points for that so if you want to cover a defense and the cheapest way possible for example zinchenko Man City became a first team regular I would happily pay a million less than Lepore to get the same clean sheets even if maybe he's not quite as good at bonus or attack of return so ignore coverage for the most part especially in attack so preseason matches I've already started now and they're going to continue obviously right up until game with one and a lot is made about results and stuff like that for me if a team goes and absolutely smashes a kind of a TIA you know another team that you've never heard of from another country eight nine ten now obviously they're not likely to carry that over into the Premier League not many teams in the Premier League get get beat eight nine ten and on the flipside if they're getting absolutely smashed that's not necessarily a worry either especially right at the start of pre-season when they probably haven't got the full 11 they pretending got their full squad obviously players it just get them back into the swing of things so for results I don't really worry about them too much and pets they maybe go for a run of four five six losses against teams they really should we be in but the most I don't look at it the the key things I do use preseason for is Terry identify formations obviously you know for example Chelsea I've got Lampard in is he going to go for four to three one is he going to play a four three three our teams have switched to three five two last season like wolves gonna carry on with that so identifying how a manager wants to set their team up in pre-season is pretty good obviously you've got to take into consideration what players are available some will come back late and they might not be you know might not have the personnel to play the formation they want to so you've got to look at it over the course of the whole preseason not one or two matches in isolation and again track likely stars again at the start of pre-season you'll probably see teams kind of swap you know they'll play one team in the first half and they'll completely switch in the second half as it gets closer to the season Stein will probably see more the first team players play more often so you can track how often they play and then they're obviously gonna be the likely stars so I know another example where that would be used for is Leicester so they've just signed Perez a lot of people thinking about him but if he doesn't get that much game time in pre-season he might just be a backup and also you know formation ways you want to see where the likes of Madison play does he stay in number 10 what does parents play there and Madison gets pushed a bit further wise so those kind of things are the things you want to look out in preseason and how likely will form you know continue into the league for every salad that absolutely smashes their preseason then smash it in the primary there's a Boselli or Moses or someone like that that doesn't so I don't take form too much into consideration in preseason if it's a really great player that's coming from another league and they then keep up in the top team so you know if purist it comes in and as well for Chelsea then maybe I'll look at that but if it's someone that hasn't been reliable in the league and suddenly they smash it in pre-season I'd still be pretty worried about putting them in my team allocating funds is up next and I'm going to talk about squad structure in a minute but in terms of where to spend your money most of the money bent on your first 11 money on the bench get zero points obviously there are situations where maybe a player gets injured or suspended you don't want to transfer out of your team so you put them on the bench and play one of your bench players instead so that's a possibility but it's a general rule they stay on the bench and then you don't use them so they get no points for you unless they come off of course so I I don't spend too much on the bench I'll probably have a four-million keeper and I'll just pay a 4.5 million keeper every single week and just leave the other one to rot on the bench I put me if I pay for 40 I'll probably have a 4.5 million pounds striking it doesn't play but then I'll definitely have a defendant that plays an amid field in someone like then don't give it plays so that'll give me at least two players off the bench as and when I need them so you don't want to buy a full set of four non-starters because you've been to all be needed at times it's very rarely do you need everyone off the bench or don't spend too much money on it your first 11 is the team that you play every single week they're gonna get the majority of the points so that is where I will put most of my money but obviously you want to look for value so goalkeepers for example yes premium keepers score really big points 4.5 million keepers because they can get the old clean sheet here and there because they get save points as well because obviously their team's not as good defensively so they let more shots in so the goalkeepers have more chance to save shots and some of those four point five million keepers can really rack up points so I look at that something like that but obviously when we come on to squad structure we talk about the fenders and stuff like that – for me squad structure is pretty important I like to have one – your captain's start off with preferably – and these are players that I'm happy to captain every single week from the most part obviously the plan would be to have two players that alternate pretty well so they've got a good fixture every week if there's the odd one here or there where they haven't got the greatest fixture that's not a problem they're still gonna more chance for scoring there may be a lower valued player yes it's fun when you nail that pun or that low lower end player as a captain Bob's it is a bit harder to predict so I like playing it pretty safe with captain likes to Salas sterling cane agüero those kind of players I also like to be able to get most players in a minimum of two moves so for example if you set your team out to be five at the back maybe a five for one formation and rather than get any premium players you spread it around so you've got kind of seven to six million pound defenders and then like the likes of the Brian in citizen and Zahara crusher midfield when your money is spread ledee makes it harder to get a really high price payer like a sauna or sterling or maybe naguieru affront you've got to make three or four moves to afford them so if you SAP and say at four four four two or three four three and you've got some premium plans in there makes it a lot easier to switch about so as an example if I've got saller and sternum in my mid field and to 6.5 million forwards up front obviously I'm not gonna have money in the bank to get those six point five million forwards right up to cane or agüero I can do it in two moves by getting one of my premium midfielders and obviously you might not want to do that but that's a kind of decision you have to make so that's something to think about and also when it comes to kind of pricing of squad structure if you think of a player like Madison vs T lemons and you've stuck between which one to get if you go for Madison and you can easily drop down to any seven million or less midfielder if you've got T Nimmons and no money in the bank and suddenly Madison absolutely smashes it then you got to find no point five million from somewhere so I wouldn't just go for the more expensive played just because of that if you're pretty stuck between two that could be the deciding factor so something to think about premium defenders offer good points format shall we talk about this every season there has been a shift you know the attack and fall backs like Trent and Robertson obviously VanDyke we can we count getting clean sheets they offer really good points per match and very comparable to kind of forwards and midfielders it cost a lot more money now the key is you're probably more happy most of the time to rely on a striker to get you a big score for as you caps in so you can't just go for big defenders but especially the stylus ease and I find them a little bit more easier to predict you pretty happy that Liverpool gonna clean sheet keep clean sheets you're pretty happy Man City will so put a lot of money into their defenders probably okaying in week one whereas with attackers especially those cheap ones a six point five five point five maybe you're not quite sure which ones are gonna fire at the start so it might be worth putting the money more in defense and then shifting that forward as we find out who the form attackers are that's one tactic you can do and then just two more three four three not as good as it once was obviously a lot of teams now are paying with one striker you've got the likes of MANET and Saladin side forwards and that coming in all I'm getting go soon midfielders have lots of points now you can see that in the way the pricing has been done and like I said defenders have a really good points from I show a lot of people looking at kind of four for two this season that could be the way to go so three four threes works really well in the past and there's nothing to say that I want to do that again this year but just don't don't rely on it heavily if you want to go for a different formation that's absolutely fine to make sure that your squad is sapping away with a good structure that you can move players around easily form versus fixtures is something you're gonna hear about a lot during the season people have their own opinions either way I'm very much a fixtures man I'd much rather go with someone with good fixtures than to buy someone with good form who's got all four fixtures now there are certain caveats to that for example if salla had maybe two top six teams in four or five fixtures and I probably still bring him in because you've got a chance of scoring points in those big games and they've got three easier fixtures but for a cheaper power I like to go for fixtures ahead of form and especially in game week one so I tend to look for two six fixtures ahead couple of reasons for that it's very hard to pam-4 out obviously we'll get further knowledge of who's playing who's in form and things will change after four or six weeks that we play as we didn't even think about for game week one teams that we suddenly want so there's no point in looking too much further ahead than that and also there's an early wild card I tend to play it quite early within the first six weeks so again all that planning if you go further than four to six weeks goes out the window because on a wild card you can completely reset your team so I was saying you have to early wild card but the option is there and I still think either way whether you plan for the wild card or not four to six fixtures is a pretty good time span to be looking at and that and that would include the whole season to me four may not be reliable so yes you've got preseason four but I don't take too much attention to that obviously you've got last year's form as well but it doesn't mean that play is necessarily gonna come off last season and go straight away I'm a school loads of points at the start of a season so you've obviously got the players that you expect to do it week in week out Stern and salary etc they've also got good fixtures as well anyway so there's not really a problem but for everyone else fixtures will be the key to what I look for so Balmer for example to promote a team straight away chelsea enough opening for fixtures have got to promoted teams unless they're at home yes may another way great on the opening day but if you look at the first four features they were okay so not saying I would definitely go for players from those teams but last to see kind of whose start in and that's where preseason comes into play but yeah for fixtures for me a really important when I'm building with koala definitely something I look at and for me fixtures over for so this is a bit of a sample draft that I put together which I think incorporates everything I've kind of talked about so style at the back up gone from I formally and benched goalkeeper that's not going to play and less roaring gets India but I'm fine with that cuz I'll just play Pope we can we can I've got a still wait and see if if Pope is the the number one at Burnley but it's looking quite likely that he will be so he would be in my team play tweaking week out there moving on to the defense like I said big defenders and good points for Matt a good fixtures to start with Robertson around like to Liverpool defenders and then Luca Dean as well who did really well last season and Everton and got good fixtures and then I would look for value in to 4.5 million defenders and this is a 4-4-2 squad then danke a 4.5 million forward and then one of my defenders will be on the bench so I would look for rotation there between kind of the up container maybe or other 4.5 million defender so there's value there potentially and obviously big points potentially as well if they can keep being she's get attack and returns and stuff like that 4.5 million they could return really well then in the middle I've got my two to midfield is sadder and Stern and who are basically my one to two captain's two captain's pretty much every week they've got a good fixture for the first coming 10 game weeks that's definitely something I want and then again talking about everything I've got rich charlatans in there for the fixtures we've seen how well he started the last two seasons a lot of people looking at sigurðsson rich Arles and has really smashed at the last couple of seasons so in preseason if he's doing okay I'd definitely look at him and then Daniel James so this would be I don't know if I would go for this in my team but this is just giving an example of a pun most of this team is pretty safe but Dana James let's see if he starts week in week out in preseason or games a game in preseason and he's looking pretty sharp then I might want to put him in from work because I'm am a a night fan and I might want to make a player in there's only six million so the risk is quite low obviously you got Sanchez at 7 million if he can get fit but because the price isn't too much I might be okay with doing that having one punt in there and then out front I've gone to a body who's missed a consistent Leicester looking really good they've got two elements back from last year their squads looking healthy as long as they keep there like some aguar I think they're looking good he's really consistent unless they're gone really nice fixtures as well so he comes in as a pretty consistent player or not really looking to capting sagat's demand Salah I really like him and then King a lot of people going for Bournemouth because they've got to open in fixtures against two promoted size and I just think I basically won't cover that I am covering I haven't have kind of said not to do but I just think the Bournemouth attackers will all get points in those games so rather than go for Wilson for 1.5 million more I've gone for King who's on penalties as well so that's the sample squad that's kind of a thing that I'd be looking at going into game with wine obviously this will change Lots because of new information news we get and running up to the to the first game but right now I think this looks pretty solid that's it for this video hopefully you enjoy that hopefully it was useful to you in some way how I think about the things I've said and incorporate them into the draft that you're making now and let me know in the comments below what you thought if you did enjoy the video make sure to give it a like much appreciate it as always and subscribe if you're new around here hit the notification bow so you know when all the next videos are going live I'm basically trying to get one out every other day at the moment and I have another video on var and how it's going to affect FPL on Saturday probably release about 12 p.m. UK time so keep an eye out for that one as well and then obviously there'll be more coming right up into a game with one including the live streams we should hopefully back in the next week or so I'm not going to do too many where I cancel game with one but they're definitely new videos outside of that so like comment share subscribe all that good stuff I will catch you next time chisel