hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I wanted to talk about the this just broke like probably this broke of 30 minutes ago so I'm like I'm really on the ball here no pun intended with this video but so I'm reading this from this from Fox News Felicity Huffman Lori Loughlin among 50 snared an elite college cheating scam so basically it says actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were among more than four dozen people charged in a nationwide college emissions-cheating scandal that involved wealthy individuals paying up to 6.5 million to place their children into elite universities according to court records revealed Tuesday so this was in order to place their students in top colleges such as Yale Georgetown Stanford USC UCLA blah blah basically they bribed their way their kids way into school basically the same another example of celebrities not wanting to abide by the same rules that everybody else has to go through so the story that really bothers me is actually the Lori Loughlin one because it's ironic because she's a huge youtuber I've seen some of her stuff especially her college stuff which is just so ironic so full circle but let me first give you a preface if you haven't read this or looked into it yet so it says that her husband allegedly paid $500,000 to have their two daughters designated as recruits for the crew team at USC despite that the fact despite the fact that they did not participate in crew so it says however the feds say that the husband sent her the father sent action photos of their daughters on rowing machines so this one bothers me in particular because I am a former college athlete I want to talk about this because I feel like I have a unique perspective on this and it just really bothered I mean if this stuff really bothers me I hate when people don't feel like the rules apply to them and they feel entitled to things because they have money or they try to push past rules that are in place and requirements that are in place and they think that they you know deserve special treatment and all of that like this really bothers me so again I feel like I have a new perspective because I was former college athlete I played d1 women's soccer at the University of Iowa I was on the like the scholarship team so it's not the club team it was like the real deal I was like I awoke her Big Ten team so I can put up some pictures of myself but I just feel like you know I haven't really seen that many college athletes with YouTube channels so I just wanted to talk about it and i rana CLE this is this is really ironic my college roommate my freshman year in the dorms was actually a rower so we got paired up with athletes our freshman year like as our roommate and my just happened to be a rower I was the only person of our friend group that actually had a rower so I got to see firsthand what kind of lifestyle and what it takes to be a rower at the Division one level so USC they're gonna have really good a really good crew team because you know they're by the water and it's just it's a really really big deal it's a really really big deal out in California so anyway let me just give you my perspective on what first of all let me tell you how I know this makes me because it takes so much to be a college athlete and I know people like to make fun of the fact that a fleet SAR usually up in arms about you know demanding that or suggesting that they should be paid for their time at college and because they do so much work and honestly I agree with that I think it's actually I think that college athletes should get paid because of how demanding their schedule is there's there is virtually no way for college athletes at the highest level to get jobs they do not have the time this is just an example of what my schedule was like I would have to schedule all of my classes all back to back to back back back to back to back and then right after that I would have one hour and then I would have to go to soccer practice and that would take me to about five or six and then I would get home and I would have that little amount of time to shower eat and do my homework so you you have virtually when it's in season you virtually have no time to do anything else when I exited the team because if you follow my channel I had to medically retire due to a blood disease that I no during my freshman year but when I finally retired not only was it extremely devastating to me because I had lost my entire identity as a person because my whole life up until then had been soccer but it I realized how much time regular just regular students have I I really realized regular students have a lot of time compared to college athletes so and that time it can be spent getting internships that time can be spent volunteering that time can be spent doing things that college athletes don't have that time to do so I'm saying it's not easy to be a college athlete and I'm gonna go into more about that but I also want to say to why this annoys me so much is because when you fake a spot on a team I don't know if like the girls knew what their parents were doing that they were abusing the system in this way and bribing their way their kids way into college and I don't know that I'm assuming that they did know that this was going on and if they did then that's just I mean it's it's mostly on the parents but that's just that's bad so I'm especially annoyed because if they took somebody else's spot on the crew team that's extremely upsetting because just how much work it takes to get to that level to get on that team earn a spot on that team and get scholarship money I think back to what I had to do and I it was my whole life I learned to play club soccer from the time I was in middle school and I never stopped I missed homecomings I missed proms I missed like important dates I didn't have time to even have friends the only friends I had were on my soccer team I didn't have time to have a social life I couldn't go to Friday night football games and I had to spend time anytime I had to study I was literally I used to do homework on the way to soccer practice every single day after school and I would leave from high school to go to my soccer practice that's how much time and effort it takes to get to the top to your level of sports which USC is a hundred percent a top to your team for crew for soccer for any sport if you go to USC you are an incredible athlete and you there's there's no way you didn't work so many hours and put so many hours into it that this is a no this is a no this is straight-up annoying and it's just wrong like it just is it's so objectively wrong to bribe your way on to pretend like you're on a sports team and if again if they took somebody's spot I'm so disappointed I really I'm so disappointed because that just took the spot of somebody who actually was following the rules was doing all the work let me give you an example because again I don't know how many rowers have YouTube channels or whatever so I I can kind of speak for them a little bit because I did know I roamed with a rower so basically I mean this story just like it kind of breaks my heart but it's also like okay my roommate was she was a rower for actually only like a month she was on the team for only a month and then she had to quit I don't kind of go into that but everyday I saw her wake up before 5:00 a.m. and again I woke up with her because we're in this tiniest dorm room and every day I watched her wake up she would get out of bed get her stuff and she would be at practice til I I did not see her for the rest of the day I didn't see her those nobody ever saw it like so all the athletes knew each other in Iowa we all live in the same dorm none of us and we all knew each other we everybody knew who each other was no one ever saw the rowers they were always on a different schedule than all the other athletes their schedule was so different and and just time-consuming it was almost like being a swimmer because they have to wake up so early to get all the way over there my roommate had to travel so far to even get to like the crew house and and the boathouse that it would take there like she would have to need like 30 minutes early on top of it being already so early in the morning so another example to is she brought me once to the training center because she wanted to show me what like what are what kind of workouts that they were doing and she wanted to show me like how to row and it was it is a total full-body workout and it is one of the most strenuous exercise activities I have ever done and I've played every single sport I played college soccer everything like it is so intense if you've ever done it correctly you know what I'm talking about and you need such a specific technique to that it's just I can't I'm so annoyed by this I'm just so annoyed by this and another thing too is just think about how many hours rowers and like how many mornings they woke up 5 a.m. 4 a.m. to get to like all of their meets think about how many regattas you have to attend to be on a crew team this is so annoying that they just pushed past all of this work that normal people do to earn their way into the college that they wanted to think about how many people it's their dream to go to USC to be a part of the USC crew team I'm so annoying well here's another thing to take into consideration college sports at that level are so mentally strenuous and just almost borderline traumatic because of the level of competition it's hard to be you know to fail and to not get the spot that you want and to be competing against all these people who are also the best of the best it's not like high school anymore where it's it's pretty easy to be the best it's so difficult and and a lot of people characterize and I totally can attest this a lot of people characterized mental health of college athletes as being a silent crisis because it's something that's not really talked about but it's definitely when you're in the community and you can see it and you see it you talk to everybody you can see everybody almost everybody is struggling mentally with depression it's hard to talk about because you're supposed to be like a strong athlete and it totally goes against the norms of being a college athlete is to go seek help or to admit that you can't do it or you can't do something it's always like a power through attitude so you know my roma roommate was no different the reason why she quit a month in is because it was too difficult on her and she wanted to dedicate more time to to being a student because that's why you're you know ultimately there and I mean not to give away too much personal information about her but I mean she had a single mom and they had they had to make a decision together you know am I going to give up my scholarship and so I can be a better student and they had to make that decision and that's that's tough so this kind of stuff bothers me I just want to give my perspective as a former college athlete you know as to why this is so wrong in my opinion you know there's a there's a million there's legally it's wrong um and morally it's it's wrong this is probably more on the moral side of it it's like you took somebody you know you're pretending to do this I mean college is something where it is it's it's one of the the greatest accomplishments that somebody can have in their lifetime and it's something that nobody can take away from them your college degree is something nobody can take from you and to just to fake it and to push past it and just think about all the hard work that that most that normal students have to put in to get into these schools and so just think that you can bypass something like this with money it's just I just think it highlights a really really huge issue and I would be I would not be surprised if more people were found out to have done this more celebrities to have done this I really really hope for athletics sake and for athletes perspective athletes out there and you know former athletes that there has not been this much collusion related to sports because when I finally earned my spot on the Iowa soccer team it was the greatest and still is the one of the greatest achievements in my life in my life and I if if they somehow took that that opportunity away from somebody else like it looks like they took two spots I don't know I really don't know but just the idea of it if they took somebody else's I mean that is just it's just devastating and it's just so wrong again I think it's important to remember because a lot of people have hivemind that it's it's really not the girls like I you know the girls don't have a say in this it's it's there 100% their parents it's a really poor parenting decision and just moral decision financial decision it's just it's just stupid I mean you should those requirements are there too if you can't get into a college based on requirements then you shouldn't you shouldn't be there and there's people like literally joining the military so just so they can afford college like that how fucked up is that that these people are getting in base because their parents paid their way in clearly they had to bribe their way in so they couldn't do it on their own merits so it's like think about like the students that didn't get in who had had followed all the rules you know it's so it's just so wrong and anyway I'm not gonna keep harping about it like I keep saying the same thing over and over but I really wanted to get my perspective from a former athletes point of view to kind of drive home the point that this this is wrong on a lot of levels I'm really surprised I'm really surprised and again don't I mean I don't think it's fair to go after the girls really because I gotta it's their parents their parents so this is so wrong Felicity Huffman Lori Loughlin I'm sure we're gonna find out more people pretty soon but and just as a cup just as a student now like I'm just a regular student I'm still in college I'm trying to forget my parents are going into debt over it I'm going into debt over it I'm in debt it's just so annoying so annoying anyway I think you guys so much for watching subscribe if you're not already and leave a comment let me know what you think about this situation and let's get a discussion going I'd love to read your comments and I'll try to respond as many as I can so bye