Football Mania with Talking Tom and Friends (NEW GAME UPDATES)

The Game – is – on! Tom is preparing for a rematch game with Angela…
and this time he means it! Apparently he didn’t deal well with his
defeat. Tom knows he’ll need more training if he
wants to win. That’s right … Tom is practicing everywhere
he can… and he scores again! It’s now the moment of truth… Once again Tom versus Angela. It’s a tense result all the way. Nobody seems to be gaining any advantage. And after a long match – it’s still a
draw. Watch out! And they have left the stadium. Tom and Angela have taken their football rivalry
into the water. But it seems it no longer matters who wins
or loses, and our great rivals have turned it all into great fun. And you can join them to! It’s football mania all over Talking Tom’s
games! Have fun playing the football mini game in
My Talking Tom, check out football levels in Talking Tom Pool and score goals while
running in Talking Tom Gold Run. Download now and play! Subscribe to Talking Tom’s channel and don’t miss out any of fun videos about Talking Tom games.