First Look at *RAIN* in GT SPORT!! (Nations Cup)

hi guys and so no sooner do we discuss the leaked vehicles at the Nations Cup events and of course the nation's Cup races are always a fantastic place to see new leaked stuff when it comes to updates in particular for Gran Turismo sport now we also have the final in action confirmation of racing in inclement weather in rain in particular on a nice moist track and I want to give a quick shout out in particular to @yk x01 C aka Kuro 96 GT on Twitter for this particular footage it's been shared around a lot by multiple different pages so doubtless there are other ones who have alternate angles you know camera angles that kind of stuff and even people at the Nations Cup events will be seeing it from of course a first-hand view as well but it's nice to finally have the confirmation I've had a ton of people asking me to cover this in especially the past week because it was heavily rumored we saw leaked images images in general I didn't want to cover it until we actually saw it in action and now we have so of course stick around as I said before for more leaks and news as they drop I hope you guys are looking forward to the weather certainly adds a new dynamic to the game and for now as always thanks for watching