First Impressions + Full REVIEW of GT SPORT 1.40!! (No Rain, But is it Good?)

hi guys and welcome to finally my overarching thoughts and review of the entire 1.40 update in GT sport and of course usually I would do this the same day that the update drops but for those of you who saw my community post or who are on the discord server you probably saw me mention that it took and this is not hyperbole 14 hours to download the update literally all day by the time it was done it was almost midnight and that's of course not the kind of time I'm going to put out a review especially when the community videos were already scheduled for that time anyway so it is out today working on the internet provider sorting out the physical issues that I'm having with the internet but they are taking their sweet time no surprises there and so what can you expect from the 1.40 patch if you haven't already played it by this point many of you have so what are your thoughts down below and here's my thoughts well first of all of course we saw that the trailer had a lack of rain a very notable lack of rain especially given how many people wanted it to come of course this month but just in general I've said before that I'm not the massive proponent of rain that many people are but I get it I get why people want it I'm more of a snow kind of guy that would interest me far more but no rain we do not have rain in 1.40 let's move on because at this point pollutant is starting to make this into a trend they showed us the red ball two months ago we didn't get it until this month they showed us rain now we'll probably get it next month etc it's just becoming a trend and I have thoughts that I'm going to be putting out there as far as how polyphony is running or lack thereof their communication with the community but we'll get to that at a future time now as far as what you do actually get from this patch we've got six new track variations of course at Sardinia the first Road variations on that circuit previously just a rally track in a very nice little rally track as well we have five new vehicles the Red Bull X 20 19 competition of course the Clio v6 the Toyota Tundra the sports 800 from Toyota as well and the Camaro z/28 which I've predicted a number of times of course they brought the Camaro to the game so first of all what about the new track well i'll feature some footage of said new track in a number of different driving forms I like it I like it overall I have to say that the second variation the one that looks kind of like a sideways version of Catalunya which you'll see me driving the Camaro on in particular in this video it's probably my favorite of the three variations and of course we have forward and reverse as well but in particular just in an overarching sense I think I like that one the most the longest track of the three it looks nice but it's actually kind of boring to me it's very simple there's not much technicality to the track at all also the road is very narrow and not just that the track is very narrow I don't mind circuits that are narrow Monaco for instance but I prefer it if there's a little bit of runoff because it makes the track just look and feel that a little bit bigger and that is funnily enough something that the second layout that I drove the Camaro on does have there's a lot of overrun on for instance grass and sand sections which just makes the track feel that much bigger whereas on the longest variation it's a very narrow course for a lot of the way and I just found that boring to be honest I find it very it's too much constraints especially in some as massive as a Tundra now as far as the cars themselves what are my thoughts well of course I'll do full Tunes and breakdowns in terms of reviews for all five of them but in terms of just a brief look at them the tundra is probably the standout for me because it's so different to all of the others it's finally some rivalry for the Raptor which means that Gran Turismo sport of course only has two pick-up trucks but both of them have never been featured in the franchise before which is pretty cool that's the upside of it and it's a very interesting little throwback to how good the other Toyota pickup truck used to be in grunge for a smoke from Gran Turismo 4 to Gran Turismo 6 and that was of course the takoma significantly lighter than pretty much all of the other trucks in the game also one of the very few to have real Drive instead of all-wheel drive and it was brilliant excellent trucks through corners it could actually genuinely rival sports cars this one does not have some of those advantages of course it's not quite that light and is all wheel drive but it still definitely feels more nimble than the Ford does which isn't too surprising cliff he's always had a leaning towards the Japanese vehicles feeling really good just like Forza does with the American cars feeling very good that's no surprise to the hair really I like the tundra overall it's got a lot of power a lot of talk the one that I'm driving in the video is not overly powerful it's like stock power and I just dropped the weight and you can actually drop it by quite a lot it's like 800 kilos from about two and a half tonnes to about 1.7 so pretty nice pretty nice drop then we have the Clio now the Clio as I said is a little bit more of a technical approach to a hot hatch mid engine makes it a totally different driving experience to any other modern hot hatch out there pretty much and it's the kind of car that it's kind of amazing that it got built at all as a production car because usually something like that would just be a concept or a one-off so it's very cool actually that Renault did it it's cool to have it back it's been a part of Gran Turismo for such a long time of course it was a premium in GT 6 anyway so already had the interior but it looks that much better now the handling definitely has a unique Flair with a very short wheelbase almost a chaparral to j-style area of the car it's almost like driving a cube in effect which gives it unique properties to the handling again with the mid-engine layout and the rear-wheel drive but I like it the Clio feels good the car that actually surprised me the most in the pleasant sense is the Toyota sports 800 not a car which I've ever had a huge amount of love for but I was surprised by how many people on the discord server seemed really excited for this one because I pretty sure I'm pretty sure even that I reviewed it in GT 6 and I don't recall much chatter being said about it and yet people seem to love it now which kind of surprises me I don't think it was a premium back then either so we do have the interior it looks very nice nice to have another classic in the game not very powerful so pretty good natural rival to stuff like the beetle the Samba bus but when you tune it up you can actually make it into quite the little bruiser weighs about half a ton about 130 horsepower fully tuned so for n 100 I'd say it's one to watch out for and I'm gonna test it later on in the review itself around dragon trail to see how it compares to some of the kei cars in the game next up we have the Camaro of course the no-brainer would you not have a Camaro in a game that features any muscle cars at all it's very compact as I said it's much lighter than a lot of other muscle cars you can detune it to or tune it even to about 1200 kilos 1250 something like that if your memory serves power can be increased to almost 600 so you can make yourself a nice little track muscle car this one that I'm driving in the video is around n 200 so it's actually detuned and it feels fantastic drop the weight drop the power a little bit you can make yourself a really nice little track car for lower classes and as far as the Red Bull goes the Red Bull was actually the most surprising to me in a negative sense because although a lot of people of course we're not particularly excited for the Red Bull anyway in a similar way to how many of the vision GT cars don't tend to have everyone excited this one actually disappointed me because it's really slow now it's not slow around a track but the fact that it actually has more power a bigger capacity and I believe more torque although I have to double check that than the normal X 2014 has the standard I expected it to have a higher top speed because more power lower downforce is kind of a no-brainer it doesn't in fact it's a lot slower you'll see in this video it struggles to past 200 miles per hour that's shocking for a car with over 800 horsepower regardless of the downforce it should still be able to push over 200 especially given that the tune I did for the standard X 2014 can do 245 miles per hour so that was kind of a shocker to me as far as track cars go I haven't tuned up the handling purely for circuit racing yet so we'll get to that more in depth in its actual review and to see how it compares in terms of lap times I suspect it will be a little bit slower it definitely feels a little bit more raw than the X 2014 does which is appropriate as I said it probably would feel that way so overall my thoughts on the pack are of course it's smaller that's nothing new these days unfortunately for politi I believe we are winding down towards Gran Turismo 7 production probably already in development well I should hope it already is and as far as other stuff in the pack as well we've got some new escapes but they're actually not new it's just a selection of escapes and also Goodwood circuit experience which is a nice little extra bit of cash for those who need it doesn't take very long at all of course the whole track takes like a minute and a half in a slow car not a minute in a good one and we have a Red Bull career event an endurance race which doesn't really pay out that well it's half a million for 30 laps so there are definitely faster ways faster ways of earning money but it's decent you know if you want to do an endurance race with your Red Bull why not overall then my thoughts on the pack are I like the Clio I was disappointed with the Red Bull in terms of top speed the sound is pretty good the the Clio as I said I do like the tundra I like very much and the Toyota sports 800 is probably the standout the Camaro is exactly as good as I expected it to be which is good and the tracks are a little bit of a bit of a mix for me I like the middle variation the most the longer ones okay the shorter ones okay the middle ones the sweet spot for me I like that one but yeah curious to see when rain comes now probably next month I'm guessing but we'll have to wait and see so as I said I'd love to hear your thoughts down below and that's it for mine so of course stick around on the channel I will be reviewing every single one of the five cars and you'll see in those reviews some more footage of the tracks in action and of course I'll be tuning them as well but for now as always thanks for watching