Finding Gold Near 1860’s Outdoor OVEN CAVES Left By The Old Placer Gold Miners

all right welcome back! To another
episode sorry I forgot my hat so today’s not gonna be that great of an episode,
probably not gonna find that much gold. because of my hat. Anyways today we’re going
to be walking all the way over there to the side of that mountain, we’re going to
be checking the inside bend. But first we have to head down this little trail here. Dennis took that pretty well but anyways
guys, it’s about my turn. we are getting closer, but it’s not that easy. the largest cave in front of you is
stained with black film presumably from smoke for this reason it is believed to
have been used as an outdoor oven by Chinese placer gold miners perhaps as
early as 1859 you guys can go ahead and read the rest. That was a dun, alright we’re slowly on
our way to our destination. But I’ve got a quick question. I ran into something
and I have to ask you guys if you guys are missing a car. Because if you guys
are missing a car I might have found it. The engine is still intact. all right so we have decided this is
where we’re gonna check out the cars are actually right there the ones that we
just pointed out okay so guys I don’t know how you guys would get it out of
here but Dennis is doing a pan right there and I’m gonna start investigating
around he says that he’s going to start doing a line all the way across try to
find the pay streak and I want to just check behind a couple of these big rocks
over here and then I’ll join Dennis with his mission look what I found on my walk down. trash-collecting my gold we’ll see. a tiny tiny tiny tiny speck. alright guys
we’re having no luck over here so we’re gonna push back towards the parking lot
we’ve been doing quite a bit today and we haven’t come up with much at all. I
probably came up with like three flakes Dennis hasn’t come up with much
either he’s put it mostly all back in the river so we’re gonna keep on pushing
up and go to the spot where I know there’s gold. oh there’s a pellet -yah pellet could reshoot that baby. cleaning up
the river. with lead I get that let out of there one that looks like it though. all right two. hey, guys my apologies for not doing
a lot of pans on camera today. we were actually doing a bunch of prospecting.
I’ve done a ton of pans Dennis how many pans have you done today? Thirty,
thirty-one with this one alright, thirty-one with that one. I’ve
done plenty myself. and haven’t came up with that much really. there you have it we will clean out our stuffer bottles to show you what we get but we haven’t got anything
spectacular you know. but that’s prospecting for you what do you expect.
another thing I just want to give you guys heads up so I didn’t upload for
about two weeks there there was a family emergency. it had to do with my father so
I was on unable to make a video at that time so but everything’s good now and as
you guys can see there’s definitely increase in quality I hope. this
absolutely confirms it I forgot my hat at home and this is what happens. that’s what they get for leaving my
hat at home.(AGGGH) we don’t get it off that lucky now I got to go back up. alright guys thanks for watching we’re
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yeah till next time peace. Got anything to say, Dennis? -no, it is too hot. you