Fastest Kid On The Planet?? – Super Squad Episode 1

(thunderous lightning) (dramatic tonal music) (explosive splash) (dramatic orchestral music) (explosive splash) (chip bag crinkles) – I’ve got a bad feeling about this. – It’s okay, Harry, it’ll pass soon. (boys whimper) (chips crunch) (table shakes) – Boys, it’s fine, the storm
was about three hours ago. – Three hours? You could’ve told us! (dramatic action music) – Emergency services are
reporting that nobody was injured in this morning’s meteor storm. However, there are numerous
impact sites around the world which are being investigated
by the world’s best scientists. And the public are being
advised to stay well away from any such areas. (background Newscaster)
– Harry, don’t even think about it. – What?
– You’re not going out looking for a meteor. – Technically, it’s a meteorite. A meteor becomes a meteorite
when it lands on Earth. – To-may-to, to-mah-to,
you are not going out looking for them.
– In other news, a YouTube channel called Gorgeous Movies apparently has the funniest
family content available. (suspenseful piano music) (grass rustles) (gate latch clicks) (chains jangle) (mid-tempo suspense music) (scientists yelling) – What are you doing? – (screams) Ah! (boy panting) (intense action music) (running footsteps thud) (fast forwarded whoosh) (pounding electronic drums) (intense action music) (fast forwarded whoosh) (running footsteps thud) (fast forwarded whoosh) (fast forwarded whoosh) (fast forwarded whoosh)
Whoa! (fast forwarded whoosh) (footsteps thud) (fast forwarded whoosh)
Daniel! Guess where I’ve just been! – Disneyland? – No. – The bathroom? – No, I found the meteorite site, and something really weird happened! – What? – I was walking of this felled meteorite, and it sizzled under my foot. And all of the sudden,
these weird, angry men started chasing me. And then, I was all of the
sudden really, really fast! – Have you been drinking coffee again? – No, seriously, I mean, like super fast. – Okay, Harry. – I’m serious, Daniel,
something crazy is happening. Let me show you! – Well, okay. Get me some water from downstairs. – Okay. (fast forwarded whoosh) (fast forwarded whoosh) (heroic action music) (fast forwarded whoosh) – Whoa, Harry! You’re so fast! Mom told you not to go
looking at the meteorite! – Daniel, I’m scared. – Don’t be scared, this is awesome! (dramatic action music) (rock sizzles) (boy winces) (rhythmic maraca music) (fast-paced bongos) (mid-tempo piano) (funky bass) (fast forwarded whoosh) (upbeat rhythmic music) Harry, that’s about six seconds
quicker than Usain Bolt. You’re like The Flash. – The superhero? – Yes, Harry, you’re a superhero! This is awesome! – We need to tell mom and dad. – No, Harry, you should
not have gone there! You can’t tell anyone. – Wi-fi all over the UK is crashing, and it is believed someone is behind it, and is systematically switching it off. Police want to speak to
the following individual who may have information. (dramatic orchestral music)
(keyboard clacking) – It seems that these meteorites may possess unknown amounts
of gamma and beta radiation, which could alter the DNA
structures of young people who come into direct contact with it. – The results of these DNA changes are something we have never seen before. We think there are a handful of children out there in the world that
will have been affected. – We urge anyone who has
come into direct contact with a meteorite to constant the police or a local government agency
as a matter of urgency. – Daniel, this is real! My DNA has been altered! – You’re a superhero now! – Daniel, but I can’t do this. We need to contact the
police, or something! I can’t be a superhero! – If you can dream it, you can do it. – I’m not dreaming it, Daniel. – This is every kid’s dream, Harry! You have superhero powers,
the powers have chosen you. – Do I get a superhero name? – Of course, and a costume! (dramatic pulsing music) Okay, Harry, get changed into your costume as fast as you can. (heroic action music) – [Harry] Ow! (toys tumbling)
(Harry laughs) (Harry giggles) – Yeah! (belt clacks) – You’re supposed to be super fast! You need to practise that. (door handle jiggles) Charlie, knock before you come in! (jazz detective music) – What’s going on? – Nothing, we’re doing our homework. – What homework, maths? – Get out right now, we’re busy. – Fine!
(door slams) (jazz detective music) – What’s my name gonna be? – Blink. No, that’s your name, Blink! – Cool, I like it! (heroic action music) – Boys, dinner! – Oh, no! (fast-paced action music) (Harry whines) – Daniel, where’s your dad? – I don’t know, we’ll be down in a minute! (digital beeps)
(sombre suspense music) – What is it, Daniel? – There’s a tending video of
some kid pretending to fly. – I’m Calum Smith, 12 years old, and the day is Saturday,
the 21st of September, 2019. (dramatic orchestral music) (fast forwarded whoosh) (air whooshing) – He’s not pretending. – That’s what I was afraid of. It looks like we have a new member. – New member of what? – (yells) Super Squad! (dramatic orchestral music)