Faker Wins /ALL Star Chat [League of Legends]

♪ ♪ ♪ Hey guys! Welcome to Barcelona! We’re here for the All-Star event and to match today’s theme we’re going to be throwing our own little competition. All-Star Chat. These three here are going to pair up with some pros to compete and see who are the All-Stars of All-Star Chat and take home this sweet trophy? Let’s get started. The hosts will be dancing for a pro for 60 seconds and they’re going to guess as many dances as possible and then we’re going to flip it around. We got this. You pay attention to the dances? No, I’m actually so bad.
-Do you know any of the dances? We only spam like, the first second of the dances and we spam it over and over again so I actually don’t know what any of the dances look like. Okay, well hopefully we’ll do well on this one. Alright, three, two, one, go! Azir? Uh… Taliyah? Damn, I don’t know. Next. Okay, uh… Oh, Shaco. Yeah! He’s like… Three, two… Lee Sin? Yeah! Alright! Oh no. Uh… You suck! Fifteen seconds! He also does this. Uh… Three, two, one! -I have no idea! Goddammit! Time! -Your the worst team ever. We got two points, two solid points so hopefully that works out. There’s no way the next guy is going to be this bad. Here we go. Alright.
-Alright. Let’s do it, let’s do it. Go! Anivia? Yes! Ahri. Yes! Warwick. Yes! Three, two, one! -What? -I lose. I’m sorry. Yeah! Very nice, very nice. Come on, Sam! Help me here! Azir! No. Garen? No. -No. Time! It’s Nunu! It’s the Nunu dance! Oh, no! How do you rate your dancing abilities from 1 to 10? Zero. Yes! Three, two, one, go! Blitzcrank. Yup! Uh… That’s in the game! That’s in the game? Yeah. Next. Okay, oh… I’m playing a… It’s a dance. Ah, shit. What? Fifteen seconds. What? Are you holding a baby? Like… Yeah, it’s kind of similar to a baby! Definitely a female champion, No! And time! Holy crap, the other one was Morgana. Yes. It’s too late though. Okay. It’s too late. -It’s too late. Crap. Three, two, one, go! I’m going to do the other one. Morgana? Whoa! They’ve got to be cheating! Any of your mains. Time! No! Get your pens and pencils ready cause we’re about to play “Draw Like a Champ”. You feeling good? I can probably read your mind right now. Read your mind? Alright, good, good. We’re on the same wavelength. We’ve got this, alright. Draw! What is that? Uh… Veigar? Lulu? Yeah!
-Ah! Fiora! Yeah! Gragas! No. What? No. Ten seconds remaining. Braum? Poppy? I don’t… Three, two, one, time! How is this not Sion? Yeah, how is that not Sion? -Oh, it’s Sion? My drawings were great. I mean, I don’t know, man. Like… This one was Kha’Zix. Wait, who is this? Kha’Zix. -Kha’Zix. Why does he have a tail? I don’t know. Kha’Zix doesn’t have a tail. What is this? -I don’t… I don’t know. Ready? Yep. Alright.
-Let’s do it. Three, two, one, draw! It’s, um… It’s not Vel’Koz. Is it… It’s Cassiopeia? Yeah! Ten seconds remaining. Oh, please, please, please, fast. Uh, it’s um… Aurelion Sol. Yes. -Yes. Are you guys ready? No. Please, no. Three, two, one, go! -No, no, no, no, no, okay. Okay, so it’s like, a guy. That doesn’t make sense, does it? It does not make sense at all, actually. He has a hat, but it’s not that big. Fifteen seconds! Think we did okay? Yeah, it was a good try for the first time you know? It was decent, yes. The name of the game is “Champion Charades”. We’ll put 60 seconds on the clock for one of our hosts to act out as many champs for our pros to guess then we’ll flip it around and have the pros do the same for us. Fighting. Fighting. Three, two, one, go! Yasuo. -Yes. Janna? Yep. Xin Zhao. Yep. Singed. Fifteen seconds! -Yeah. Gnar. Done! Alright, woo! Go! Amumu! Yep. Lucian. Yep. Lucian? Yeah, yeah… Oh, no. Miss Fortune? Yeah. And done! High five, high five. Yeah, high five. Are you ready? Yeah. I don’t know if I am, but here we go. Go! Pantheon? Yes! Get your sounds out of here! Pass. I don’t know. Five seconds left. Zero! Time’s up! Blitzcrank. Three, two, one, go! Caitlyn? Yep. Teemo. Okay.
-Oh, wow. Four, three, two, oh my God and time’s up! -Ashe! -Yes! Yeah! -Oh my God. Growing up, did you ever play games like charades or anything like this? Nope. First time. Okay, sweet. Twitch. Yeah, next. Uh, Darius. -Yes! Done! Kalista? Yeah. Done! Who was it? Oh, Kha’Zix! Nice, nice. Alright, ladies and gentlemen we have tallied up the point totals and the All-Stars of ALL Chat are Team Noxus! Woo! Do you have anything to say to your fans at home? I’d like to thank my team Team Noxus, really carried it through beat the crap out of these guys so, shout out to them. And while you’re thanking your team I’m going to thank all the pros who joined us in this competition here in Spain and to you at home, we’ll see you next time. Graves! Yeah. Yes! Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. Ivern? Next. Ah! Bla! Mundo? No! Ah! Volibear, Volibear! Yeah! Yay!