Eyes on Worlds: G2 Wadid’s Homecoming (2018 League of Legends World Championship Quarterfinals)

Jana could take over the copier lit there to do the telecom kilcullen which is Renuka they need an attempt to enter God's workings I have I get to kill you now Kristi Katie Sega be hungover or Amir Andy Serkis a Guevara who dat booty upon in Yemen Moochie Canaan to cook England a detail or the in logic if you telephone injuries they are clickable name is ahsoka rapini curricula her sister Kyle Kagan and a yoga teacher Ana Negrin Kimura figure happy thoughts I'm at another crisis to crisis Dakota talking is the derogatory get retire can the only imagine toe which I can see computer hug it at all Kim saying it's eternities aren't they're aiming I taught in over here pretty ugly tascioni why did apparently back we are only on gays are fighting at all Katya new Thiago it isn't a great happen 31st event Hannon to the first you take ownership Salida I lived in Busan for 20 years I graduated high school here so most of my life my home location is also next to ocean so wake up and you can hear wave sounds and you can just enjoy the moment with ocean that's why I push honestly every time when I come back to Busan I lost when I'm losing I feel a lot of home secure because I feel like I'm alone I realized that I'm alone that I'm just Korean that I mean Berlin is a bone so that's why I really don't want to lose and that's why I get so much motivation for me I was watching words in my home and my mom said like you can be there soon right and I was like maybe you know because I was not sure but I made it so now I'm here to play quarter-finals at Busan at my hometown ten minutes away from here so that's why I'm keep saying that I feel like I'm in a dream I feel like I'm doing but time is time ham ham yo yo yo come on when I come to venue like everybody's like oh that's fatigue oh my god like can you take a selfie and it sounds like when I was standing there on stage I could hear way more louder screaming towards me so at that moment I realized that whole I'm in Korea the West so sighs they need loving it this is how the rock for my city and loving it [Applause] you're playing against orange in quarterfinals and I wanted to meet them because they are considered the best team right now it is good chance to prove yourself and rice yeah that's the song it is right so that's why I wanted to play in the standing but not for much longer GPB sports art being literates is fine it's fine this game day snowball next game we can play better okay go just next game Peppa Pig for winning boss yeah just me for winning but I think so too yeah I think yeah you LCS and Belle Lane it means a lot for me they picked me up you know they gave me chance to play in pro scene I was one of random Korean I would say because I was from China series as well and I had no name at all so I heard that people are saying that another random Korean will bring that team they are doing work nearly double the CS advantage avianna nieuwe did a full culling into tahm Kench 25 CS up in such a difficult scenario 43 sports my first some of the name was random Korean yeah cuz I was enjoying that mean because it's funny know a lot of Korean failed at you osseous because of Korean import boom but I kind of knew that I can break the damage Wow Tom pinch it bit unfinished handcuffs with a flash bodyslam will look for showers love the youth small for the tahm Kench ultimate their wonder will have some support this yonder comes into the Epistle boy Charlotte is on a rampage [Applause] and g2 esports punch back and through making go toe-to-toe with rng in the early game it book doomed for Jana and what did but then what t2 will do they take the fight away from Busey and the 2v2 and then move the fight to the soul awareness the series is tied at 1 to 1 now let's see whether or not g2 can find another win good rocket dump there yeah what it's dead but it's definitely dead gets stunned up exhaust comes out bots you late and Ming an Uzi just straight up to be – they do the game going heavily in favor of RNG finally goes down but everyone comes back specified gaze is for the door boss of the game oMG by yelling they are not done yet and this is a statement win RNG rush G to stop and by the way match point we should not play for fatherly yeah every game yeah they're using jungle parting into both every game yeah then you try to push and play they just played you play to their game they're like freezing and pulling that yeah they're really cool yeah yeah yeah they're really cooking oh yeah they're just playing on our face you know this is potentially the final game for g2 at world they have to do something to surprise orangey and really surprise us ever and expecting them to win against us and they they are better boleyn than us so if you lose they'll think that oh yeah expect it or something but if you win we get so much you know it is true that I enjoyed this position like I haven't enjoyed my random Korean me you know so I always enjoyed this kind of position that people are not expecting me to do something like some really pretty no statue for a critic we don't need for anyone we kept a face so we could say Yonkers rapper is always the same there's a curvy there graspable say that they they do for diver they do you have to always tell me they don't for technical and as we've said investors to overseas to of many people and the bottom line as possible with it still holding on to his flash that was so cheeky such a good slave from what is now we survive what gank for badness your point nice nice nice guys finally well Nina from fetch will buy some time but it may not be enough the power keeps the chapter alive Rebecca I think are you they use any are you eating or baiting I have no idea what please let me try to get y'all knocking up damage there's not enough time this not enough loyal never give up just stop Zhi Zhu's they're looking to have a deal with history here they're looking to knock out the last remaining favorite from this tournament what the hey guys this comes up you're sending a dress today [Applause] and ladies and gentlemen this is going all the way do you believe we see two verses are in gta5 itches see this famous we just have to take some of this too we just have to believe that we can actually play well so you people and so they will rock on or stretch and they just trust me I can just pick water yeah I can just pick whatever it was quite lucky that I got Yarnell to play with because he's 100 Terran player in the EOC yes when we were in Raqqa we decide to play on both side I realized that like we can actually carry as a as a ball to you if you are just focusing on us and that's why I decide to stay with him I think I should pick along no I think it's good I think might just be an coming in [Applause] I know that I'm the luckiest person it's really hard to get the chance to go through changes series and I need the unlucky because I was Dimond and everyone was like chancer I got chance to go to rocket I'm lucky I got chance to go to g2s Ville unluckiest person and then I got chance to play in Busan itself my hometown and it's words so that's why I'm trying very more harder than other people because if you don't do that with that luck then you will not be here I mean I know that the space and I'll go with just the top okay the black is going crazy [Applause] get guys ice now it's back actually I started out hey Baxter they are on the cusp of the biggest upset in League of Legends history turn off the nameplates tell me who is the favorite tell me who is meant to be the world champion hey guys guys that we actually won because that means we beat the best Shia [Applause] cheering and screaming to breed with [Applause] expectations without their lowest the g-tube dynasty poopy v i like take it down orange juice amazed already there are not enough words to describe the results of today's quarterfinal [Applause] okay for our finals in Busan in my hometown it was really rare chance it was really great chance and we got it we made it you