Eyes on Oakland (2018 NA LCS Finals: Cloud9 vs Team Liquid)

Before I was on Cloud9 I was on Team Liquid for a year and my last conversation with Steve that I had right before I left the team was him telling me that he doesn’t think I’m cut out
to be a professional player and I should look more into something like streaming. So I’d like to see what he thinks
after our match this Sunday. [Music: “Super Hyphy” by Keak da Sneak] Oakland! What is your profession? Crowd: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! Oakland! What is your profession? Crowd: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! Jack: Good luck today. Let’s make it fun. I remember having a conversation with Goldenglue after we had a pretty… disappointing finish within the season and we were talking about how his options for next steps in his career and I remember sitting down with him and saying “Look, you’ve got a lot of… different things you could do. You could continue playing professionally. You could maybe become a content creator if you want and you might want to think about leaning a little bit closer to the content creator side, you know?” Mid lane, it’s a tough role, you know to be a domestic mid. I mean, I was just flat out wrong, right? Like, Goldenglue has stepped up to go from tenth place and bring a team all the way to being in the Finals is a major accomplishment,
and for him to be part of that I’m just– I’m really happy for him. Wielding the seven-man roster, it’s Cloud9! Returning to the final to defend their title it’s Team Liquid! Defending champions Team Liquid versus Cloud9 from zero about to be hero! Let’s get ourselves into game number one! [Music: “Relentless (feat. Wynne)” by Wildcat! Wildcat!] …but the flash-Q gonna land onto Doublelift, the flash chain– he might not have any way out. Is it enough damage?
As Sneaky fires back onto Doublelift! Sneaky in lane! Sneaky takes down the MVP in the first game of the Finals here. Blaber has found one, ult comes across– No, the juke– by Doublelift! Absolutely beautiful! …now a bind on the frontline – they might have gotten Zeyzal…
– Jack: No! They might just leave him to die,
pops the ult, no, they won’t reengage. Can they knock down Olaf?
Not just yet because of stopwatch Sion in the frontline, Sneaky’s still free hitting,
suppression comes across they pick up one, Impact will not go down! …Team Liquid, picking up kill after kill! Goldenglue: Come on, Eric, come on, Eric! Licorice: No barrels, no barrels.
Blaber: It’s ok, get out, get out. Blaber: Try to live, try to live. Zeyzal: That might be game. Jensen: How does the Morg survive that? Goldenglue: That’s fucking it. They’re onto the Nexus,
Doublelift finds two more kills the ace is in, and Team Liquid take game one! Such a strong performance here from TL playing so incredibly well around Doublelift
and this win condition. Goldenglue: Are we going in? Cloud9 have indeed subbed in the Swole Bros,
Svenskeren and Goldenglue. Such an incredibly important match. The most important of his career, by far and you have to think, already down one game if you drop a second, it’s so hard to come back against a team with this much experience. Pobelter: Irelia, go fast. Dodo: Alright, Eugene, let’s go. Pobelter: Let’s go! Pobelter: We can look for ganks mid before six. Ignite is on! He’s got the solo kill! Goldenglue’s gonna burn down! Steve: Nice! Good shit. Dodo: Let’s go, Eugene. The frontline Sion gonna zone the team out no attacks coming out of Sneaky. Steve: Twi- twi- twi, Twitch! …the reengage coming across, Pobelter finds the second. Sneaky is down, looking for the trade as
Malefic Visions and everything else but Pobelter walking away. But a rampage for the TL mid laner. Four-zero-five on Pobelter on this Irelia across the map, bringing so much pressure for this team. Cloud9 are losing ground so quickly. …starts the fight out, they’re gonna look forward ult comes across from the Irelia, and here’s the 5v5! – Sion!
– The first one’s down, onto the backline a huge knockup and Svenskeren’s gone,
three kills already! Dodo: Nice!
Steve: That’s game. Steve: Dude! That Sion in the backline! Impact: It’s over.
Olleh: One more guys, one more. Doublelift: Hopefully one more. Olleh: It will be. And Liquid are one game away from back-to-back championships! They brought in the Swole Bros to pick on Pobelter but it was Pobelter who takes over the game. I remember speaking directly with Impact and Doublelift and Jake and Eugene, and saying “I wanna go to Worlds.” This has been a dream of mine for six years and from the first time that I played at PAX and we finished fourth, and we developed this
whole fourth place curse and to just be on the cusp of achieving that goal for over six years I just made it clear, that’s the goal. Like, that’s number one, we gotta get to Worlds. And every one of them said “Steve, I promise you that I’m gonna go to Worlds” “I promise.” Steve: Stay focused, stay focused. Alright, let’s go. Ready to go. Liquid on three: 1, 2, 3, Liquid! Yeah, I’m feeling a little anxious and nervous actually which I wasn’t feeling before the match. Because once you’re up 2-0, you never lose. Yeah, like flashbacks to Akali LMQ match. Oakland is ready. We are ready, the players are as well. Let’s get ourselves into game three! [Music: “Champion (feat. Aaron Aye)” by M. Rivers] … the knockback is there, he does not
have a way out of this one. Gonna go for a little bit of damage,
he’s gotta flash and burn it! But he’s gotta surely burn down, the flash trade–
Impact grabs first blood. Hook lands. Cleanse not available!
And he pulls him in, Zeyzal gets found out. What a kill for Xmithie! Steve: Jake! That was fucking beautiful. – 3-0, TL!
– Steve: Oh my God. Yes! Impact joins the fight, channels the ult,
he’s going in for a kill. Finds Sneaky, finds a giant knock up. Oh, we’re fighting this. Braum, Braum. Nice. And they’ve got more to do. Doublelift gets behind them, he’s gonna kill off– Steve: Ezreal! Ezreal! Ezreal! Let’s go! Cloud9 routed, running away. Two versus four, and Team Liquid looking for blood. I couldn’t have done it without these guys these players, this coaching staff. There’s this desire and passion to win that is so infectious. I’ve never seen a team that’s been so dedicated to training and practicing and sacrificing everything that’s needed in order to achieve greatness. Team Liquid, just walking the waves into the base. The 2018 super team trying to find one more way in. …a giant knockback for Xmithie,
that’s two more kills for TL. A double for Doublelift. But the base will fall. Back-to-back sweeps, TL is the best team in North America! Steve: Congrats, guys! Steve: Peter, thank you. Steve: This moment obviously feels amazing. This is the first time for me but for these guys, they’ve been here before and really, it’s for them. Steve! Steve: Oh, what’s up buddy? – Voyboy: Congrats, dude.
– Steve: Finally. Voyboy: Let’s go, dude. Steve: Finally. Voyboy: I’m so happy for you. Steve: I told him– I said, “You have to ban the Akali every game.” Voyboy: No! The flashbacks… Steve: Yeah, especially when we were up 2-0… – Voyboy: Good job.
– Steve: Thank you, thank you. – Voyboy: Good shit.
– Steve: Yeah, yeah. Steve: Thank you. This win feels pretty incredible. Feels nice, you know, we got two now. You know, holding this right now is… you focus on it so hard you’re like “Ok, I wanna win,” and I’ve achieved that but there’s this immediate sense of like this isn’t heavy enough. I want a Worlds trophy instead, you know? So, um… yeah, it feels great, but it’s this immediate sense of like I wanna go for Worlds. If there’s anybody who deserves after struggling for eight years to get some sort of recognition as an owner it’s definitely Steve. When Steve first signed me he told me that he really just wants
to make Worlds this year and I told him, “Yeah, for sure, we’re gonna do it,” like, “I’m gonna make sure that we do it,” and we kept that promise so… I’m sure he’s happy about that.
I’m happy about it. And now that we’re at Worlds, I think… the most important thing is not to let that be the end. Like if it just flounders then– Then it’s like, “Ok, we made Worlds,” then it’s like, “What a terrible end to the story.” I think it’d be cool if… this was the run for America. Like, I want people to be prideful that they’re from NA. And like, it happens in other games I think it should happen in League,
that America has a run.