EXPLOSIONS and PIES at Salty Springs!! | Roach Plays Fortnite (The Squad)

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three-year subscription, with an additional one month for free. Oh, that’s like a price a
cup of coffee for a month. And I drink a lot of coffee. Like 12 cups a day. Link is in the description below. Hey, Roaches. You know what time it is. It’s Fortnite time. Was I not clear? I think I was pretty clear. Hey, look, I’m Mary Poppins y’all- Oh. I already made that joke. Aw, man. Finally, I’m actually in
my proper default skin. Just in time to roach some
folks in this fancy suits. Rooftop raoch, parkour. (guns shooting) I swear I heard gunshots. Come out, come out, wherever you roach. Doesn’t look like anybody’s
coming for these weapons out in the open. (guns shooting) Aha! I didn’t just hear an echo of the past. There is definitely someone nearby. Woo, ectoplasm from above. Maybe Tilted Town is haunted. – [Announcer] Roached! – All right. That did not take too long. Who you gonna call? Roach-busters. Wow, makekrake was stacked. Thanks for all these
sweet weapons, good sir. Sh. – [Announcer] Roached! – Wow, I haven’t roached
that fast since I was 16. – [Young Roach] Roach fast, die young. – Somebody’s in the Sheriff’s office. Come and get me, you animal. (guns cocking) Yeah, that’s right. Go and hide behind these huge,
impenetrable bales of hay. More hay. I kind of feel like I’m playing
Assassin’s Creed right now. Call me Ezio Auditore doffe Roach. (upbeat Italian music) – [Announcer] Roached! – Thirsty for a roachin’? That’ll teach you to
drink on the job, kids. Friends don’t let friends roach and shoot. (gun cocking) – Well howdy, partner. (guns shooting) Don’t mind if I sneak
around to surprise you. Hey! You’re en-roaching on my roachings! – [Announcer] Roached! – Go on, get! – [Announcer] Double roach. – Woowee! Two roaches with one roach. Yeah! Making out like a bandit. Ha! Tanner wishes he could be this cool. – [Nurse] Always take your medicine. More juice for me. This one’s for you, Dad. – [Dad] I don’t need your pity. – Wow, I always loved colorful sunsets. It’s so roach-mantic. Hey, look. It’s that skeleton from the
last episode of the Squad. Wonder if Anya’s here. These cherry blossom are so pretty. They remind me of Grandma Roach’s garden. – [Grandma Roach] I’m baking
a pleasant pie for you, sonny. Just hang tight. – Time to scrape off
some of this here plaque. When was the last time
you went to a dentist? – [Nurse] Don’t forget to floss. – Fun fact. All teeth are actually made of brick. – [Announcer] The more you know. – Ah, the house I grew up in. Wait, what. I’m king of the roof. Okay, goodbye. That was kind of fun. No wonder Santa Claus always gets up here. Now what do we have here? Couple of unsuspecting
players having a fine time? Not if Roach has anything to say about it. Wait, he turned invisible! (yelling) (gun shooting) And another one. (mine blowing) Whoa, whoa, easy there, pal! (guns shooting) ♪ Need to be higher and higher. ♪ (guns cocking) – Hold on. Need some liquid courage. Now where on earth is he? Huh, I guess he left. Ah! I was wrong! So wrong! Help me, Jesus Roach! – [Jesus] Just shoot him, my child. (whining) – Why won’t you leave me alone? – [Announcer] Roached! – Tried to build on my face, huh? Not today. You just got Roached! – [Announcer] Double roach. – What the. I didn’t even see that guy. That was just some pure instinct. I’m unstoppable. I’m feeling pretty good
about this one, roaches. I think this one might
be another Roach Royale. (suspenseful music) Top 20 and we’re in the circle. All right, back on the hunt. The meteor is really giving
off a nice, spooky red glow. Almost feels like Fall around here. (upbeat music) Wait, wait, wait, wait. Did you hear that? A brute! Better be careful. It’s mech on mech violence. My gosh. Alley-oop. Just like we practiced. (mine counting down) Whoa. Little too close for comfort there. – [Announcer] Roached! – Wow! My guy, you just ran right
into that spray of bullets. You win smartest Fortnite
player of the game! 1,000 IQ! Shields up! Top 10, yet again. Ow! It’s rude to shoot someone in the back. Coming back for more, huh? Yeehaw. Almost. Build, build, build as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the roachin’ man! Wow, hey. A tramp-op-oline. Bouncy. Roach, out. I know when it’s a good idea to leave. I’ll just heal up again. (gun cocking) And get this out of the way, hey! What the. No! Roached by a freaking trip! I cannot believe it! This, this can’t be. I was roached from above. – [Tanner] You ran away like a baby, and you got killed by a trap. Look who’s roaching, now. You just got Tannered. – It doesn’t work that way, Tanner. Get outta my studio. – [Tanner] Okay, okay. What a loser. – Well, Roaches, I’m done here. I’ll see you next time when I try to reclaim my roach-y glory. Bye, guys. (upbeat music)