Explore Hidden Local Outdoor Climbing Gems – Lake Hodges in San Diego

Whoa. Guys, today is the day to explore Lake Hodges! Lake Hodges is a climbing spot in Northern
San Diego County I discovered online. I have never been there and I am excited to
explore it. According to my research, the boulders are
near the Lake Hodges Visitor Center. And we will park there. So here we are at the parking lot. Based on, there should be
a place called Army rock. It should be on the east side of this parking lot. It will be at the entrance at the yellow bar
over there, as you guys can see. We will march over there. This is very exciting, guys. I haven’t been
in an exploration trip for a long time, so we will have fun. Alright, here we are at the trail head. It opens at 6:00 am close at what 6:00 pm. The walk time to the rock is about 20 minutes. Alright guys, I just got my gopro setup, so
I can record everything. You know what, there are a lot of good stuff
locally. You just gotta discover them. Okay, so here we are in a T junction. We have
a full map. It’s a huge trail, so we actually just in
part of the huge coast to crest trail. Alright, so we will continue towards our destination. We have a steep road going up, and there is
actually a bench but we are not in a situation where we wanna rest. I see a few rocks that feels like it could
be climbable within my sight. Guys, I just get to a spot where there is actually
rocks I feel like we can climb. I am very excited, so let’s get started. The first one here looks like the downclimb
for this rock. It’s very easy, but just to be safe, I’ll
still climb up to make sure everything is good. The second one here is very suitable for a
warm-up. It’s short and the holds are all pretty
easy to grip. The third one here looks pretty easy at first
sight, but I broke two hand holds and one foot hold when climbing it. Fortunately, nothing bad happened because
the climb isn’t too high. The last one in this area is a little bit
harder for lack of foot holds, so a high-heel hook is required. The landing is pretty bad, so we have to have
100 percent of confidence not to fall. We just got back to the trail. Okay I hear some
mountain bikes. Hello guys. And to be honest with you, the rocks are so-so.
I mean a few easy routes and then the landings are a little bit sketchy and the rocks are
not even sturdy. When I tried to hold onto it, boom, it snapped. But now, our next stop is the rock over there,
so we will walk over. Here we are at the second pile of rock, and
guys, take a look, nice cracks, good features, good feet. Doable but scary. That means, it’s gonna be fun. This climb here is mostly mentally challenging. The height and the bad landing require zero
margin of error. The hand holds are pretty good but the foot
holds are pretty far apart. Keep calm and controlled and we can climb
up this route. Thanks for watching. Even though I only discover
a few climbs today so my arms are actually not fully exhausted right now, but the trail
blazing and exploration was really fun. And as always, make sure to like and subscribe.
See you in the next video.