Experian Data + Global Teams = Successful Solutions for Clients #ExperianStories

so one Experian is a way that we as a company work from global teams to regional teams and yet provide the strength of the company working together as one my name is Kathleen Peters I'm in the process of bringing together a collaborative team to develop a new product my name is Steve my job is to create great products on behalf of our clients and deliver those to market for this project we spent a lot of time talking to our clients to truly understand their pain what are they struggling with today there's a huge amount of complexity in the fraud and identity space how do they make sense of at all this project brings together all of our fraud and identity services and creates a single solution for our clients one of the things that will come out of this process is a more exciting way of working a more efficient way of working in a way that really leverages the global scale that experience have so I think the new approach is about us really forging greater cross business collaboration building bridges within and across teams across geographies so that we can really drive superior and more joined-up solutions for our customers I think people are interested in the strategic direction of the business and how what they do in whatever their role is every day how it contributes towards that my experience colleagues around the world are some of the most friendly collaborative team oriented people as expedient our body model competitive as ours otras we are bringing together the best talents the best minds the best bits of experience and building something new what excites me is that we're doing something that frankly nobody else can do in the marketplace all of our products and services all our analytic capabilities together with great technology platforms delivered as software-as-a-service I love working experience for exactly this kind of process it's so much about collaboration and this is a global initiative it's really a new way of working shahbaz engineer mando por eso es para Jadakiss OG facility basta and she available a helmet is as much tomorrow me please I care please are you it does feel like a family I think there is a real sense of endeavor and purpose the one experian approach is first and foremost collaboration collectively harnessing the power of everybody and making network you