alright this one we're gonna lose honestly they don't start teaming up together some we do with some motivational speech merge calculus give us a motivational speech all right look help me god damn it DARS forget professor toys intro we got the to gut plug get out of here not a god [Applause] yes oh my god I have no energy no my god hmm 12 seconds later guys today we are doing a five execution team come but we are joined by luckily she added bunny merch guy and pleb mr. blood phlegm phlegm that's the team come guys we are doing it now you guys do you do realize oh my god you don't realize this is an anti plug combo yeah you kind of just everyone oh my god I don't even need to say it guys we are doing a kill competition whoever gets the most kills this game the sponsor of this video aka bunny is gonna donate $1,000 so whoever gets the most kills this game gets $1,000 good luck guys Danny sponsored bond school food what if we all put in a hundred bucks whoever gets the most kills gets it deal condo wait we can't give glacier as a Maine if we're gonna do this how is actually not expecting this to the trihard panties are on what are we actually doing this yes yes you live in Germany it's like five pesos bleb can you do me a favor comes a but can I just talk to myself no I have to stay bought more kills for me listen I'll split it with you I'll split it with you let's go come on you really if you win or we split it hog voice what it was put a happy way can't collude you cannot team up together too late too late tips tips on cool it's fine you know what you guys suck anyways your level two glacier and your level two wait wait this is not cool they're into you did you pay them half the money fucking Oh knuckle I flip that ah sounded pretty hot I actually need so much help God like a fucking minigame in the top lane should I actually go taupe limber oh I'm doing no no one helps the glacier Kevin told me dude yo why are you feeding my leg that's reportable I'm literally telling right now yo that's dragon I hear a blue one or at one fire dragon there's another fire it is it is dragon we only have work dragons because we work so hard [Applause] yo no one's coming top lane to gank you know oh alright pleb I actually really need to come table I'm really gonna run it down there fuck this yo you're so fun what yes I got oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god man no I hope you don't pick run I got this one dude look look I'm chopping down the tower oh my god I need more cobblestone bunny stuff laying my okra oh wait what killed you oh you guys are very good the game is not about the deaths it's about the kills baby hi chat hi chat hi Jen merch guy Alton Alton Alton merch guy hold it actually no that's it I'm not helping you I don't want you get to kill okay well you know what this attitude Oh help no no no don't help me no good teamwork you're killing so I don't get the reset because our olds cancel each other knives yeah die bitch you're so dinky oh my thank you come again actually um editor quick change too yeah let's try it all right this one we're gonna lose honestly we don't start teaming up some we do as a motivational speech merge calculus give us a motivational speech all right flip help me god damn it you ain't making friends with this team come I'm gonna let you all die I'm gonna let you guys oh oh my god this hiccup get stuck often see you and Anya where you trying to say see you at Narnia 9 yeah it sound like Cu Nonya please mind your business or like no like Nonya like how you thought people say banana and I said Narnia okay boys I'm ready you see me on 0 kills is now but you're gonna see me on 50 kills in 10 minutes yeah I need a good hook Oh oh no I need to get these wait what give me my doubles oh shit wait wait wait wait uh stopping him up for me I'm on the way dude I fucking hate this kid – joking about this let's go dude discarded fuck joke Kevin you could have done that ten years ago why would I don't get the kill can't we change the rules can we change your rules base you guys are just mad cuz I'm winning ah we're not we're not restarting this whatsoever oh shit oh gosh I'm here I'm here I'm here I don't have old so so your guys's kill you you got this not me well I can see the Green Point don't believe it's gonna fit leaders don't believe and don't believe them no way no way you believe them no I have that here we go again I'll sue this go in ah wait wait I don't have all the guys going do it or level what's going on [Applause] dude nice nice old bro guys am I in the lead now I'm not only wait yeah yes oh my ode yeah hey Anthony you better watch out dude I'm coming for you I think I'm still dead aren't I Oh mr. Bao you're fucking kidding me let's do it again dude did I hate this kid like running like done big I'm literally giant I got like y'all you waited on [Laughter] my glossier that's all we do Oh bounces buns is having his own stretch ooh he's going for the solo kills it's either I'm a lone wolf I have AIDS three more to go you have ade singular AIDS I said eight you and your language very out you bother you dad celebrate your what I'm about to eat stoners booty like it's your mom's eyes in the cowboy what you you want to eat that – I mean so now are you talking about boys you can reach her you can reach her [Applause] that's how we do it boys shut up I've had enough I've had enough yeah one of these guys will be done holy shit yeah I do true damage with everything that's why my champion hey I don't know or dude I'm one away Anthony freaked you I get my trips oh I'm dead as fuck no funny get them levy is coming back boys nice one more oh no I need two more with our base is going bye-bye boys yeah that's right you you have to go back and defend base right you and I wait-wait-wait-wait Club and Anthony airtime so check the rim no don't do it don't do it yeah baby tied what do you say about time I have 500 ID I mean ad and yeah 500 ieds god I literally just two shots is good hey guys guys our base guys our base our base our pastry PvP but don't you want them to win let's go I'm not paying you that's that's all I can say about that guys thank you so much for watching the video be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel forget about everyone else and have a good day peace that we search the subscribe to everyone there's things here in the description have a good one [Applause]