to do the new team 10 house house tour back up wow I never thought I would say this but welcome home tape ballers good morning Jake polish what's flippin Gucci today is off to Beijing start we're moving into the new team ten house we already got the flipping cards right way I mean come on it's official where did Jake go what do you mean how's it doing Jake huh how'd you read glue it don't bleeding yeah do the socks anywho today is massive I'm talking like maybe a huh a flipping house tour I haven't been able to do this in so long hold on hold on hashtag winning today is huge I've never been able to flip and even do that now I can write up don't wake him up you brought this for us toilet paper boy I never thought I'd say this but starting to like her Tony back inside I'm trying to do what oh my god I don't know what's going on it's that new house vibe we're doing whatever but guys I'm a little bit flippin overwhelmed we're moving into this house it's literally 15,000 square feet hey walk with an arrest on Anthony go away and I'm making a mistake kids I'm so sorry I called it a house it's a bag of mansion but I'm overwhelmed because there is a lot going on there it's a it's a huge house I got to move into my room there's so many rooms who's gonna sleep where what's gonna go where look how many boxes that's all merch Lincoln mine and and it's like also I'm overwhelmed with excitement like I don't even know what to think I don't know what to do I don't know where to put my car no we're gonna be civil in this house and we're bringing quiet for our neighbors we are adults button it up we being loud we didn't just start the day off we have some backstory this morning we had to grab everything else the final things the final cars from the flipping team tan house the last couple of things here in Blood sharks but real life dilemma guys Tesla's have Chargers that takes like a couple days to install but it's just installed in this house and so I have to unplug blood sharp drive to the new house and then blood shark might not be able to be charged again how did you find this I don't know we're unpacking things like edge headphone giant Jake Paul March of onesies if this gets five hundred thousand likes we're making these in selling them well six three six you will lie but Newport Beach here we come ready excited excited do you Jake it's so sad it really is sad but then we all hate our way over and pulled into the driveway and kids every time something good in your life happens you have to do this it's a tradition that I do and you all should do it too this is who I am accept me respect me give me my crap roll the clip do this every time whenever you have a big moment in your life you have to do this we have one chance and I'd like to do this I will wait here I would do you see this house and then I wanted to get everyone's initial reactions to the flipping house because some people haven't seen it before because when I first saw the house I was just like I'm good so check out these flipping reactions initial reaction row that it is this house ate Taco Bell and nine times that's how fat a guy the funniest moment about all this is when my teacher said what happens when vine dies well mrs. Clark vine died but then it was time to do the grand opening ha ha the golden key the golden ticket boys it doesn't [Applause] no you know I just realized we need furniture what are you oh my god it's a guide Church I never thought this day would come this is a problem does your house have boss no mrs. Clark you're an English teacher I do you have a library in your house and then it truly started to set in how flipping big this house really is we had to call people house is so damn big that you let me have to call people yeah I'm literally vlogging right now and that's what I said where are you this is how we know like we this is the warm up cars look at that so now y'all are caught up to speed and now it's time to have some fun maybe I'm gonna show you my room show you the rest of the house that y'all have never seen yet before new house new me new flippin rules that same stuff isn't gonna fly anymore shoes off look at this look at that these floors you can lick them I'm gonna keep them lickable welcome home you know what they say yeah you're supposed to say you know what they say what do they say home is where you make it ya know I would have jumped up there but I can't hurt the light we have a flippin coffee machine though also guys new house feature flip and check this out watch how fast I can get up there go tiny that was pretty quick alright squad now to do the new team ten house house tour let's do it okay didn't see you there welcome to my crib come on in so we start off here in the grand for ye so many balls and under here we have under staircase thingy majiggy perfect for sitting now guys I want to introduce you to something that we're gonna do we want your help building this flippin house I don't know what to decorate I don't know what to design I don't know what to do man so I'm gonna tell you what I think should go in places and you guys comment where you think and what you think should go in different places so I was thinking this would be a good area for like a motorcycle or something I don't know but either flippin way the under staircase is fine and then we make our way to this area over here did you skip the elevator I don't think so we have an elevator it's coming at mrs. corn I know your school got an elevator but do your house we should stop with that you know because it's just like yeah yeah so moving forward into the house guys this is our killing contraption for any haters stick them in here close this up please don't hate on it we're back on the move guys look at this washers dryers all types of cleaning supplies now we're moving again into the gym area check this thing out guys the treadmills bikes bikes oh there's only one gone oh my girl Oh a little bleach ass next to the gym we have a steam room steams up and it's a room we have a sauna guys check this out yo I'm gonna get all up in there naked in this out you don't say there's also a shower manager Kevin in the wilderness doing the Roth business deal wireless headphones on in everything road accident harp looking better than ever he's owned to us run this point we make our way upstairs but here's the thing guys I'm lost not even kidding I'm off like yo oh my gosh the Martinez twins room hey guys if you're watching in Spain I'm trying to get you back to America just in you guys the Martinez twins have a different room than this come on where you'll find it Martinez wins perfect guys what in actuality I am lost take note of this guys we have this little controlling moly thingy right here that controls the temperature of the whole townhouse this house is smarter than a 5th grader but I'm coping with like angriness check out this area this is the new and improved team hand office guys that's how you know we made it we can fit up the line 15 employees in here does this car have elephants and now we come into England oh boy wardrobe I don't own enough cloth wardrobe okay oh this is funny you're gonna like this one this is uncle Cades room check it out oh he even has his team 10 member of the Month trophy and we walking down my giant giant this is the death they're gonna learn to speak English yeah told you and now we're continuing to walk this is like goes to the upstairs which we're gonna go to in a second but look at this just to give you context now we're up above this area where we were before oh yay we're in the foyer tin foil a little bit of foil I'm a rapper wrong and guess what the house still has balls except this time we're getting closer to the bows by 10 and obviously you guys already saw the library which miss Clark doesn't have dammit Wow Jill you said you weren't gonna say any more about me I also said I wouldn't punch you in the face let's keep moving and now it's time look at it the elevators still right there that's where it comes up but now it's time to show you guys my flipping through put in here I need your help with this like what should I put in here does anyone know any dope like furniture that's like unique and cool and oh that's off going this way in my room and then you guys come outside and check out this flippin patio there's so many patties and O's out here I can basically twerk twerk twerk all flippin day long and guys check out the view baby this is lit and you bet your ass I'm building a zip line directly into the pool checking and you can see below as well that we have tons of patio space and guys all of this is arm lawn like check it out no much room for activities even down there ridiculous hey guys the shower has flipping Bluetooth watch this guys there's all this like heavy space like look at this and I also have black blue that would be my girl could see right here all of our makeup on lip get by 50 Beauty get Kylie and you're gonna want to see this flip in it toilet oh my god you guys like magic on this closet actually does magic tricks 3 2 1 hi I'm doing come on in there's another closet on this side closet and then guys we make our way through this door into the guest suite this is where chance and Anthony are going to be staying sorry dad he's gonna be pissed about that one but do they have their own flippin kitchen chance Anthony's room it's flipping all over and then we go now and some more come on keep coming and then those stairs take us here guys garage space why you've got a six-car garage and I got but we can actually fit a ton of cars in there I'm gonna try and expand this a little bit you know maybe make it a little bit bigger of a garage because we got which is for gays the Lambos coming soon and of course we have the old team pen sign which we still need to find a place for but I'd bring the memories with you kids six three six tablet on the leg I have a shotgun so we keep on moving guys and we find ourselves another flipping room and the best thing about this room is it sucked comes with the flipping stock and that brings us back to the main a four year yeah I think that's it for the inside right oh no two dining rooms check I think he's playing with his private part hey my bad I'm out two areas to eat enough with the inside flippin nonsense I'm gonna give you all that outside household mega flippin mansion tour baby so we have a fifty flippin car parking lot with this giant beautiful statue I shall call him Bob oh hey Bob good morning Bob all right I'm gonna take you from this way on the side of the house we got more patio space flippin patio is everywhere and then guys there's a secret area down here I don't you can see it I don't know what to do with sweet for the house telling there could come in what you think and over here if there's like this land kind of want to flip and get some goats yeah we got the pool hot tub there's a hot tub up there I'm trying to build a flippin hideout here you all tell me I think I'm gonna send it in there later um I don't know if I can swim with this cut that I have but I've never been a girl we got more space all types of space we got big spaces little spaces rooms it Crompton's hot tubs it's worth more flippin patios and a second hot tub a third one wasn't good enough neither was two and guys this is the path that leads down to the hashtag phone field it's like a mega space down there but I'll be right back hold on Tommy trust me where are you going this field is so much fun and check out this pool we have water for days back inside now and yo I think chance and Anthony guys you legit have to call people no joke so I don't know where anyone is my thought we should go on our first elevator ride together yes come on neighthan get in here mom hi scree hi how are you good just chillin my house elevator all right I was going through a little neighborly stroll on my flipping skateboard Erica I decided to show up she's a little bit late to the party she's got a Paolo with him so I'm gonna introduce Apollo to the new flipping home this is insanely steep he'll go skateboard hi hi Erica he's home anyways guys chants chants and Anthony's tough to decide whose room is gonna be which they're gonna probably fight to the death what I'm so excited to be home two hours later alright squad so I spent the past like flippin two hours moving into my room fully we still have to jump in the pool we still have more stuff to show you here we still have to design decorate pimp this whole entire place out I'm so excited for you guys to be able to watch that don't forget about my Halloween merchandise contest guys whatever you spitted Halloween with me here at the new team all you have to do is get a t-shirt or sweatshirt from Phandroid Aiko backs that Paul always plug guys I'm so excited for this you've been chapter of Jake pop logs of to ten of my life personally like everything we have going on this house is like the start of it all and as always thank you guys so much for coming on this flipping crazy journey of mine and I'm documenting the whole thing if you haven't already joined the family smash that subscribe button come to my concert October 22nd always but seriously it's in the Inland Empire it's about to be flippin Lynne you're gonna want to hurry up before tickets sell out guys they're selling like cake and I will see y'all tomorrow in this house way to get up for the first time it's gonna be weird Basia not because it's everyday Brody's dead Paula get it while you can and be where all the ghosts the jig get your Halloween my link in the description make sure you're subscribed to keep up with my life on the daily basis and if you want to see more content check out yesterday's vlog because it is super lit plus I have a second channel Jake Paul to which you guys can subscribe to right now and if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group channel is called team 10 check it see you guys tomorrow whoo