Esports players are training like professional athletes

these are professional video game players training like professional athletes a fraction of a second in this business to mean the difference between millions of dollars and if we can eat right or we can sleep right or we can Train right to get that fraction of a second then we're gonna do it we're gonna hoist trophies they're an eSports team playing Counter Strike and their training in a way that's new for professional gaming it's part of a much larger shift happening in the industry as money pours in eSports is starting to look a lot like traditional sports no I don't think the average person has any idea how suffocated the operations are the top eSports team this team is part of a massive gaming franchise called complexity which manages nine teams that compete in more than 200 competitions around the world each year in 2017 the owner of the Dallas Cowboys invested in complexity and last year two of their teams moved to Frisco Texas to live and train alongside the NFL team by April they will have their own facilities on campus these sports 1.0 players lived in mom's basement and practice with their teams online generally they'd only seen their teammates once or twice a year at the big LAN events he sports 2.0 gamers could come live with their coach Lin with their teammates they get better a lot faster but the problem was it wasn't a wholesome lifestyle Lake says we've entered esports 3.0 players still spend a lot of time playing and practicing as much as 12 hours a day sometimes but they also live healthier or balanced lives they're gonna talk about time management you can talk about physical fitness you're talking about eating right you're gonna be talking about making sure that you're in healthy relationships talking to the media and growing a brand a number of different things complexity hopes this kind of training will give their players an edge eSports is a 1.5 billion dollar industry the biggest competitions are played in front of sold-out stadiums they get sponsored by companies like Toyota and t-mobile and broadcast on ESPN players are competing for prize pools as big as 25 million dollars my whole lifestyle just completely changed like you know I just get that went to college and played a lot of video games and then all of a sudden I'm traveling all over the world from one tournament to the next meeting as his team is playing on stages and having like tons of fans along with good gyms and a proper diet moving in with the Dallas Cowboys has given them access to technology that will let them analyze gameplay and replicate the atmosphere of a tournament they also fly in a performance coach to help with a psychological pressure of matress complexity says it's too early to see specific effects of their new training or that they've seen some improvements in the team's performance since they've moved to Frisco Blake says it's a long-term strategy to both make better players and keep them playing longer right now most players retire from professional gaming in their mid-20s players often cite the long hours of highly stressful competitions if we properly train them and we provide different aspects of a wholesome lifestyle that we're gonna be able to continually extend that and I wouldn't be surprised if in the next ten years we see people playing upwards of 40 years old esports has a global audience and has well on its way to becoming a mainstream sport we put together a complete guide to the future eSports for courts members including profiles and in-depth interviews with the most important players all new courts members are eligible for a free trial click membership exclusive link here to access the eSports guide and more of our ongoing in-depth reporting on the global economy