Episode 4 EWS: Whistler – Northstar I Orbea Enduro Team

Well, here we are at the World Series.
We’ll explain the process that we follow after the bikers give us their bicycles. The first thing we do is clean them
and remove oil from the transmission, so we can work with the bicycles
in the best possible condition. Then, we grease again,
we check everything, that there are no gaps,
that there is no wear on the transmission, that the chain is open,
that the brake pads are in good shape. We check that everything is correct. We ask the bikers if they’ve noticed
anything abnormal on the bike to solve the problem, spoke tension,
and so on. Afterwards,
we assemble everything they need, type of tires, type of suspensions,
setting of suspensions, or changes they need,
such as feel of the brakes, more lubrication… Whatever. And once everything is done, we tune them up so that they can perform
at their best the next day. Here we are in Whistler.
It’s been seven years already. In paradise, right? As everyone says. My story… What brought me here
were several reasons, but I mainly came to cycle
in this paradise. And here there are many things, right?
It’s not just because of the bikes. Behind all of this,
there’s a great community, great passion. This is something that many people,
when they come here for the first time, or just for a short holiday period,
simply don’t know. But when you live here
and you learn individual stories, small fragments of how everyone
is united by the same passion, this is incredible. Today we are going to talk
about training for enduro. Personally, in the preseason, I do lots
of road racing, cross country, and gym, combined with many days
of enduro and climbing, usually with my father, Laura,
or my sister. They help me the most. Then, also, I think
nutrition is very important, especially to have a fairly healthy diet, although I’m personally not advised
by any nutritionist. But I try to take care of my body
as much as possible. On top of that,
I try to take some days off to rest between training blocks, so as not to get exhausted. And I think that, by combining all these,
we get a super good training for enduro. So, now we’re going to rest for two days and to pack the bike, since we’re going
to California, to keep on working hard. Don’t send this to Primoz. He’d kill us.