‘Epic or Fail’: Winter Sports Edition

Happy Cyber Monday, everybody. I don’t know what
you’re doing here– you’re missing out
on all the big sales. It’s costing you money
to be here, actually. Cyber Monday doesn’t sound
like a day of shopping– it sounds like a day that
robots take over, like– It’s my robot. I don’t know. I do a better Columbo. Pardon me, ma’am. I don’t mean to bother you. I’m glad you’re here instead of
on your computer, because it’s time to play Epic or Fail. Grab your paddles. We’re all going to
watch something. We’re going to see if it’s going
to be a good thing that ends up or a bad thing. So– ready? Let’s see the first one. I just– I just don’t think– First of all, why? –he’s going fast enough. I just don’t. Why? Wow. There’s a lot of people that
are optimistic about it. And good for you. Good for you. Wow. I was just following tWitch. I should have gone on my own. I just thought he wasn’t
going fast enough. All right, let’s
see the next one. I don’t know– I agree with you. I think this one
is a Fail for sure. Yeah. Yeah– oh! Oh, boy. That’s an epic fail. It’s an epic fail. A big old fail. All right, let’s
see the next one. I’m going to go benefit
of the doubt, I am. You think Epic? I’mma give him the
benefit of the doubt. I just– I hope. I have high hopes. It’s on a frozen
lake, that is– right? I think it’s going to
chip into the water, and it’s going to
crack, and he sinks. That’s what I think. Yeah. You don’t take a heavy metal
thing and do that with ice. Oh my god. Who’s playing golf
in that weather? you’ve got to really love golf. All right, next one. Doesn’t look good ob the– He looks unsure. He looks unsure there. I’m going to say it
ends very poorly. That’s why I don’t ski. All right, let’s
see another one. Oh boy, he’s got it. OK, because look at his face. Look at his face. Yeah. That’s bad. Yeah. He even realizes
that was a bad idea– right then. That’s when he realized it. OK. Oh boy, he’s got it. Look. Oh, boy. Let’s see the next one. [INAUDIBLE] I think this is
going to be good. I think it’ll be good. Right? Yeah. I think yeah, for sure. Oh! [BUZZER] [INAUDIBLE] Maybe not. Maybe not. All right, last one. Are we going to end on a Fail? Really? I can’t imagine– I’m going to give him– maybe something good happens. I don’t know. OK. Oh! Wow. He made a unicycle! Yeah! Yes. That’s how you
play Epic or Fail.