Emoji Phrase Challenge ๐Ÿ’ฉ w/ Daniella Perkins, Owen Joyner & More! | Knight Squad | Nick

OK, so we’re gonna try
to guess some emoji phrases. Oh, I’m so nervous. I love these! [music playing] Shield, boy, girl… Girl, boy… And then… piano?
I think. Knights in training. Shield, hockey… club. Knight. A knight challenge. Goal?
Knight Squad goal? Oh, squad goals. I got it. N-n-knight? Squad goals.
Squad goals! Uh, definitely Ciara. With her bow and arrow. Ciara’s arrow. Bow and arrow. Ciara. Oh, this one’s Arc. – Arc.
– Arc. That’s me!
Is that me? [music playing] Bunny.
Bunny? A little world peace.
World peace? – World peace.
– World peace. I like that. – Nose fairy?
– Nose fairies! Nose fairies! Oh, pixies up the nose.
Nose fairies. Nose and–
Is it… Ah, what are they called?
Are they literally nose fairies? Yeah, OK. When you win
and you wanna kiss your medal. Sweet number one?
That one I have no idea. Number one kissy face. Uh, for number… Number nothing.
First kiss. – First kiss.
– First kiss. No umbrella? No sun? Cancel beach plans. Oh, no shade.
This is a no shade zone. Like be nice to everybody. – Don’t throw shade. No shade.
– No shade. I don’t know what that is.
I only provide shade. Next. Camera smile. Camera cheese. Camera…
Camera shy! Camera shy. Camera–
Camera shy! Corn and a dog? I don’t think I should do this anymore,
guys I’m– I’m really bad. Oh, a slobber puff?
Oh. – Corn dogs.
– Corn dog. – Corn dog!
– Corn dog. Nailed those. Nailed ’em. Some of them are a little tricky,
but if you think about it you can get it. I got like two.
Maybe? There’s a comedic element
to getting stuff wrong. So I think I did… Eighty percent great.
Yeah. Got a do a little happy dance. Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo. All right, guys.
Let’s do some emoji impressions. Let’s see if I can pull of some emojis. Hopefully I can nail these impressions. [music playing] [music playing] [laughing] With a little water. Something like that.
Just imagine tears coming out my face. [music playing] [music playing] [gasping] Scared!
Desperate! Yes. I got your tooth. [music playing] Nerd! With the little glasses. [music playing] Yeah. I practiced this. Need some sunglasses.
All right. Just pretend I have sunglasses. [laughing] Cool with sunglasses. I don’t have any sunglasses, but uh… That one I just–
I’m at a loss, my friends. [giggling] [music playing] With a little… She’s like…
Like… Poop emoji! How am I gonna make a poop emoji? [farting noise] Just be myself.
No, I– [music playing] Am I the poop? [laughing] Nailed all those.
I’m a pro at the emoji faces, am I right? I think I did pretty good. I think I nailed that. I think I did pretty well. I didn’t have props to go along with it. But I think I got, you know, like a B.