Elsa and Anna toddlers visit Elena’s house – outdoors – pool – water fun – splash – playdate

fine acted huapi watching you oh hey guys you you must be Elsa and Anna huh mommy I think I heard heard a voice was talking I don't know was a Elena or when a small machine up there mommy yes guys it's ìletís mom come on over I'm up here Oh same leg yeah it's okay even has a rule I love it and even has a patio I think I'll see you know we are here come on pepper let's go let's get into the elevator hi Lana no no no it's okay pepper it's just my friends oh and I forgot this is my dog pepper roof roof honey I it's not a tiger it's just a dog but I'm scared what if it bites me no honey it's not gonna bite you look how friendly it is it just thought you were an intruder or something see Anya I get the head paedon roof I'm kind of scared honey I just pet okay I'm scared honey come on just pet it gently relax it's just one thing because it likes it come on oh okay be brave on yeah you can do it just pet the dog oh she is cute so Anya I'll see us if you don't know my house I'm gonna give you a house tour first let's start with the living room hello I'm Elena's mom nice to meet you you must be outside on all right nice to meet you I'm Elsa whoa so you're actually the famous Elsa queen of arendelle well yes I am wow that's so cool we'll come on in the house you can sit on the couch and I'll get you some refreshments oh okay come on Anna Wow Elena I like it living room it's so nice oh and it has a piano yeah come on girls let's get in it one person at a time here I go jump I'll wait for you guys up here Wow Elena how does your dog know how to get up the elevator by itself well I trained her it took a long time for her to understand but she can do it so this is my kitchen where my mom always cooks yummy food and the next room will be where I and my mom do our work Oh girls look I think I think my my dog wants to show you her her eating bowls this is where she drinks water and this is where she drinks too sube pepper oh goody have in your kitchen this is our mini freezer and we keep the yummy friends in here and over here is my favorite thing because my mom toast this the yummy sandwiches in the world over here well anyway up to the next room follow me here girls this is the next room and we're gonna see them alchemy later come on girls come on in okay wow you have such a nice warm room I'm guessing this one's your mom gasps and this one's your desk you have nice desk Elena oh and look at that nice span up there spinning spinning spinning eat you know girls I feel like we need some fresh air look so cool you have a nice beauty let me see oh it's such a nice view I'll see all right yep Oh mouse yeah do you know where I land I want shelter there yeah right well no no no no where are you I'm up here come and see the balcony girls no way Lane I have a balcony this is so cool come on Anya go up the stairs your dog pepper is already here Wow Elena you have such a nice house and such a relaxing view – what's that yeah I know what you mean girls see all those jaggedly and weird stuff that's because it's I put my pool and guess what I prepared it just for you girls really I think we brought some swimsuit with us perfect yeah we will go but first can I show you my bedroom super quick come on actually there's no room for all of us so you girls can go first Oh what ganya up there she has a sunroof it's so cool so when she wakes up she can actually see the spine whoa did you ever see a shooting star with what I do in a spaceship Elena I did see a shooting star once but only one time and no I haven't seen any rocket ship Sonia but look I'll show you something cool you can actually peek your head out do you wanna try first second oh girl this is so amazing I love this we can see up the city the Sun can't see everything from here even the patio hey I wanna open this window yeah sure whoa super cool breeze yep nice view Atlanta have you finished the house story yet don't you want to go with the girls in your foam pool of course we're all done about Stewart come on sounds like you had fun there girls the elevator to my kitchen let's see did I hear that right two girls it has a yeah oh yeah I can see it right there girls you're right okay girls have fun in the phone pool I put some snacks some fruit here make sure to eat that and some sweet treats over there just let me know Elena when you want to put the water in okay okay ready [Applause] whew that looks cool but no thank you I'm just gonna rest my piece I tear the umbrella I just want to relax what do you mean on yet it's foam it's so fun come on yep I'm scared it's so squishing what if there's a jellyfish in there that would be scary Oh see I'm scared come on in Anya really is that a thing well I just I just I just want to stay stay here I promise we'll come in later fine it's like a relaxing bath hey girls we're just lounging around watching you here Elsie I have an idea you can put a blanket of foam on you I'll just place it right over here we get as much fun as I can smear it down let's get the whole bunch silver see I told you I'll be hiding these I'm just gonna put them right over here look at the foam it's like strings gonna be so fun oh I see my toes are showing a bit oh yeah I forgot to cover that up all right there you go you're a full monster honey yeah the phone Lester's got me come on else yeah I already know it's you I was just trying to relax come on oh well I was trying to scare you come on just get in no way am I doing that come on Anya see Anya none enough to be afraid of but anyway let me shake all this foam out shake shake shake shake shake shake there's so some stuck on me it's so sticky look and it's the match to our rules oh they're so cute whoa whoa in this pool it's gonna be hard to search for them all Oh put it beside the animals – here kitty and it's the match of this one golden and silver pet so far wait girls they're still two more to find let me see if I can find them what I found lots of other colors and cat there's a purple one I'm gonna arrange them so red ones yellow ones green ones put the green Katie two blue ones two kitties mommy do you like what I did tada they're all in rainbow order yes we love it very much you're playing very nicely he looks so cool girls it's starting to get a little dark outside so I think we should take the foam out and put the water in how about that I love it you girls can eat some snacks until then while I get it ready okay I'm gonna get a johnnycake delicious donut and my mom's homemade lemonade is the best looks like liked it it's hot outside I'm gonna do it ready yep wait I wanna try okay you are you're right it does feel feel good I love it so fun we're relaxing too even though we're not in the water I love it in the pool it's so much fun on PJs and we love your house Ilana yeah it was the best visit our Channel and subscribe for more videos