some of the sky in one then Hobbs in two Quay in three CH and in four del Ponte in five Abdeslam six chorus seven Rosa eight and we are away straightaway enchant has made a vicious start out of the blocks the Indian going very quickly at the moment Shan without the fastest woman in India he's going to take gold the universe yard del Ponte made a late charge for glory but just couldn't quite get there and do take Chandan India has become a world champion a universe yet champion until Ponte who was the fastest into the final will have to make do with the silver fabulous racing and it was all on the start really an India will stand on the top of the podium 11:32 is the winning time well what a race that was you can see here what a bullet start it was by chance he got out of her blocks so quickly everybody else really stunned on the outside Rosa tried to keep up as she faded towards the end over-rotated as they headed towards the line and lost out on the medal podium because of it but Shan compact driving forward really brilliant racing and she comes through to take the gold medal almost over-rotated but del Ponte holds on for silver and quiet of Germany takes the bronze at 11:39 well Chanda was the double 2018 Asian Games silver medalist she's just five foot six she said it does affect