Music Music Oh my God 20 thousand subscribers On the channel that had 45 before yesterday … … I’m very well thank very much really this is really cool Wow, I forgot what I was going to say wait I’ll search Please, Summoners Hit the thumbs up down there like it! NHAA “Swim against the current.” Feets are strange motherfucker
People and their… …air *Katarina* “My pleasure” “Let’s dance!!” Brutality How I love it *Morgana* “I’ll have my revenge” “Feel my pain” Shhhh! *Lux* I’m loading my laser why do I have this weird accent on R

Fucking hell door, hot milk motherfucker
motherfucker *Tristana* “Locked, loaded, and ready to rocket!” “Ooh, look! I’m a shock trooper!” You got stuck Hammer hammer “DUCK” “Hehe, just kidding, that won’t help.” “Gotta’ die sometime!” Rules are made to be broken like buildings or people eye for an eye “Mmm, the taste of coward.” “I’ll show these house cats… …real claws.” Meow “Did I mention it’s mating season?” “Our will is one.” Traitors We see Their guilt thank for everything Ask me questions on twitter. subscribe in my channel for more videos see you later Share and go to my Twitter Will be here questions for me to answer It will be down here Okay? That’s it, thanks. [subtitles by: vini