Doublelift and CoreJJ Dominate LCS Spring Split | Team Liquid LoL SQUAD S3EP02

I think we have a really good working
system here. No one is really afraid to speak up if there's something they're
not satisfied with or something they have a problem with. We all understand like
you know what's better for the team in the end so we've been on the same page
when it comes to most things. I wouldn't say there's like a specific leader.
Everyone contributes, everyone like says what they want to do, what they need, etc. I would say their guy that speaks the most is probably CoreJJ, then you
know sometimes when stuff can get a bit chaotic, then Peter's usually the guy to like
step in and like make the plan really clear. Watch what happens next, the enemy team makes the first play and we react. The first time I played with Core I realized instantly
just how good he was. He played Alistar in the very first scrim
we played together and he basically just completely carried the game and I was
playing terrible because I hadn't played since worlds. I don't know it's crazy
just in a couple weeks we did a boot camp and then we had a like holiday
break and then he came back and his English was like significantly better. In
my mind I'm like "How is his English so much better in such a short amount of
time, just a few weeks?" and I think it's just because he's like freakishly smart
and he learns really fast. The thing that I really enjoy about playing with him is
just how good he is and how I can always rely on him to play well. I want to be a
smart player but at the same time I want to be like a mechanically talented
player as well I don't want to show it. With Core I feel so comfortable that I
can just play exactly how I want to play and let him make the big decisions. To be
able to like be truly free I guess and only focus on like what I'm doing and
how it can be better it's like really reminiscent of season 1
and 2 when I played on CLG. I'm happy to be here at squad? On squad?
On the squad? As a part of the squad? Would you use this part of the
thing?(Maybe.) Okay, it's very self-aware for a documentary video but yeah I got you.
People forget Peter was not a shot-caller for a very long time.
whenever he was first starting off the idea was, way back when he played
on CLG, with Chauster that Peter was just this mindless little robot that you
would send out there to last-hit or try to kill people and it was really
Chauster calling the shot. Chauster was my OG. My first support ever He was basically the brains of the team
and he especially brings it to the bot lane so there's a hilarious image of him in my
brain just like pulling the levers. That's basically true, I was all
mechanics, no brain and he was some mechanics, all brain. I remember there was
like just so many games where our laning phase was just like so good because
we're always in sync because all I did was listen. We just made an insane
combo because we played with one mind. It would be very funny to see a world where
Peter no longer having to worry about being the shot-caller
now just becomes kind of like the brainless machine that he was before
like that the memes always referred to him as. I don't know what will end up
happening in a world where he doesn't have to worry about shotcalling as much
anymore. He respawned, and then he smited. But that doesn't really matter, does it? I want to run through what we already ran
through two days ago. Phones off. It's the tangible, the in game some there's
not tons of stuff to go over, but first thing… (faded speech). So for some players they don't
have a full understanding of their entire skillset. Like they know generally
like what their strengths and weaknesses are but there's sometimes some some like
specificity and some details that end up getting missed. A lot of times you might
have the idea but once you actually start doing it, it's a whole different
beast and a whole different animal. You know, we saw last year, Olleh playing
with Doublelift had difficulty because he had such, kind of, reverence for him
and so we had a lot of work to do to kind of get Olleh up to a place where he
felt like he really belonged and, and could really kind of hang. They sort of
kind of dive in thinking that they know everything about what their skill set
was and what they're about to jump into but they end up getting there and then
it's just a little bit messier. Liquid on 3. 1, 2, 3, Liquid! Welcome back to the LCS. We've got a clash
between two of the biggest movers in the off season. It is Team Liquid against 100 Thieves. My name is Julian "Pastry Time" Carr, back for my first set of LCS
matches alongside someone to help me out in my return, it is Aiden "Zirene" Moon.
Players who have a really strong sense of confidence and sense of themselves,
they relish the opportunity to play with somebody who's better than them because
they know how much they're gonna be able to learn. Peter's not lacking confidence.
Level 6 we're gonna win really hard. Yep. Pretty confident. Really nice there, knock up is gonna
follow, ignite down, I think Doublelift is gonna get exhausted, they grab the stun, and that is first blood for Doublelift, but only barely. Their bot
is so behind now. Keep playing around that.
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. I flashed out. He has no TP Impact takes one down, and now Anda. I can chase. We can keep going. Cripple, Q, and Xmithie claims the next one. Peter has the right psychological makeup
to be able to work really well with a player like CoreJJ. Yeah they're actually
going right for that turret. That pressure, Doublelift having some fun. I
mean, Doublelift honestly has all the right to. The two on two kill in the lane, the fact
he's been playing so well against this two-time world champion, he's got a world
champion right next to him to help him out. We can end. You can end. Farm KDA. Get this, get this.
I'm gonna be Chovy soon. Haha, good job. They will stay undefeated here in the LCS. You defended your title of the AD Carry
king of NA against Bang I mean, you and Team Liquid made it look so
easy. What was your reaction to his Viktor
pick, and the rest of the draft from 100 Thieves? I don't know why he went for
Viktor, maybe like, in game, it was really annoying, because they could turtle the
game out forever with the waveclear, but yeah he didn't seem very good at it so
maybe next time he'll play Ez. Alright, well congratulations again on the
win, and can't wait to see that special pick in the future. Mid game comms were good, we just made some mistakes. The problem is always that we try, when we get Baron, we always try to get mid and a side lane, when we should just go top and bot at the same time. The waves will always the same time, and they can only wave
clear one. We always, we always do this
stupid thing we were like, "Oh let's just hold the wave and try to do the same thing. It never works. I think our communication in general was better. Yeah, communication was a lot better than last week. We were pretty calm.
Ok guys, good job. Good win. It was great, because he walks into the studio and just looks at all the
pictures on the wall of you lifting up all these trophies and says, "A lot of things
have changed in the past couple years." Holy shit I forgot, yeah like I just I
know that you were an OG but I don't remember how far back. He left the team
in 2015. Yeah, holy shit. You were on TSM at that point. You left, and then I joined TSM. Yeah, alright, well, I got to go, we have a review now, but so good to see
you. See you Travis. Wait. It's not here. It's not here. Maybe it's a troll. What is this? Nope. Somebody jacked my
Chipotle. "I left the food in front of your door." There must be an explanation I give up. I'm gonna eat catering. It is true that the ADC pool has
definitely risen in terms of talent. I mean, Zven coming over here, he was like
one of the biggest ADC's in terms of skill level and success and achievements
in EU, he came over this past year with Piglet, and with Bang showing up, I
don't know, the the bar for ADCs continues to raise in North America. I
don't think necessarily like CoreJJ showing up means that like he just gets
to focus exclusively on himself. What I do think is that it gives him another
person who can be a leader on the team and somebody else who can be constantly
thinking about what the roster looks like. With TSM, he had Bjergsen who he
could just talk to all the time about the current state of the team, and where
the team is going, and all that stuff. He didn't necessarily feel like he had
anybody like that on TL last year. Hopefully, and, you know I think their
relationship is still developing but CoreJJ can fill that slot where like
both of them are kind of leading the team rather than it just being Peter
feeling like he's like the captain. We are back for game three where Team
Liquid hope to keep the streak going today versus Clutch Gaming. I'm really
curious what it does for his mentality and his ability to play with confidence
and have high expectations for what the team can accomplish. We can buy in bot
side after 6. Yeah they're gonna have heal advantage bot side. I know in an
interview of mine, he's probably said elsewhere, that you know like he is in
some ways the least accomplished person on this team. Right? He's got like world
champions on there, and an MSI finalist, and all this kind of stuff and so in a
world where, like, that is the people that he's surrounded by, it's arguable that
this is kind of the dream for him. Right? It's that, he has to really show what he can
accomplish in a world where he doesn't have to worry about babysitting other
lanes or leveling up another player. Glacial fissure coming down, Piglet gonna be in
some trouble Wild Growth comes out. Nails the ultimate, nails the Q. And a
sense that expectations should be higher on him and for himself because a lot of
like the excuses or things that potentially people could have said, "Well
he's got to spend time like leveling his support." None of that stuff exists anymore so
it'll be really interesting to see what he can accomplish now given all
that. At first I was really doubtful but then in the end I realized that Core is
just a really really smart person and he's always trying to think of like the
best ways, the best strategies for us to win lane, and to win the game, and to just
like get vision, and he's always thinking like "What's next? What's the plan?" I don't
want to say this too early but I think I'm playing the best I've ever played
like because of Core. Now what tells me you are truly great instead of just
better than everyone else and the number one thing I look for to make a team
better than good is a clean finish. With this lead, Team Liquid should end the
game on this Baron. Three down on the side of Clutch Gaming they should do
exactly what I just proclaimed, and take down Clutch Gaming 36 minutes in. The,
like, kind of latent fear I always have is just we go to Worlds and I'm the weak
link, and I never want that to be the case ever again. Like, I did go to Worlds
multiple years and I was just bad. I just wasn't as good as the enemy AD. That's a fact. This time like I think that's a really big focus of mine,
just just to be completely solid. you