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[Applause] now squirt gravy is in sports science team unprecedented access to analyze a driver during the race test subject Sprint Cup race winner Denny Hamlin we equipped the number 11 car with accelerometers and a thermocouple we also wired up Denny with a state-of-the-art bio parties and Denny even swallowed one of our sensors go into your stomach and to your intestines and then we'll be able to figure out your exact core body temperature and I don't need that back good thank you thirty degrees that's teen degrees hotter summarized in one of the hottest places on earth that is temperature peaks at nearly 101 102 he's 2.6 about three this nearly grapes thirteen pounds of [Applause] a delayed reaction time just car lengths there 400 mile race that's 840 pound reps physical strain causes our hearts to work harder in order to pump more oxygen and glucose to the muscles 100 endurance Bart sustains that rape for roughly 30,000 feet and check this out during the race Denny's heart pumped about 600 gallons of blood to put that in perspective that's a volume 5 times greater than the amount of fuel is car bur for ESPN sports science I'm John Brenkus