Cyberpunk 2077 Lore – Psycho Squad

In this video, we are going to talk about
Psycho Squad, that appears in Mike Pondsmith’s Cyberpunk universe, where CD Project Red’s
next game, Cyberpunk 2077 is based on. In a nutshell, Psycho Squad can be consider,
as an elite police group, that specialized in handling cyber-psychos. Without further delay, let us begin our visual
journey, to learn more about Psycho Squad. We have ended our visual journey about Cyber-psychosis,
with a question. That question is, who is willing to capture
a murderous, rampaging, armored cyber-psycho equipped with lethal cyber-ware? That was the question, city governments and
corporations faced, when first cyber-psychos started their rampage on city streets. Their answer for that question is, Cyber-squads. Cyber-squad is an elite police group, established
to deal with rampaging cyber-psychos, who are suffering from advanced Cyber-psychosis. Given the dangerous nature of the rampaging
cyber-psychos, you should keep in mind, that they are not always try to capture cyber-psychos
alive. If they think that trying to capture a given
cyber-psycho, is an unnecessary risk, then they tend to gun down that cyber-psycho, rather
than trying to capture him alive. Because of this reason, most of the murderous,
rampaging cyber-psychos, tend to end up in a body bag, rather than on a psychiatrist’s
couch. Cyber-squads are now common in most urban
city’s police departments, going under different names, such as, Cybernetic Special Weapons
& Tactical Squad, aka C-SWAT, Maximum Force Tactical Division, aka MAX-TAC, and Psycho
Squad. Given the nature of their job, most of the
members of Psycho Squad, are unfriendly, and others consider them as partial psychos. If we say, that a citizen of Night City fears
a Psycho Squad, as same as a rampaging cyber-psycho, that is not an exaggeration. The members of Psycho Squad, have access to
best armor, equipments, and weapons, that technology can offer. It is common to see that members of Psycho
Squad, utilize wide range of tactical cyber-ware, in order to get an advantage, when they encounter
cyber-psychos. Also it is common to see, high usage of reflex
boosters, or any other kind of ability boosters, among the members of Psycho Squad. Although, the law says, one must actually
commit a crime before he can be arrested, this doesn’t stop most police departments
from practicing selective crime prevention activities. The Psycho Squad, keeps tabs on who buys what,
and where, through informants, monitors and hidden tech detectors scattered all over the
city. They usually have a good idea about, what
gangs are loading up on cyber-ware, and who’s most likely to cross the line into Cyber-psychosis,
in the near future. When a potential perp looks like he’s getting
too close, the Squad picks him up, off the street, and offers him a choice. He can continue his habits as usual, and risk
having an “accident”, in some dark night in a dark alley of the city, or he can get registered
in the system. Registration is somewhat like parole. The one agrees to register, has to see a cyber
psychologist for monitoring and analysis, and the Squad implants a small transmitter
into his cyber-ware, allowing them to know his whereabouts. The positive part of being registered, is
that the police doesn’t hassle that person, and the Psycho Squad doesn’t automatically
gun him down, when he purchases cyber-ware enhancer drug from a vendor. One can always turn down the offer of registration. However, that person needs to be careful from
that point onwards, because it is possible to meet with an “accident” because Night City
is not a very safe place to live, specially for someone, who turned down the offer of
registration. Before we end our visual journey, let us summarized
what we learn about Psycho Squad. They are the elite group in most urban city’s
police departments, who are specialized in handling cyber-psychos. Due to the dangerous nature of the cyber-psychos,
Psycho Squad’s job is an extremely hard, and dangerous. Because of that reason, they have access to
best armor, equipments, and weapons that technology can offer. They are the ones who remove cyber-psychos
from city streets, while providing some solace to citizens of the cities.