CU-Boulder Student Life: Outdoor Program

The remarkable thing about the outdoor
program is that its price is very low and it offers all the safety and required
knowledge to go on successful trips. Someone who has never had experience in the backcountry can enter into a completely secure environment for these activities, whether
it be ice climbing, whitewater rafting, rock climbing. We
climb the third flatiron a couple times a semester with students
who have never really rock climbed before at all. When they leave, they’ve not only championed themselves in achieving this climb-raft trip, whatever, but they’ve
also learned everything and they need to go out and do it again. The Outdoor Program is an institution put in place by the
University of Colorado Boulder to offer students every single opportunity
there is, basically, in the Rocky Mountains. Kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, ice climbing — we want to put all these things at the fingertips of every student, for an affordable price. So not only do we want to be making these outdoor adventures available for the common student, but also teaching them the knowledge that they need to go out and continue participating in these activities by themselves and with their own groups in the future. So even if you don’t have experience, even if you have experience, come down and check out what we’ve got, because we have so much availability, so
much opportunity for you guys to be expanding your knowledge in the outdoors and having the best possible time you can here at Boulder, for whatever amount of time you’re here.