CROSSFIT je nejlepší SPORT!

where is Kuba? half an hour delay You had nice grades, so this is a gift for you look at this, it looks better than on photos this is the coach today wi´ll break it here I´m so excited so dress up and let´s do this I’m looking forward to the butterflies Anabolic horse and Jakub Enžl 2 crossfit legends I’m so glad we have them here because
in 14 days we can get success for the Czech republic on the biggest Crossfit games in the world so watch it, because today I have prepared such a game with your own weight so it´ll be interesting and at the end, they touch the crossfit bottom so here we go guys? we’ll give 15 calories on each machine and then we train mobility Kuba, look at this, it´s like in LA I´m so hyped this is Disneyland for me this is the crossfit paradise so let’s start a little blowing here so I’ll be more shouting we go to the next a little harder today, we have 14 days to Crossfit games set your rower Kuba, how do you feel? one of you will come here, 10 calories and the other one goes over there, 15 calories on bike then swap I can’t break it? you have to move by your core where do I stand? you can stand here it will be my first Crossfit games I will win we are still at the beginning that’s how it´s good now we go to the dumbbell we´ll use a roller, stretch a bit and the first part will be strenght the basis of a crossfit sportsman is a proper warm-up then the technique the guys know it because they do it for a while and crossfit is about versatility and complexity you´ll see it in today´s last workout where the boys reach the bottom it´s one of the lastest workouts before Games so let’s go guys stretch our shoulders so that nothing happens to you mobility is the foundation you have improved a lot It´s well put the forearm on the ground It´ll go almost I’m almost there at the beginning of the training we give one complex, that could appear on Games I have some friends there so I know that this complex should be there so we´ll try it everything is good this year everything this year is our year each one on one platform at the beginning 2-3 deadlifts 2-3 deadlift and then 2-3 transfers and 2-3 press over head it´s only warm up deadlifts were always problems for me I tried to avoid it but due to Games I’ve always been careful of technique and mobility so this is the best what can be in Games I look forward to it coach, we´ll help you one round like a warmup because we´re in final so we´ll do 1 transfer and 2 pushes over head guys use magnesium the more magnesium you give, the better it´ll be push press at least 100 kg are lifted by women it´s good that we didn´t underestimate the strength training I worked on technique all year so
no weight surprises me so guys, 8 rounds 1:20 one round, we have to do 1 complex hey guys, you´re surprised but we do it here every day so we won’t add after 4 rounds but after 2 rounds coach, you gave us lowcarb without carbs it´s worse to think the basis of crossfit is to throw it on the ground you have to be heard we have 5 seconds to the next round I feel like I’m going to PR you´re so good I think it will be well prepared for strength in a moment we´ll see what is your endurance you know that the endurance is our want to add? no? but we add, because we want to be the best we´re already the best wait, wait dad, fashion fashion everywhere, in school, in the gym, on the crossfit if you want a fashion you´re better so now we´ll go to the 8 round weight is not important, the important is determination and motivation I’m happy about you we are 10kg over your max I´m very determined I can’t see anything else we breathe out we´ll do teamworkout it´s our, it´s our so we´re warmed up we’ll have some light gymnastics Let’s start over there by the wall we´ll try a few handstands we´ll show it you have strong shoulders this discipline will be our don´t worry you have to keep your hands all the time once again good, relax we´ll try to do 4-5 push-ups and then we´ll go to the bar coach, can I take something on my head ? to don’t lose my hair of course, take this I don´t need it look at this rabbit I take this so let´s do this guys I need to hear your thrill and joy don´t worry so let´s go, 4 push-ups give yourself a wider grip, like when you´re lifting 120kg on shoulders…but I don´t lift 120kg on shoulders You can do it and the last one PR first we move our shoulders important is the interplay of the body grab it and move the body basic is kipping you want to know the butterflies what? yes, because of butterflies I started do crossfit nothing is more so let´s do this now we add toes to bar to kipping it´s not so important but you have to keep right kipping and touch above what did he say? toast to bar? toast? like being dry? so let´s go I want to see touch above nice just 4 or 5 wait wait, wait I´m a little bit nervous guys, the Games are big, but don´t worry I also won when I was there but you wasn´t there with Mat Fraser yes, he wasn´t there but you´ll win we have the best coach one serie , let´s go and now are butterflies here we start with 3 reps at rest and let’s do it, use magnesium at what moment do you go up? I´ll show you you always do this with your legs and when you go up you lie back and go under the bar at what moment do you go up? you will help with your legs and go up and then under the bar and legs go behind to body so when I kick my legs forward, I go up kick you legs let´s try it easy normal chin-ups are shits now I live only for butterflies so we´ll do one more serie and we’ll go on this is shit can I do normal chin-ups? we´ll go prepare family workout we´ll have 7 disciplines I´ll show it to you one will always exercise and one will rest so we go to the family workout you can see it here, it´s 7 disciplines there by 30 reps one will exercise and one will rest only KTB swing will be synchro they should do this in 14 minutes so we´ll see i thought that we´ll take turns something yes and something no one discipline will be synchro are you looking forward ? so here we go we have 7 exercises by 30 reps we start on AB after that we go nerxt on wallball I’m looking forward to it, coach! guys, be aware that you are a team team work is important if one can’t, the other will help you can sit on the next bike every second is important 15 calories everyone of you are you ready? so 3…2…1 30 together 30 last 5 for everyone of you last 5 Games, will be a medal come on, come on you have the world time come on, come on come on, come on, the last 2 exercises nice swing come on, come on the last few reps the last discipline you have nice time burpee and jump over come on Hanz, this is the last discipline Mat Fraser will be fucked come on, come on, the last few reps you can jump on the box come on, come on family workout is coming to an end it´s hard, it´s 14 days before Games but we have to prepare them to it world time is here so I hope that guys will finish it in minute guys, it was so good, 11:13 easy I’m satisfied what else could I wish this guys like it look at them crossfit isn´t for people with muscles so do you want to make yourself a versatile athlete with a nice figure? crossfit is a clear choice no powerlifting, only crossfit I´m proud of you I´ll buy you as many happymeals as you will want no, I´m going to veganism didn’t we have a little worse time now? because it´s hot no, no I have time 11:15 so it was one minute faster than before I think that the win will be our, we have family bond we have something bigger than others you know that I always doubt, but
you calmed me down…what´s next? so we have the last part we will start on dumbell, 1 minute and we´ll do clean and jerk we’ll take a lighter weight and we´ll do max reps then we´ll go to the combination bar, burpee and bike when will be 4 minutes, max number of reps fuck you and we’ll finish it by 15 butterflies so this workout has 3 parts we´ll see this will certainly not be on Games he knows that it´s our weakness coach come here you have to be prepared for everything did you drink yesterday? guys, what the phones? come on let´s go and what do we do now? we go to the bike, 10 calories 5 toes to bar, 5 burpees come on, come on it´s only 4 minutes come on, come on every rep is important come on Hanz, 25 toes to bar what?! come on 30 seconds you have to do this we have done this is the best sport forever today it was very good I’m happy about you technique, strenght we´ll do the family workout one more time we´ll try if we´ll better by 10-15 seconds and in Games in 14 days we´ll be the best ok I just rest for a while and let’s do it grandpa, grandpa, wake up wake up oh fuck you go half an hour later again That’s awful I have so bad dream, we trained crossfit you don´t want it…hi guys I’m glad you came Crossfit Game are getting closer, look at this paradise…it wasn´t a dream!