CROSSBAR CHALLENGE – Vaikein futishaaste ikinä!

Today I’m going to do a next level crossbar challenge. The first spot was the penalty spot. The next spot is the box line and then I keep going further and further until I’m at the half way line. There’s going to be an extra challenge when I get there. This challenge won’t be easy. That can’t be possible. That was so weird I have to count it as two hits. No way that happened! What would be a good distance? This might be good. Not too difficult. Like that. Could I hit in on the first try? Shouldn’t be that difficult. Some of these ball must hit it. I have six ball. Quick mafs. This isn’t even 30 meters. Maybe 27 or something. The post doesn’t count this time. That’s another challenge. If that was a post, this has to be the crossbar. Sometimes it’s easy. Most of the times it isn’t. That was good. On to the next one. Let’s take the cones with us. Actually, keep the camera rolling. I’m having a good day so you never know if I hit the next one quickly too. Maybe I should take the next shot from the circle. I wouldn’t even need these cones. I’m not sure about the distance. Not even the ear bud is working this time. This might be about 40 meters. The circle is a bit under 40, but soon I’ll challenge the final boss, which is the half way line. Not far away. Into the goal, but not to the crossbar. I can give myself a high five for the precision though. It’s so close. Let’s cut that. Do I have to go and get the balls back? That’s the question. This is my day. I decided to make the last spot even harder for myself. I taping one of the ball over the crossbar. I’ll try to hit that target from the half way line. The crossbar isn’t enough anymore. We’ll see. Hopefully I won’t be 70 years old and still trying to hit it here. Look, a crossbar. Can’t call myself a pro taper. That’s for sure. Looks terrible, but that will do. You know there’s always that tough final boss in video games. The half way line is that for me today. Let’s mark the area if I forget where the half way line is. Good direction. A couple of meters more, and that would’ve been good. It looked so good. I was sure it would hit it. So close! A crossbar. That feels good. If I can’t hit the target today, at least I can say I hit the crossbar. I will continue this challenge until I hit it. Even if I have to come back some other day. I can’t give up at this point. Two in a row. Did you film all the time? Yeah? Okay, good! That’s nice, but maybe it could hit the target soon. That’s the third hit. I have to recover from this session and try again tomorrow. There’s no way I’m giving up. I promise that I’ll hit that target. The next day. I’m at a different pitch this time, but the same target is placed over the crossbar. Now I’m standing on the half way line. This pitch is a bit smaller and yesterday the half way line was further, so I also put the balls a bit further from here. From there I’m trying to hit the target. Sometimes I realize I’ve put myself in a difficult situations with these challenges, but it’s nice to set a little challenge and try to make it. Luckily this only took me two sessions. I might be still shooting here after two weeks if I was unlucky. Tell me your crazy football challenge ideas in the comments below. The harder the challenge, the greater the feeling is after you make it. If you make it. Give this video a thumbs up, if you enjoyed. I’ll see you in the next video, bye!