Cricket : Michael Clarke EXPLODES over Power Play rule (“F___ off!”)

J.Bradshaw: Yardy on to bowl the 41st over. I thought this mightn’t be a bad time to have a look at it…two established batsmen….
M.Nicholas: Yeah that yellow bar in the final segment showed England’s burst in this last
ten over period when they made 92 runs Strauss really swapping his bowlers
around here determined not to let any of the Australian batsmen settle against someone Err I think he’s saying I want a batting power play M.Erasmus (Umpire) : No No…it’s not my problem… Because that’s the rule We’ve been in postion for more than a minute! M.Nicholas: Yeah, there you go. Marius Erasmus says everybody’s been in position for more than a minute. You
can’t make your decision now. You should have made it earlier. So Clarke’s gotta wait an over before he could take his batting power-play I.Healey: He must have wanted it with
Yardy so he might wait two overs out till Yardy
comes back on for his last over, this is his ninth…he might wait two overs…but see what happens. M.Clarke: Yeah, well try batting in my position… …..see how’d you feel M.Erasmus: I’m batting for you mate… I.Healey: Clarke’s cranky….It’s good… Australia are just above the English line
but under where they want to be – that pink line is what they really want M.Clarke: Does this concern you?…no?….well then piss off! I.Healey: but this is a fantastic game in progress the captains are blueing and the umpire is
settling and it is heating up it’s been hot all day & the finish is even gonna be
just as good Tony Greig and Michael Slater are into the commentary box. They’re both with Mark Taylor M.Clarke: Fuck off (inaudible)…fuck…(inaudible) fuck (inaudible)… M.Taylor: Well two of the three men are smiling mainly umpire and bowler Michael Clarke’s not too happy about it He wanted to call the batting power play at the start of last over…but… I think Marius Erasmus got it right I think he waited too long – that was the problem as there’s nothing wrong (a) captain calling for the power play but he just waited until Andrew Strauss had
picked his bowler set the field and then he said no hang on I want a
batting power play no you’ve got to do it before before that I think Marius Erasmus One thing I’ve liked about him right through.. this summer he’s trying to get the game
moving if we’ve had it one criticism up here for a number of years here for a number of years in the commentary box it slows down too much so I think he’s done an excellent job…the umpire T.Grieg: Yeah I agree with that. Agree with that absolutely wholeheartedly …and… is it is a business of making sure everyone gets on to it…we’ve had far
too many drinks run out at inappropriate times just prior to a drinks break to
have drinks runners on the ground is ridiculous then you’re right it’s rather
like the umpire decision review system you neither do it straightaway or don’t
do it at all. (If) you take too long…Well… …bad luck M.Taylor: Now there’s only three men out I’m not sure they signaled for the batting power play as yet…now hang on now now we’re
gonna have the umpires get together and now what’s going on here? Michael
Clarke he’s livid Darryl Harper’s just walked over to Andrew Strauss and said well hang on, you have to bring an extra man in but I have actually
haven’t seen a signal yet for a batting power play D.Harper (Umpire): It’s not on !? This is turning out to be comical really it’s either a batting power play or it’s not D.Harper: It’s not on, if it’s not on… M.Clarke: Everyone now wants us to take it…eh…eh!? D.Harper: Shall we do a vote! M.Slater: Michael Clarke can’t believe what’s going on…he…he’s wondering… …now he’s laughing…he’s got a lot to say is it a batting power play or what? we’re talking about getting the game sped up Well, this is been the longest delay of the match (radio): No power-play D.Harper: Never has been! M.Taylor: Darryl Harper just said no power play so we’re still allowed, or Andrew Strauss is
still allowed to have five men outside T.Grieg: Well he said no power play and never “has been” M.Taylor: okay so it’s just back to four men inside the circle so half an hour later
we’re going to borrow the forty second over [[Australia won; M.Clarke was not out]]