Tana Spiro and other characters have been confirmed to be in CT our nitro fuel let's talk about it what's up guys today a guy a here and I am going unscripted for this one because the Nintendo e3 is about to drop and I am losing my mind we just got a two minute trailer with chicken stew from CT t are talking about the upcoming updates for a Crash Team Racing nitro fueled and there is so much we need to go over so let's take a look at the trailer first and then we got more information afterwards let's check it out you're watching CTR TV special edition live from Activision I'm your host chick gizzard lifts and arms to what a great time to tune up and tune into CTR TV race fans stew let's get the racers out there up to speed Rev your engines pop your clutches and clutch your Papa's low we tell you all about the Grand Prix Knights Grand Prix is a super event where contestants can test their mettle in a series of electrifying challenges a good challenge which also includes being a challenge to work with the haha right you are still now racers as you complete each racing challenge you'll learn nitro that fills up your nitro gauge absolutely Stu and with each Grand Prix comes new challenges for even more rewards whoo there could be hot new racers smooth new rat and slow many ways to take them all out I to feel that emotions do now in addition to earning insane rewards in the Grand Prix you can also find other unique items like this in the pit stop anything else they need to know there's two well according to the script I was told to read each Grand Prix will introduce a brand new race track that about what you had in mind magic exactly that's – that about sums it up I can barely contain my delight I know I'm excited now spread your wings push down your pedals and get to gather in that nitro oh my gosh what you guys saw was true spiral Tana and baby t have all been confirmed to be in the game now it seems like this is going to be working like seasons and at each season you're gonna be able to unlock different tracks different characters and different skins now if you want to see Tana in action we got some photos right here and take a look we got all these photos of Tana actually racing in game and everything not just that we also got images of the trophy girls racing these are all legitimate from the Activision press site and it is absolutely insane now we don't have anything in game for Spyro yet but it would seem that spiral might not be there day one but he will be in the game we also got quick peek at there being new tracks that have never been in the game before so this is really really exciting stuff and I am so excited and hi if you look at the bottom here you can actually see a whole bunch of lists of all the characters that are going to be included for each pack in the Nitro Tour Grand Prix we can actually see characters that are Tana Megumi Amy Liz and Isabella then when we go to the back in time Grand Prix we can actually see baby T baby crash and baby Coco and we can see here a spiral Graham tree with no details yet however it seems we're gonna be getting a spiral theme track and possibly other spiral characters as well and we can see that these are all following certain themes like for example the back and time theme is all about back in time but also if you see here the two tours that they have here have two tracks that are going to be new to CT R now we also got two screenshots of two different tracks Twilight two or day in Twilight tour night we'll probably be seeing other stuff as well soon so guys this is crazy hype I'm so excited and hopefully you'll be there for the Nintendo e3 as I stream over on Twitch anyway guys what do you guys think comment below and let me know by the way a huge shout out to my patreon and sponsors on the channel I your support and letting me be able to do this full-time as I got a family to feed if you want to support the channel the patreon is in the description below and be sure to subscribe for more nostalgic content and while you're at it why not check out another video I recently made anyway guys thanks so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time