Conor McGregor’s Boxing Coach | Hardest Jobs in Sports

– [Narrator] Conor McGregor
is a mixed martial artist with a relentless, aggressive style. Known for his powerful spinning back-kick, unusual front-leg hook, and his lightning-quick
back leg roundhouse, but now, he’s taking on Floyd Mayweather. (boom) – And I’m the guy who has to teach Conor McGregor how to box. Being Conor McGregor’s boxing coach feels like a lost cause. I’ve been training fighters
my entire adult life and it takes years to make a pro. Conor gave me three weeks. At first, I thought this match was a joke, like when Mitt Romney boxed
Evander Holy Field for charity. When I found out that Conor
was facing Floyd Mayweather for real, I had him sign a waiver saying that I am not responsible when he dies. Worst part is, Conor’s only
with me two days a week. He spends most of his time
off promoting the fight. – I’m gonna knock him
out inside four rounds, mark my words. – So this is the boxing
gym where I train Conor. This is a heavy bag. Conor tried to jump up
in the air and kick it. This here is a bench press. Conor kicked it so
hard, he broke his foot. I even put this poster on
the wall as a reminder. It says, “Conor, stop kicking.” It didn’t work. Is Conor getting better at combinations? No. Is he getting better at jabs? No. Is he getting $75 million? Yes. I gave Conor a film to watch. Ali, Frazier, Lewis. I checked back a week later, he had just been re-watching Bloodsport. (grunts) The only piece of boxing equipment that I could get him to use was this, Nintendo Wii boxing. I guess it’s something. (boom) Conor’s not gonna win. Realistically, he doesn’t have a chance. But, could he go out there like a champion and make his family, MMA,
and the whole country of Ireland proud? No. I’ve gotten used to his daily tantrums. I keep a bunch of juice boxes
filled with Guinness nearby. I usually have one or two myself, helps me get through the day.