Como Fazer o Gol de calcanhar no Dream League Soccer 2018

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the mark of 300 enrolled thank you very much. Today I will teach you how to do that.
Goal of Heel that one of the subscribers asked me. Before I start, I want to remind you
these are just a few tips, now if you practice this and train
many you managed to make that goal You should always leave the skills
of its players in the 100. This changes and makes it much easier to do this
type of goals that uses the most skill of the player. Now the only thing you should do is
if you’re chewing in front of the goal you turn your player back and already press the button (B) very slowly already looking on goal has to
be very fast and on time There is another way
Are you running diagonally? you coming close to the goal
turn your player to one side and already kicks the other way Remembering that it has to be very fast,
You did not get it first time. but with training you learn and catch the mantras easy. I hope this tutorial help you in some way. Remembering that if you liked it
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