Coach's Eye + TEAMS: How To Analyze A Video In Your Team Locker On iOS Devices

when you purchase a team's account at coach's I comm you unlock the coach's eye apps for every player and coach on the team today we're going to go over the analysis tools on our iOS device so on my iPad here I'm going to select one of my teams and then I'm gonna select a video right below the video you see the analysis button and when I tap analyze I'm brought into the analysis view and just like every other part of the analysis for you inside of the app I have our standard flywheel that allows us to do frame-by-frame scrubbing I can also press slo-mo to play this video in slow motion tap pause I have my analysis tools on the right-hand side here and with your team's account you unlock the premium video analysis tools which include the angle timer and spotlight as you can see I have the angle selected so let's draw a quick angle on there the best part about this is we can record everything we say and do on the screen once I tap that record button on the top everything I say and do is being recorded so I can draw my analysis do my frame by frame scrubbing I can provide my teachable and coachable moments and then once I press stop that video is built and immediately uploaded to my private team Locker so that all the athletes and coaches that are connected and on this team can view that video makes it very easy for group video sharing and group video collaboration inside of a private team locker you can view more tutorials at coach's i.com or visit our knowledgebase for the most up-to-date articles that's all we have for you today and we'll see you next time