Climbing Guide for Melrose Boulders – The Best Outdoor Bouldering Spot for Beginners in San Diego

Oops, forgot to check the down climb. Sketchyy! It’s time to climb at Melrose Boulders. Melrose Boulders is a less-known outdoor climbing
spot in northern San Diego County. However, the climbs there are actually very
beginner-friendly, and there are a lot of them. I will show you guys where they are. The boulders are right next to the Vista Sports
Park. And we will park there. Here we are at the parking lot. Walk down the stairs and then turn left. Walk straight and turn right on this junction. Keep walking until you see the mini wood bridge
on the left. Cross it and all the rocks are visible in
the open field. First, we will circle up clockwise and warm
up on this easy boulder near the top. Next, we will continue circling down clockwise
to the lone boulder in the open field. The key for the first climb here is to get
your right foot up high to the jug near where you arms are and put all your weight on it
and step up. The key for the second climb here on the other
side is to smear your right foot in order to bring the left foot up on the nice jug. Also, this is how you get down. For the first move, you can place your right
foot up high first, so you will be more stabilized when you lower your left foot. The rest is very straight forward. Continue circling clockwise and we will
see the next rock very shortly. None of the hand holds are very good on the
first climb, but the foot holds are pretty good. Make sure to stay controlled and push yourself
up with your feet. I forgot to record gopro footage for the second
climb, but fortunately this climb is pretty straight forward. For the down climb on this rock, get your
left foot as low as you can and then hop a little bit and land with your right foot. We will continue to circle clockwise and finally
we will reach the West Arete. The climb on the side here is slightly harder
than the previous ones since the holds are a little bit smaller and the angle is slightly
overhanging. The key here is to leave enough space for
your left hand to match. I forgot to climb the down climb before l
go up. It made me slightly nervous when I was on
the top. Fortunately, down climbing was quite easy. Make sure to check the down climb at all times
and don’t make the same mistake as I did. It was a fun day today. Thanks for watching. Make sure to like and subscribe. One last thing I would like to say is when
you climb outdoors, make sure to pack your trash with you. I am seeing a lot of trash on the trails and
boulders and it hurts me a lot, and I am going to pick up as much trash as I could on my
way back. See you in the next video.