CAN YOU CATCH PIKE ON MOOSE? – Challenge | Team Galant

In Sweden there are moose almost everywhere. Plenty of you have wondered … wether it’s possible to catch pike on moose, so today we’ll find out! During christmas I received this gift from my grandma. This is a bait made out of moose horn. This bait has been resting in my window for a long time until I got the idea to catch pike on it. As you can see, I’m not at the lake. First off, we’ll find out how my grandma got the bait. I’m at my grandma’s place, Bodil. She is making coffee for us. Here she is! What a great gift I received.
– I gave this to Tobias for christmas gift … it’s made out of the horn of the moose – commonly used in the past. This is made by Maj-Britt. In order to catch a pike on it – I need to modify it a bit. The hooks are not attached and too small. I’ll use a stronger hook, a swivel and split rings. A plier is useful for these situations. Easy to use and perfect for the gear. This is the final result after some modifications. Time to head out to the lake and try it out. Check it out, summer and 30 degrees of celsius. Why do I wear a beanie? My hair is chaos. If I were to fish for big pike I’d be fishing at deeper water instead and find bait fish using sonar … however I just want to find out wether it works and catch a small one, I’ll fish along the reed. Safe card. I estimate the bait to weigh around 40 grams, therefor this lighter rod from Saxa is perfect, 30-90 gram … with an Abu Revo Beast. Done talking, let’s see it’s swimming action. The moment of truth. Will I catch something or not? It has no action. This will be hard. It does nothing. Disappointment. I’ll be jerking it. Should be my best option. First cast, hopefully not failing too hard. First contact with fish after like 5 casts. Unfortunately it did not get hooked. It does in fact catch fish! Suddenly when I started jerking it, it turned into like a popper bait. Let’s go, good start. Come on, bite! There! Fish! Finally after so many missed strikes. Not big at all but fish on this bait, how fun. The net! Super big fish. Come. Not hooked too well! There we go. Been fishing for like 10 minutes, lost three fish and caught the fourth one. On this ugly moose bait! The bait is forced to jerk. These small pike attack it like it is no tomorrow. With this pike, mission completed! We have caught fish on the moose bait! Let’s catch a big one for the final hours left. Bye bye small one! Probably the first pike 2019 caught on a bait made by a moose. Did not expect this ugly bait to deliver that many contacts within such a short period of time. There! No! There! Fish number two, a bit bigger than the previous one. How strong. Summer pikes! On these smaller ones it’s easier to get a grip like this. Grab the plier. Unhook it, beautiful pike, back you go. When fishing you need to be flexible. Since I only have this bait I need to adapt the spots for it. Biggest chance of me catching a bigger pike on this bait is this part of the lake along lily pads. There! Hooked up, pike number three for today. The smaller pikes seem to love this bait. How fun! Just waiting for the bigger one. A bit more vegetation here! What a strike! Not ready for that! Caught it in the air! The bait continues to deliver sick strikes on small pike. Just getting my plier to unhook it and proceed fishing. Holy! What a strike! Sick! There! Now! Hooked up! Once again a cool strike.
Bye bye! What a strike! How sick! Like there’s no tomorrow. The small ones also, what if a bigger one came? This challenge was so fun. To come out with no expectations whatsoever … and be able to witness so many cool top water strikes on this bait made from moose. If you also like these videos, press thumbs up. Leave a comment about a suggestion for the next challenge. If you’re a shop and would like to purchase this plier and support us. Contact [email protected] We also have more baits, gear and such things. Take care fishermen! Follow me and Kanalgratis at Instagram, links are in the description. Bye!