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– I’m MatPat. Oof! And this is “Game Lab.”[static]
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For the last five years,I’ve made a name for myselfoveranalyzing video gamesusing real-world
science and math,
but now I’m taking it
to the next level
by throwing some of
the world’s most popular gamers
into the scenarios
we play through every day.
Will the games
stack up to reality?
And are gamers
as good in real life
as they are on-screen?Welcome to “Game Lab.”[rock music]This is insane!We’re here at the
Tempest Freerunning Academy in Chatsworth, California, to learn a little bit more
about parkour so we can explore the world
of “Mirror’s Edge.” See that guy behind me? Yeah, that’s not gonna be me
by the end of the day. Spoiler alert–I know
that’s what you were expecting, but I make YouTube videos
for a living, so what do you expect?“Mirror’s Edge” was a breath
of fresh air
for the gaming industry
when it was first released
by EA in 2008.At that time,
the gaming scene
was dominated by gritty
war games
that put you in the perspective
of super-soldiers
gunning down the enemy.But “Mirror’s Edge”
was different.
Bright and colorful
and with an emphasis
not on shooting the enemy,
but avoiding them
by running, or more
specifically, freerunning.
In the game,
you play as Faith Connors,
a parkour expert
working against
an oppressive government,
leaping from rooftop to rooftop
delivering information
to the resistance
like the most intense
UPS carrier ever.
And with a sequel
just released,
“Mirror’s Edge Catalyst,”
I figured now
was the perfect time
for us gamers
to learn the parkour moves
seen in the game,
taking, quite literally,
a leap of faith.
So that’s a little bit
about “Mirror’s Edge.” But I can’t be expected to fail
at parkour all on my own. Lucky for me,
I have a couple friends who are along for the ride. And I asked them
to introduce themselves in a very special way. Cue the dance break![percussive music]Hey, guys. Getting all limbered up? – Getting there.
– Yep, totally. – Getting all warmed up. – You feeling good, Brian? – I got to get real limber
for this. – Can I also point out
the fact that, like, you guys look so professional,
and then us, we look like we came
in our pajamas. I kid you not,
these are my windbreaker pants from middle school. They’re like,
“Okay, bring athletic clothing that you guys work out in
all the time.” I’m like, yep,
middle school pants, I guess? – Have you broke
lots of wind in those? – I’m sure I have
over the years. No shame,
lots of wind has been broken. Ready to do some
hardcore parkour? all: Parkour! – Ready?
One, two, three, parkour. – Parkour!
– Parkour! – One, two…
– We’re bad at this. – Just like the graceful
gazelle, we go off. [chuckles]
– Okay. – All right, not too shabby. By the end of the day,
we’ll be able to do that, right? – God, no. – Set your expectations low,
ladies and gentlemen. Guys, I’d like to introduce you
to Victor, cofounder of
Tempest Freerunning Academy. – Hello, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you guys. – I like the bow there.
That’s very nice. – I’m the only one
that didn’t bow, and I should’ve bowed. [laughter] A really delayed bow. – In the world of parkour,
one bows. – He’s the master of parkour. – Sensei parkour. So how long you been
doing this for? About ten years, I think,
right? – Ten years, yeah.
– Awesome. Well, what do you have
in store for us today? – Vaulting, running,
jumping, climbing, bruises, you know,
shin splints. – A lot of bruises. Great.
Awesome, injuries. – Ready for that.
– Way to warm it up. – We’ve been training
our whole lives for this. – Right? So you want to
show us around? – Yeah, come this way, guys.
We’ll get started. – Cool.
Yeah. Here we go. Uh.
This is me. This is my life today. – All right, guys,
as you can see, we’re on this nice cushioned
spring floor. Hope you guys like it. – Whoa.
– Obviously for your safety. – Jesus.
– Okay. – FLitz definitely likes it. – I’m a baby deer. – Great.
So… One of the questions
I got for you is, in “Mirror’s Edge,” right,
there’s a lot of landinggoing on, you’re jumping
off of high buildings,
you see you’re doing
a lot of rolls
and dive rolls,
things like that. Is that true to life?
Or how’s that work? – Very true, it’s all
about good technique. With Faith jumping off
of a 20-foot buildingonto the concrete,
when she lands,
she’s obviously absorbing it
one, with her legs.Her chest is up.She’s taking the impact
on her legs
and actually absorbing
through her whole body
by then dispersing it
with a roll at the very end,
which is actually a PK roll,
and that’s actually
one of the first moves I kind of
wanted to show you guys. – I think FLitz,
our young deer here, should be the first. – Okay, all you’re gonna do
is squat down, make a triangle. So you’re gonna put your
triangle down in front of your left foot. all: Left foot. – Put your chin on the outside
of your shoulder. Instead of with my forehead
leading, I’m gonna lead with my shoulder. On the shoulder. Yes.
– Oh, wow. – And sticks the landing too. – Shoulder… – Ooh!
– Yeah. – Oh, my God.
– Wow. I wasn’t expecting
to do a pose, but it just kind of happened. – Here goes nothing. all: Oh! – There you go.
– Went with the rocker stance. – He does like the “Platoon”
at the end. – Yeah!
– Oh! Ooh, roll like this? Like this?
Bam! That’s for watching.
Bam. – That’s good. – We got that mastered, right? – Yeah, masters.
– Check it off. Check that off.
– Slow down, hold on. That was the easiest move
of the day, relax. Hold on, don’t get too excited.
Jesus. – We have to celebrate
what little victories we have today, okay? – First of all,
I’m gonna teach you, we’re gonna do it
on the floor first, ’cause it’s nice and safe. It’s called a safety vault. So put your right hand
on the red line. Easy enough, right?
– Yeah. – Put your left foot
on the line as well, making sort of a tripod. – Like Twister.
– And balance. Just balance on your arm,
please. You lift your back foot
in the air, but carrying your weight
on your arm, though. And swing your foot through,
just like this. – It’s like pilates.
– Easy enough, right? Do you see this? Yes.
And jazz hands. Just make sure you have,
like, some jazz hands. – Oh, great. Everything’s made better
with jazz hands. – All right, you guys ready
to actually try it on a real obstacle now? – Like my socks, by the way? – Wait, that was a thing? – Now it gets serious.
– Now it’s serious. So you guys want to
start down here? So coming at you
at speed this time. – Yep. – One, two, three. – That’s not too bad.
– Easy, safety. – Ready?
One, two, three, go. Oh, God. One, two, three. My block moved a little bit,
but it would’ve been perfect otherwise. – Oh, God. – Yeah–oh!
Oh, yeah! Okay, okay.
– That was close, though. – Yes. – You didn’t move the block
like me. – Why are you turning red? – Because I’m not good at this. – You are good. Now I’m about to blow you
out of the water. Go! – Okay. – Confidence. [all cheering] – Okay, so the next one
I’m gonna teach you is called speed vault,
and the reason why it’s called speed vault,
it’s probably our fastest way over an obstacle without
actually having to hurdle it. – Oh!
– Nope. Nope.
– He got sideways. [laughter] – He didn’t even touch it! – You flew!
– Time-out! He was in the air like this
for, like, three seconds before he finally touches
the thing to vault over it. – It’s like the thing
in the video games where they’re able to adjust
their position in mid-air. And you’re like, physically,
that’s not possible. But he just did that! What? – You’re gonna run
as fast as you can. – Yes. – Putting your hand down, just pretend it’s like
a kickstand. Lean on your arm. However much you lean, the more stylish it is, but at the same time,
you have to push yourself up. – Go get ’em. – Yeah!
– Hey! – Okay, that looked
really smooth. – Do or do not.
There is no try. Ready, set, go! Oh, goddamn! Jeez. – She went around it.
– Yeah, no. You went around it.
We saw. – Yeah, you cheated.
No. – We didn’t go–
did we go around it? – You went around it.
– Right through the middle. – Yeah. – Oh, god–
– Whoa! Well… [laughter] That seemed like the quickest
route for me. That’s all.
I’m just saying. – Kind of cheating right now,
’cause we’re– I’m trying to teach you. all: Oh! – Okay, okay, one hand. Oh, my goodness. Whoa! – Okay, okay, that– – Not the thing I was going for. – No, that sucked. all: Oh! – Okay, okay, not bad, not bad.
– Double–that was cool! That was a double-leg boy. – That was–that was pretty
sideways. That was good, right?
– That was pretty cool, okay. – I got to show off
periodically. Mm! – I think you got some
style points. – I just ruined all the cool
points that I just earned. – Next one we’re gonna do
is called dash vault. Jump on one leg,
and putting your hands down and popping off. Oh!
Okay. – Just jumping.
– Like a hurdle. – Yeah, nice, nice.
– Oh. – Ah!
Move, body, move! Okay, here we go. Ooh!
Okay. [laughter] And she sticks the landing. – We’re waiting for the biff. – And here’s the take-off. all: Oh! – Here I go. [laughter] [all cheering] – That was so good!
– Senpai? – That was the best one! [all cheering] All right, you guys. – Having mastered the vaults…
– That happened. – Time to defy gravity
and walk on walls. So how do you know what moves
to use when? – One of the most awesome things
about parkour– it’s all about your environment. That is what dictates
what I actually do. – In the game,
Faith does a lot of, like, lateral wall-walks.
– Yeah.– And it’s, like,
three or four steps at a time.
Like, is that possible?
Are you defying gravity?
Is it, like, all in the grip
of your shoes? – This wall…
– Yes. – This is actually
kind of slanted, like a wedge,
if you kind of look at it. So it makes it
a little bit easier, especially for new students
learning how to do parkour. – What? What?
– What? What? – Oh, my gosh.
– No! – Sorry, what?
– All right, go ahead, Brian. [laughter] – Stickum, I need stickum. [laughter] – FLitz, go for it, buddy. Yeah!
– Oh, my God! – Yeah! – Here we go. Eh! Heh! Nope. [laughter] – Nope.
– And she’s out. Here we go.
– All right, you got this. – Oh, God. all: Oh!
– Yeah! – Nice! – This is my victory lap
right here. So you’ve shown us
the vaulting. We’ve gotten a little familiar
with wall running. Last big move I think
we have to cover is just general balance. – Yeah, let’s do it.
Right this way, guys. – It’s over there?
– Skyscrapers! – Okay,
so like you said earlier, in the game “Mirror’s Edge,”
Faith strides on beamsand tiny walls and ledges.And that is kind of
what we have here. – So how many steps ahead
are you thinking when you’re parkouring your way through,
like, a city course? Is it kind of like
one at a time? Or are you saying, like,
okay, you’re thinking three
steps ahead, going to the bar
to the other bar, and then I’m gonna
leap and jump? – When you go to your
environment, you’re, like,
already picking your line. Like, “Oh, I’m gonna go
here to here to here. I’m just gonna do it.”
– Okay. – Whoa!
– Oh! – Oh, no, lava!
– I’m dead! – Lava, no!
– I’m dead! Wait! Quarter.
Extra life! – Extra life!
– Extra life. Oh, everything’s tingling. [laughter] – [sighs] Nope. Nope, nope, nope, nope,
nope, nope, nope, nope. So other question, senpai, should I be looking at the bar
or at where I’m going? – Where you’re going. – Where I’m going, okay. And believe in myself. – Believe in yourself. all: Oh!
– Oh, my God! Yes!
– Yes! Yes!
– MatPat! – Now go all the way over.
– And now–no, no. So how you feel? Good? all: Yeah!
– You ready? Yeah. Senpai here has designed
a little challenge for us that’s gonna put to the test
literally every single skill that we’ve learned today. – You’re trying to kill us! – That’s, like,
extreme hardcore parkour. – Well, welcome to the show![electronic music]So how do we look? – Why are you
asking that question? I’m assuming you have not
looked in the mirror. all: Oh! – Don’t we look like futuristic,
like, parkour experts? – I feel like it. – Costumes give us
the power of parkour. – Yeah, if you’re doing
parkour in a movie or a video game, sure. – Okay, well, then we nailed it.
Yeah! – There it is.
Achievement unlocked. Boom. I believe you have a challenge
set up for us today? – Utilizing all of your
parkour skills that you learned
in ten minutes… [laughter] The most amazing obstacle course
that I could come up with with a very limited budget. Just throwing that out there. – Yeah? – Yeah, let’s get started. To the balance challenge. – All right, guys,
for the first balance challenge, so you’re gonna be starting
at the starting mark.When you are ready,
in a minute,
you progress forward
onto the rail.
Time will start. You will make your way
as fast as you can all the way to the end mark,
which is this blue buzzer. All right,
you guys ready for this? – Yeah.
– Yeah, let’s do it. – Okay. – You can do it. We believe.
– It’s only, you’re like– – The first step’s the worst,
right? – It’s like jumping
double Dutch. – Oh, nice.
– Whoa, he’s up! Time started.
– Your time started. – Look at him. Oh, my gosh.
He’s going, no problem. – Yeah, and his kicks
are so fresh while doing it. – Yeah, parkour!
– Yeah. – Oh, nice, Brian. – With the flow, bro. – Get it.
Yeah! – Whoo!
– Well done! – Nice! – Whoa, he’s up.
– He’s on. – You got it, man.
You got it. – It steps and stops
and steps and starts and stops. – Nice.
– Nice! – Yeah!
– Well done! – [imitates buzzer noise]
– Everyone’s doing so good. Okay, here we go. Better right? Farts.
– Ohh! – Farts, farts. – Oh! – Ah!
Damn it! Yes!
Yeah! – Wow.
– Wow, that was terrifying. – That was so scary.
– That was really scary. – Slippy shoes on.
All right. – Slippy-toed.
– Just breathe. Use that ballet training.
– Inner Faith. – That world champion
ballet technique. – Oh, yeah, you got it.
– Oh, that ninja cross step– – Look at it!
She’s as solid as a rock. – She has way too much Faith.
– Nice! Nice! Whoo-hoo!
– Oh, man. That is so scary. – All right, you guys ready
for the next challenge? Challenge number two!
– Let’s do it! [all cheering] – Okay, it’s like–
– Oh, there he goes. There he goes.
– Oh, here he comes. – Watch out.
Watch out for the pigeon. There’s a pigeon. all: Oh! – Piece of cake,
piece of cake. – That right there
is challenge number two. – I don’t know how this is all
gonna turn out on camera, but my heart is racing. This is so much more
intimidating and harder than you expect it to be. It looks like all fun and games, but when you’re, like,
promising to land on concrete and running
head-first into brick walls, it’s scary. So I don’t know if it’s
translating to the camera, but just so you know, like,
look, my hand is, like, shaking. – Stop stalling and go! – Be quiet, Brian! Let’s do this.
All right, here we go. – Whoo!
– Whoo! Yeah! – Whoa! Yeah! – Yeah!
– Nice! – Hardcore parkour! – Hardcore parkour. – [screeches] – His screeching hawk. – Oh, oh!
– Oh, that was good. There it is. [all cheering] – You’re smooth.
– Style points. – That was awesome. – Faith, faith, faith. – Yeah, there it is.
Whoa! Roll.
– Oh! [all cheering] – That was some improv
right there. – Flying fish!
– Fish! – [yells]
– [laughs] all: Oh!
– Oh, Brian! [all cheering] – You did it!
– That was awesome. – Oh, my God.
– Yeah! – So I believe,
if we’re keeping count, that’s two challenges down,
but there’s one left? – One left, you guys ready
for the third one? – Yeah, because that one
was extreme. – Get excited.
Let’s go. – Adrenaline.
– This way. – Oh, my God.– Okay, starting
with the first barricade,
you’re going over or under.Then you’re gonna approach
some blue barrels.
You have to vault
over the blue barrels.
Then you’ll come up
to the caution tape.
Caution tape,
you have to do a dive roll
over the blue barrels
over here. – It’s also worth mentioning,
you haven’t taught us a dive roll yet. Like, this–
you’re just kind of throwing in stuff at this point. – Hey, that’s the way it goes. – That’s how much faith
he has in us. How much Faith.
– Faith. ‘Cause I’m Faith.
– Faith.– Last but not least,
you’re gonna hit the last
barricade over or under
running up the steps.
And then there is a table
with a buzzer on top.
Hit the buzzer.Fastest one obviously wins.And by the way,
the kicker… – Yeah. – You’re gonna have two guards
chasing you. – Oh, no.
– What? – Wait, those guys?
– Oh, my gosh. – Yes, those guys. – You got this.
– Here you go. You got it.
You got it. Go!
You got it! – You got it!
You got it! You got it! Yeah, go, go, go, go, go! Oh, no! – He’s coming!
He’s coming! – Oh, no! – Oh, man.
That was close. – Ugh! Oh, my gosh. – All right, Brian!
– Yeah, Brian! – Let’s go! Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go, go, go, go, go,
go, go! – Piece of cake! Okay, all right, all right,
all right. Yeah!
There it is. Yeah.
– Up the steps. – What a big test.
– Let’s go, baby. Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go! – Aw, it’s beautiful. – Oh, my God!
– Ah! [laughter] – What?
What? – What? – We didn’t learn that. – You got it.
Let’s go! – Go! Go!
Let’s go! – [laughs] [laughter] – Go, go, go, go, go! [all cheering] – I think you hurt the button. – What? What? Did we do it?
– Nice. – All right, senpai,
tell us how we did. – Okay, so the good news… – Uh-huh. – In terms of technique-wise,
you guys did fairly well. – Whoo!
– Fairly well! – All right, the results. In last place, you got 38 seconds.
– All right. – In third place,
with 32 seconds, Brian. – Wow. Wow.
– Oh! Flying Fish! Flying Fish!
– Flying Fish. – Second place,
FLitz, 30 seconds. [all shouting]
And the winner! – No!
– Our winner! [laughter] – What is your feelings toward
parkour now having done it? – Every single thing that I did
petrified me, and I’m gonna take away
that you just give it your all, and you just go for it. – Before almost every event,
I was terrified.There was a huge
improv element.
You just kind of
have to do it.
And it was really empowering
to just, like, block off the sensors telling me
not to do it and just go for it. – I learned a lot about
what I need to practice. If I’m gonna do it,
it’s a lot of practice and doing it over and over again
so I know where my feet are gonna go
when I land. And whether I know the course
or not, my body knows
where it needs to be. – So I guess for me,
as we wrap up “Mirror’s Edge,” there are
a couple takeaways here. First and foremost is momentum.In the game,
Faith is constantly
moving forward to avoid
security guards,
to leap between buildings,
things like that.
And what we’ve seen here
over the course of today is that that’s true to life.Parkour is very much about
taking one move
and connecting it to the next
and conserving that momentum.
So that being said,
the game is very true to life in terms of that.The Flying Fish himself
brought it up best.
There’s a huge improv element
to it, right? So in the game,
yes, there are certain, like,highlighted items that you
want to kind of leap between,
but all in all,
you’re improv-ing your way through this environment. There are multiple paths
that you can go. Some are faster.
Some are slower. I think we all experienced it,
where in that final course, you don’t know what leg
you’re gonna be ending up on,whether you’re gonna have to
take your non-dominant hand
or your dominant hand
to leap over things.
It’s just one of those things
that your body has to respond accordingly. In the words of Shia LaBeouf,
just do it. Just do it. And finally,
safety is probablythe biggest part
of this whole thing, right?
It’s easy to look
at parkour videos online or look at “Mirror’s Edge”
and think, “Oh, yeah, this is easy. I’m gonna jump
between buildings.”Look at them running along
the ledge of a tall building
and looking all cool
and badass,
and yet, when you’re put
into that position, it is terrifying, ’cause
there is concrete down there. Just do it!Actual parkour experts
like senpai here
have trained for years.For as impressive as it is
to just watch and see the beauty
of these movements, in real life,
knowing the danger and risks that are inherent in this
type of movementjust skyrockets
your appreciation
for that sort of thing.– It’s very humbling.
– Right, it’s very humbling, I have to say,
and we have you to thank, sir. – No, thank you.
– No, thank you, senpai. “Senpai, notice me,”
on three. all: One, two, three.
Senpai, notice me! – Yeah! – [singing high-pitched trill] – Yeah, dude. – [continues singing]
– That’s so hard. – That was for you,
Kristin Chenoweth. That was for you. Hold on to your mouse
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