Building the FirstNet team | AT&T

this isn't just a technology or a telecommunications job this is providing a solution to first responders and as far as we're concerned this is something that helps every single American out there my name is Chris Samba I'm senior vice president for ATT's firstnet project so 18 teams involvement in the first responder network is 18 T's been selected to build it nationwide 50 states and six territories so we're going to build a wireless broadband network specifically for first responders to help them communicate and collaborate at all levels from federal to state to local the team at AT&T that's working on the first responder network has been working on this project for over five years it's a really dedicated group of individuals they have ties in to Public Safety many of them the AT&T employees a lot of them have relatives that have been in public safety some of them are military veterans like myself so we feel really passionate about this we're putting together an organization to operate this firstnet company for first responders across the United States so we're going to have positions available in network sales marketing and project management there's going to be a significant number of positions available in sales and we're looking for people that have the qualifications that they know how to talk to public safety they've been in public safety maybe they're a military veteran they understand that community and how they work and how they communicate with each other those are the types of candidates that we're looking for this is an opportunity to get on board at the ground level of something that's going to change first responder communications for the next 25 years