Build Outdoor Fish Tank DIY Aquarium

God do I need to go fishing on this let's catch em all with catch him all fishing with Zack Ketchum alright guys so you're gonna be really psyched about what I did I felt something awesome stay all day with Joey God I actually built anyway so I need to get some bait for our new bait pen hopefully I got some one I just opened up that huge pancake I got one fish the point of this whole thing is so I can catch bait in the winter months and have it there especially want to have fish like the peacock bass I want to have a live bait when it's hard to get live bait and cichlids are harder to get as the winner once come up so this is small enough for a Shamu and for the peacock get small and then we're gonna go see what I built for you guys come on hello I got a bath what the heck can't keep that I mean we could feed this to Shamu real quick hey we got a bluegill – okay so we're gonna take actually that's a ready we get this bass out really quick yeah so guys as you can see if getting colder and colder and it's harder and harder to find bait there's no little bass he would definitely gets lured by sure all right but we are gonna keep this brim out we're gonna keep this brim it's a little ready you know I could see that see the ready er gives it away so let's go back to our new fish keeping enclosure hopefully we get some bait this time yes finally I just dropped one bad that one chilly oh really good all right cool so now we're loaded up let's go back home all right that's how you treat a peacock you got lucky guys it's really hard to find bait at this time of year – lets see oh not a little brim this guy's actually a blue you so we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 baits guys and now we can save them for later with what I built for you save yourself 7 didn't make it guys salmon's not gonna make it guys all seven oh seven seven no oh god I saw seven didn't make it wait to replace seven time for the move not too much water boy alright cast net now it's time to catch him sacrifice them over all right guys mr. Rubin to kitchen to pumpkin alright God's over here this is what I made you check it out check it out our Sun light's not looking too good but guys now I can put our beets inside our tank guys check it out check it out back up a little bit let's see it one actually you know what I'm gonna feed this guy to Shenmue 3 we're gonna save these guys for later I'm actually the peacock might eat be smaller once too so we're gonna keep these guys let's do a little slo-mo from Shamu eight will not go to waste remember we have our pieces right here demo demo guys I want to talk to you about your best guys these guys sent me a bunch of cool like YouTube stuff so they gave you a portable stove one we're gonna do survival things on there so I'm not opening this up for you until we have our own video from gearbest things like 30 bucks dude they have an awesome website with all sorts of big things so these are two dry bags I'm gonna put the link in the bio and I'm so psyched about this honestly I do not represent any brand deals that sucked guys I will never ever give you anything that sucked look at this dry bag you can put your stuff in there it can rain it'll never get wet and it has a see-through cover dude this is sick so you just wrap this twice one two you know those white bags you always see me carrying it's the same thing so it's a little bit lighter weight easy bum keep all your stuff nice and dry for use as a pillow and 22 champ we have another one right here that's in a different color and guys I'm not gonna lie this is one of my favorite things the slingshot alright guys so I have some of the bbc's or middle slingshot bb's I set up some targets right here check them out and they're just clay once you hit them obviously they break and let's just see what we can do go for it I selected all these items off their website guys individually myself of what I thought you guys would like so I think this thing was like six bucks this slingshot is by your guys and wait till you see what we have next but let's try to hit this target one more time I fought these I shot at these six times I shot at this one four times hit it on the fifth how many times does that leave Joey how many times I shared this one one time right down the middle it's Splosion almost at a ski all right guys so clean up on my mask guy wait till you see what we have now let me sit on my bucket and show you the gear best bucket of dreams guys this website is insane there's one more thing we have though guys look at this look at this for camera I've always wanted one okay so what you're really supposed to do is you supposed to unclip it so I've never seen it so this is the first time for me to guys okay so it's like a bag inside this is like a portable hammock type thing okay let's take it off take it step back doing that's pretty easy okay now you roll it really tight and then make it like a chair so you just all it takes is one little book so guys I try to do without reading the instructions cuz I hate instructions and it wasn't that hard so guys God do I need to go fishing on this guy's this is like nothing everything like I'm showing you is like five dollars ten dollars like even that stove thing is like I think 20 maybe 25 dollars guys your best it's freakin insane they're offering this stuff at least like 50% off until the 16th I believe I'm don't quote me on that by the 16th all the information is below guys you know I will not tell you about anything that I don't personally believe in and this stuff is fire as you saw from the slingshot that's hashing my favorite but honestly guys this is creep in the world we're gonna do a fishing challenge on this next time – I think yeah dude you can sleep on this outdoors indoors you can sit on this anywhere put this in any bag this isn't really cool I've been winding these ever since my song you know I feel like Instagram posting stuff about this but everything is on gearbest.com all this stuff like all the cool camping stuff and look I'm just gonna put it back in this box and I'll put it in this is a bag it came with now put on one of my dry bags dude this is alright guys I hope you enjoyed this episode but as you can see this is super fire alright so let me show you guys a little bit of what happens here now actually I can't see the fish very well all this new water this used to like have like mud and still in it back when I was inside the porch when I was raising my red tails and stuff but I think we have a few they're all hiding back here come here come on that's okay it's cool Oh got him got him alright guys so we're sacrificing this to the mighty Shamu we're gonna get you one more slo-mo because I know you love it I love it alright guys Shamu honestly this new fish is super aggressive he's following me around so diligently it's like insane but guys check it out our new aquarium guys once I'm done like training that peacock to eat dead bait we're gonna fill this up with some smaller fish and raise them like maybe red tails and stuff and get them really big and then put them into the bottom ponds from the bottom pond to the big pond we're gonna start raising fish guys it's gonna be sold for you guys I'm excited I hope you're as excited as I am thank you so much – gearbest and I cannot wait to use the stove on like the outdoors wilderness survival catching good guys we're gonna have so much fun but yes guys this video was brought to you by gearbest all these awesome items including my slingshot which is just out of this world on fire so small pocket slingshot guys thank you so much for joining me if you'd like any other products that you've seen today on this episode in the link in the description below guys and if you order until the 16th you get a huge discount I think it's like 50% off of most items so you better hurry up on that if you like any of this stuff just saying guys I hope you enjoyed this episode I did catch more catching more fish YouTube and Instagram you like this song right light and calm