Budapest Cup 2018 – Team Surprise (SWE), interview

Ladies and gentleman, here is the Team Surprise from Sweden. They ended in the second place and they have a Hungarian coach, named Andrea Dohány. Are you satisfied? Of course I am not. I think that you wanted to win the competition, but it is difficult to overcome the Team Paradise, isn’t it? Yes, but it is more difficult when we make mistake. Is it possible to highlight some elements from this program? Because I think this program was very complex. I think that the team made a very nice interpretation except the mistake in this intersection. That was the only problem in their program. When did you begin the work with the team? Since 1985. Are you satisfied with the results of team in general? Yes, I am. Our goal is to win the the World Championships. We will work on it! It is coming soon in Sweden! What do you think, will it be advantage for you? We really hope that a lot of fan will come to the competition into the Globe Arena. Thank you very much! Lányok, gratulálok az ezüstéremhez! Örültök, elégedettek vagytok? Csináltunk egy hibát ma a szabad programban aminek nagy ára volt. De végül is mi nagyon jól éreztük magunkat a versenyen. És a közönség, az aréna, itt lenni Budapesten nagyon jó volt és nagyon elégedettek vagyunk. Első alkalommal vagy Budapesten? Két éve már voltunk itt a világbajnokságon. De most először vagyunk itt a Budapest Kupán. És mik a várakozásaitok a svédországi világbajnokságot illetően? Nagyon remélem, hogy jó programot futunk és jól érezzük majd magunkat. The point is that the World Championship is coming soon and Team Surprise has a strong achievement to win it. They had a mistake in their program today, which was the main reason they ended on the second place. But they are really satisfied with the organization and the atmosphere of Budapest Cup.