Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 “A-Team” Trailer (HD)

-For the past six years, New York’s most elite
police force has kept the city safe. -Man, we must look so cool! -Today, if you have a problem
and no one else can help, maybe you can call “The 9-Nine.”
[ Gunfire ] -NYPD, freeze!
-[ Grunts ] -That’s how we do it
in the Nine-Nine. -You’re going in the wrong
direction. -Damn it, all these hallways
look the same! That was such a cool walk-off! [ Theme music playing ] -Pop, pop, pop, pop. -Watch this. [ Shattering ] -They fell for it! -Hook, line, and sphincter. -Look at those chairs!
-Give ’em a try. -Oh!
-Oh! [ Whistle blows ] [ Horns honk ] -I’ll just go back and stand
next to a piece of police tape and do nothing. -There’s nothing sketchy
about the Beaver Trap. -Yes, there is. [ Horns honk ] -Yeah, we should have
taken a Lyft.