Brian Windhorst REACT to Game 6: Warriors seek to become 2nd team to overcome 3-1 Finals deficit

Game seven in the Stanley Cup final will we get one in the NBA Finals tonight the Warriors hope they don't say goodbye to their season as they say goodbye to their home sage yeah Kevin it it's hard to believe 47 years this has been the home of the Golden State Warriors and no matter what this is the final game here I talking of security guards there's tears there's emotion as they know this is the finale and the workers have to win in order to extend this series and force the game seven you speak abut what a finals this has been every single game has had an amazing story let's go back to the beginning Game one Pascal siakam he led the Raptors to the game one win 32 points in his NBA Finals debut but we also saw Drake and draymond Green a little bit of drama getting into it after Game one of course that game was in Toronto Game two klay Thompson he went down entering his hamstring on this play in the fourth quarter and the Warriors struggled after that they made just one shot in the final five and a half minutes but it was this shot by andre igudala the three after he had struggled and not won the game and tied up the series talk about drama so did Game three we go know klay Thompson KD of course still out Stephon Curry though he took over playoff career-high 47 points but in a lot this is overshadowed though by the infant between the Warriors investor mark Stephens when he shoved Kyle Lowry later Stephens find half a million dollars banned from team activities for the next year game for Golden State had a four point lead at halftime before Kawhi Leonard took over he finished with 36 points winning 17 in the third quarter loan tied for his moves in a single quarter in his playoff career Kawhi had been excellent in the series the Warriors kept their hopes alive for a third straight title though in Game five but it came at a cost with Kevin Durant rupturing his Achilles tendon in the second quarter as Golden State hung on for the one-point win but I told you every single game has had so much drama in it that's how we got here to tonight Game six at Oracle where they are two and a half point favorites the Golden State Warriors are as they try to close out Oracle and style but the Raptors are still three to one favorites to win their first championship in franchise history let's hear from the home team klay Thompson on his thoughts heading into this must-win game six we're not even think about the future we're just thinking about enjoy this last show at Oracle about to give our fans you come in and playoffs with the same mindset won a win you don't want to win today's game just having that carryover pretty much I was me or helps your team or players that get in this position we've been the same team all year you know we don't get to up we don't get you down we'll be against a team you know they'll be ready to go but you know we'll be ready to play to protect our home court feet off our crowds energy play 4k and try to keep our season a lot a lot of things that you can tap into for energy we're trying to take extra emotion or whatever it is until the game what's enough motivation now you get to a game seven I won another championship SportsCenter on the road is presented by rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans as we take a look at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco connecting Oakland to San Francisco but this is the last time we'll be taking a blimp shot above Oracle again 47 years and they're trying to close this thing out in style an emotional day for so many people here and again but so much pressure on the words as they try to extend their series after being down three games to one I welcome in ESPN's senior writer Brian one or two to get us prepared for this crucial game six and Brian we went through all the storylines every single game has had one now in Game six Kevin Durant's out warriors down the defending champions what would this do for the legacy really if they're able to tie this thing up and forth again in the NBA stage every crisis is an opportunity this is an opportunity for the Warriors to change the way that people remember this game people thought that they couldn't win without Kevin Durant here we go this is a chance to do it they can do it here in the last game in Oracle Arena they can play at the high level they can play throw these spirit examples you can see Steph Curry who's never won a Finals MVP starts to make his case over these next two games it's gonna be difficult they are gonna have a man disadvantage they're gonna have to play some line that's they're not perfect that they have the ability to do it I saw him do it against the Houston Rockets and then suffered did you do seem to rate in that series in essence I'm I think that's why their biggest wins they've had the five years they can't do associate greatness they can go and they seem to be even more uplifted in the past 24 hours as we would say not that it wasn't either ruptured Achilles tendon for Kevin grant and the mean times they know they've got that Hansel with the Toronto Raptors what is the key in your mind because you talk to that team a lot – yeah watch for clues past I see a couple tonight he did not play his best game in Game five he actually got benched down the stretch a little bit 26 of 15 shooting in that game I know Kawhi is gonna show up yes you they need a second score that's going to be passed off the Occam tonight look for him to be a big part of the game thing you got to wonder where they are mentally – because they were just three minutes away up six three minutes to go at home and things turned and now they know pressures on them as well of course not just the Golden State Warriors Brangwyn works with us all series long here on sports and iron postgame tonight as well regardless maybe Brian going home maybe he's going to Toronto either way again most is running so high here at Oracle Arena the grand finale we're gonna hear what the Warriors have to say specifically about that that emotion that they bring into this game as well as taking a look back at the great moments so many great moments your adorable over the last almost half century that's it for now Kevin