Breaking into the OLD TEAM 10 HOUSE!

sub to loganburk 137 and Justin Roberts All right, so we’re at the team ten house and literally the security guard he won’t let me in Anyway guess where I am guys you know the new team 10 house they fell for it bro I’m just at my apartment. Putting mat You know my apartment. It’s kind of kind of cooler than the team 10 house. You know you know that oh Well, there’s elevators there’s elevators. Oh, yeah a team ten house. You got one elevator I got four. This the team ten house have a minibike didn’t think so Doesn’t team ten house. Have a one acre park a swimming pool tennis court and basketball court didn’t think so Does the team ten house have a sombrero on the roof? Didn’t think so oh The team ten I was fifteen thousand square feet four stories mine’s a one thousand square foot apartment But you know I got 50 stories, bro Does the team ten house have a pudding mat in their house no, I Mean I’m pretty sure they can feel like a whole mini. Golf course in there. That’s true shut up Who am I kidding This isn’t as cool as the team ten house. Yeah, bro. Well at the old team ten house. I left my banana there, bro Oh, we gotta go we have to but we move that we can’t get back in there. I gotta get my banana back It’s a must alright so we’re at the team ten house and literally the security guard. He won’t let me in why we really have to actually sneak in now they’re seconds later alright So actually funny story the guy wasn’t sure if he could let me in but he called his daughter to see if she knew me From Team Ten you start freaking out, so that’s how we got in power of social media my firm cracked Here’s the lagoon so much memories. I actually tackled a pool guy into this exact pool roll that clip Alright, let’s go inside. I need to get bumpin no oh My Oh. Yo yo what is that? Awesome my mouth oh It’s my banana, bro it’s here Dude, nothing. I’m being serious like something is definitely dead or rotting in here well at least I got my banana No, dude. We just got it back This will never happen What? Joe has a girlfriend still surprisingly Wow guys this The team ten sign is down That’s it Not so No like not not joking right now like we have to investigate where the smell is coming from because I think I’m about to pass out like I Throw a little mouse public eight times since we’ve been in here because we have to find out where the scent is coming from Yup yup go go go. Oh don’t wash it over in my mouth. Bye Goodbye pillar that somehow don’t know how held up to this house good bye iPad that no one knows the password – Good, bye, Lagoon No, one knows what type of disease you have But we all know you do have some sort of disease Goodbye, officially gonna be the last person to throw something in the team ten pool. I Know I know that was very emotional for you Justin you did good kid Yeah, it looks like there’s a cake in there Alright guys there. It is. I’m the last person to be in the team ten house anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the video get to see the house again Make sure you guys leave a like on this video Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already like what are you doing bro like what we gotta do why don’t you just hit the? Bottom do whatever you want like I always say to the button. You can smash it like it’s Troy it Just put your cursor over and left-click it whatever you want to do, but anyway. I will see you guys tomorrow I’m gonna cover my face with the camera and then put my hands over the lens and that will be the outro