hey guys how's it going BC HD here welcome back to yet another FIFA 19 career mode and you wonder kid squad ups a video it's been a while since we've done one of these but we're back with another one there's finally been a decent career mode squad update as well bring you the best potential upgrades downgrades player removals player additions into FIFA nine story mode and bring you the best the new squad update has to offer so you can stay updated and maybe even sign these players in your career mode guys but before we get into the video if this list helps you out in any way possible make sure to slap the like button if you want to see more of these kinds of videos on the channel make sure to hit that big red subscribe button down below hit the notification bell so you never miss out on a video when it gets uploaded to the channel follow me on Twitter the link is in the description let's get straight into this July FIFA 19 career mode squad update shall we to be fair there haven't been many decent squad updates in a while to be worthy of making a whole entire video on so let's see what this one has to offer there's a few big things that you guys need to know now first things first we're gonna get into the player removals in FIFA 19 now if you start up a brand new career mode save download the latest squad updates before you head into career mode you will get these later squads but by also doing that there have been a few major players that have been removed now because they've either retired or just move to leagues that aren't infi from the first one we're gonna be seeing there has been removed is Barbara's Ally Andrea Barzagli the legendary Italian centre back for UVA was part of the baby say in their defense has been removed from curry mode now that he has retired unfortunately you won't be able to use him or sign him but he's 38 so I doubt you'd want to pick him up anyway as well as the ex Chelsea midfielder the Brazilian CDM Ramirez he moved back to Brazil they're no longer in FIFA so he is removed from the game as well as Premier League legend Chelsea and an Arsenal man Petter check the goalkeeper now no longer in the game as well so he got removed after he's retired Lucas Fernandez a sentiment fielder who had a pretty decent potential has been removed from the game I don't know why that he's been removed as well as a right-back a Brazilian right back called Emerson saw a lot of Brazilians are being pulled out of the squad update but for some reason they have as well as some retired legends in the so they are no longer in career mode this is where it gets interesting with some new Wonder kids in the game a new Dutchman coming from Chelsea 17 years of age it's a Deshawn at reiden 59 overall now that he's got 80 potential in the game he's got some decent stats on him of course he's only 59 red so he's not gonna have the best stats but yet he looks like he's decent with a 300k valuation he's got plus 21 growth on him so reiden definitely looks like he's one to look out for as well he has a 2d pitcher in the game so that is obviously another good thing and another good reason to sign him as we move on to the Mexican 16 year old sin attacking midfielder slashed and a forward from LA Galaxy it is Efrain Alvarez the 60 overall and Nevarez is worth 400 K but has a 1 million pound release clause so that might be worth looking into depending on your budget and just like reading he's got a plus 21 growth on him so looking forward to some big growth on that one the kid as we move on to yet another newly added star it is Gianluca Bulls EO the American you get another 16 year old added into the game coming from Sporting Kansas City 63 overall and it's got the best potential out of a lot eighty-five potential tenant attacking midfielder and centre forward 63 overall 3 stars skill moves forced our weak foot which is pretty good is in order got a player trade on him as well and he starts a pretty decent for a 16 year old 91 balanced 83 agility 71 jumping and some well around the technical stats there he's got the best potential add a lot with the 85 so a plus 22 growth on Boozer you can look forward to and he's only worth 700 K so he will be a bug and pick up all your road to glories as we move on from the newly hood one kid we move on to a hunter kid that has just come out of nowhere he's literally just had a massive massive potential boost and that is the Colombian striker slash right winger Jesus Ferrara coming out of FC Dallas for style week for to start school moves got a high attack and work ray and he actually got upgraded to an ad a potential but then got downgraded like literally a week or two later – and 87 so now he is an 87 he wasn't an 88 so if you start a new career mode a few weeks ago you would have had him at an 80 a potential now if you started a new career mode he's at an 87 but he still got some very nice stats for a 17 year old 85 acceleration for spring speed a lot at occurrence that's the 82 stamina which is actually very key for career mode he is definitely one that I'll be signing in my career modes and definitely want to look out for in peak 420 of course some lovely physical stats there mentors can do some work as well as technicals but of course his was Ferreira the Colombian striker yet another exciting prospect from the MLS as we move on to another MLS prospect from New York City FC this time James sands another American 18 years of age he's already got a trade on him he dives into tackles and he's a CDM slash center back hire defensive work rate which is what you want to see on him and his potential has been upgraded to an 86 which is what you want to see he's got some decent well-rounded stats for a CDM and it's yet another MLS player we are covering in this video we move on to another remand less American players at their potential upgrader pas Macau from FC Dallas just like Ferrara he's a center attacking midfielder template cm and a right mid he's got a few traits on him such as he dives into tackle he's a long shot taker and he's a playmaker as well and he's got 86 potential so a nice little +8 growth on the American to look forward to he's worth 1.6 million he can pick him up in the first transfer window and he's also got a 3.4 million power of release clause as well as James sands worth 1.1 million you can pick him up straightaway and he's got nine hundred dollars a week wage so very very cheap there and then moving away from the MLS we have and Elias pariah who actually got two upgrades in a row got upgraded to an 84 potential and now he's at an 85 potential in the latest squad update from Athletico initio now the Colombian central midfielder got medium medium worker aged 17 he's got a 62 overall which is pretty decent so you can look forward to a plus 23 growth on the Colombian midfielders got some well balanced stats in there as well and he's only worth half a million pounds so it's a bargain pick up Andres Pereira definitely wants to look out for us well he hasn't got a to date image so that might affect you in buying him but we move on to someone who does have a to date image in that is Johanna habanero yet another Colombian he is a right midfielder slash left midfielder 19 years of age he's got two traits on him as well speed dribbler and he also dives into tackles it's got 88 sprint speed 89 agility so if we for those guys who loved their pace this is definitely one to look out for 79 stamina which is a very decent start to have as well and his potential got upgraded to an 83 so a decent little player to pick up there still 19 years of age that is worth 1 million pounds pretty much got a 2 million power of these calls as well a very decent signing to pick up we move on to another Colombian these Colombians are just keep on getting their potentials upgraded this time it is Carlos cuesta from athletic industrial now just like pariah 19 years of age the center of Acts actually had a pretty decent u-20 World Cup and now he has the leadership trade as well so that is very very interesting to see low attacking work right medium defensive three-star weak foot 5 foot 10 which is a bit short for a centre back that I'm sure in the next few papers he will grow he's got very decent physical stats they're very well rounded and yes the technicals could use some works but he's a centre back so the physicals is pretty much the most important part potential got upgraded to an 83 from an 82 66 overall yeah he looks like a very decent player to pick up 1.1 million for the Colombian as we move on to the Venezuelan keeper who had a pretty decent cop Amerika the 20 year old who's been a wonder kid for a while now in career mode will turf arenas the 20 year old coming from millonarios FC 73 overall already he got his potential upgraded from an 83 to an 87 so a plus 14 growth you can look forward to on the Venezuelan keepers good he's probably one of the most expensive wonder kids on this list 6.5 million valuation and a thirteen point two million pound of release clause so depending on your budget he'd be a great pick up for you as we move on to our last one the kid who got their potential upgraded and you guessed it it's another Colombian Luis Diaz the left midfielder 21 over all coming from Junior FC four star schemas for style weak foot he's got the technical dribbler trait already high attack on work right which is what you want to say as well and Wow look at those physicals 91 acceleration 92 sprint speed 94 agility already he's got 76 stamina that is very decent for him he's got technicals in the light greens as well so just finishing dribbling a ball control which is exactly what you want to see on a left midfielder he's 21 probably one of the oldest players on this list potential got upgraded to an 86 or plus 11 growth to look one Louis D ass yet again one of the most expensive wonder kids on the list 10 million pounds you can pick him up between 13 and 19 million so those are the brand-new one the kids in FIFA 19 career mode and that the one the kids have got their potential upgraded and that you should definitely look into picking up and now we're gonna move on to the down grades now it's not all sunshine and roses in the squad update these are the down grades and there are actually quite a few we've got a Zanardi the Italian striker who's gone from an 83 potential to an 81 Eddy and Katie at the Arsenal English wonderkid has gone from an 85 potential to an 83 Chris Durkin yet another American in this video he's gone from an 84 potential to an 82 we move on to Robert gum Neela popular at polish right back in Karima this year 20 years of age he's gone from an 85 potential to and 83 or G or Quan quo the Nigerian has gone from an 83 to an 81 potential and this one hurts a little bit Mario götze famous former career mode won a kid the German attacking midfielder has gone from 85 potential to an 83 and the big one in this update it is KD be Kevin de Bruyne the Belgian has gone from a 92 potential down to a 91 so he pretty much career mode anymore and yeah those are the big down grades are from this squad update guys that has been its hopefully you did enjoy the video let me know down below what your favorite upgrades and downgrades were and your favorite new wonder kids in this July squad update hopefully this video has helped you out if it did make sure to slap the like button on the video subscribe down below for more fifa career mode contact coming at you on the regular hit the notification belt so you never miss out on the video on the channel follow me on twitter the link is in the description ivan b CH t thank you guys so much for watching i'll see you in the very next video