Best Squad Competition held for Snipers at GTA

snipers are more than just expert marksman they work alone with little combat support from their units this makes it possible for them to observe and engage the enemy safe from detection sniper teams from ten nations joined five sniper teams from the United States to compete in the best squad competition in the graph invader training area the participants would have to rely on their training to get past the physically and mentally demanding competition so one of the toughest events was definitely the land now portion we covered a lot of terrain over a lot of time and there were stations in between and they were all very demanding competitors faced off in such events as a high-angle shot engaging the target on the range from a blackhawk and stalking patiently and methodically approaching a target for the shot the Norwegian team captain says his team prepared for the stiff competition we try to do all the kind of person I per field crafts and various of shooting and just to refresh some of the things that that have been a lot of time since it danced last so but man maybe we try to just do what we do home the best squad competition lasted five days with the Norwegian team claiming victory reporting from 7th army training command sergeant marlon stocks